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Lessons Learned

It hard having a famous father, just ask Bella Swan. Thats why she lives in Forks with her little sister. With her mom dead, her dad on tour, her brother across the country and her sister across the world, Bella is practically raising her sister. That is, until she gets a new biology teacher, Mr. Cullen. And love blossoms in a forbidden situation.


4. The Cullen Tirade

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The next day at the same time, Mr. Cullen strode into the classroom looking irritated, as if it was a waste of time to even be here. Jerk. Jerkface. I'd been trying not to cuss lately, even in my head. The other day I slipped and cussed in front of Lina and the next day when she turned the TV on and the remote wouldn't work, she said, "Why won't the fucking remote work?"

Thats when I decided it was time for a break from the cursing. I didn't want Lina to have my mouth when she grew up.

My mind was obviously somewhere else, because I nearly had heart attack when Cricket shoved a note in front of me. I opened it quietly as I could.

Cricket/ Bella

You feelin' ok? You're lookin a little green.

I'm fine. Just thinking.


How nosy my best friend is.

You're best friend takes that offensively, you know. I just might have to ditch you for that lovely Tanya in the front.

Screw You.

Hey, whens Lina's recital??

Friday, 7:00. Be there or be square.

Ok, Charlie.

I snorted when I read this. Dad was known for his corny comments like that. I picked it up from him. I scribbled a reply.

But you'll be there??

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

I went to write something down when I felt a nudge in my side. I didn't even look up, Cricky was a restless person. But when the paper was snatched out from under me, my head shot up like a rocket. There, holding the note, was Mr. Cullen. Great. At least it didn't say anything embarassing.

"Care to share this with the class, Bella?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not particularly." I answered.

"I don't tolerate note passing, Miss Swan." He told me. "Mike, please come up and read this to the class."

Mike came over and took the paper from his hand, grinning nastily at me. He thought I wrote a note about screwing him or something, I just knew it. He walked to the front and proudly read what we had written.

"You feelin' okay? You're looking kind of green." Mike read, immitating Cricky's voice. Everyone knew her hand writing.

"I'm fine. Just thinking." Mike read in a horrible impersonation of me

."About?" He sqauked.

"How nosy my best friend is.""You're best friend takes that offensively, you know. I just might have to dicth you for that lovely Tanya in the front."

"Screw you."

"Hey, when's Lina's recital?"

Mike looked at Cricky like she was an idiot. Everyone in town was going to that recital. It was a big thing in a little town. Mr. Cullen took Newton's pause to ask me question.

"Why don't you share who this Lina is, Miss Swan?" He suggested.

"I think I'll pass." I responded, smirking at his perfect face.

"And why is that?" He seemed to force his evil smile now.

"Because I'm almost positive everyone in this room knows who Lina is." I said, trying to sound bored. It worked. I sounded miserable.

"Why would they know who she is, Miss Swan?" He gave me a small glare. "The world doesn't revolve around you."

"Yes, I'm aware of that." I answered. "The reason they know who she is, is because this town has a population of about fifty people. My little sister being one of them."

He seemed annoyed with my response. "Carry on, Mike."

"Friday, seven o'clock. Be there or be square."

"Okay, Charlie."

Mike even had to smile at that line. Everyone knew how bad Charlie's jokes and commentary was.

"But you'll be there?" Mike read.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

Mike looked up from the paper, sadly. He was obviously dissapointed that I didn't say anything about him. Mr. Cullen was obviously dissapointed I didn't say anything I could be suspended for.

We went back to class, and as the bell rang I heard Mr. Cullen start to say my name, but I dashed out of the room before he could say it. I couldn't stay behind after class. Gym was next. My favorite subject besides art.

I picked Lina up today in the rain. She was waiting under the small shelter in front of the pre school with about four other kids, Juliana being over of them. Oh, I almost forgot. I was picking her up too. That would have been tragic if I drove off without her. Lina and Juliana ran to the car and I got out to help them with their car seats. For some odd reason, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around, but there was only a Volvo behind me in the parking lot. It was honking its horn and a small girl with wet blond curls went over to the car and climbed in. Didn't she have a car seat?

"How was school, guys?"

"We got a new student!" Jules sang.

"Whoa, thats so cool." I pumped a fist in the air and Jules giggled.

"Her name is Carly McCarty." Lina announced, messing up the name a little bit.

"Are you her friend?" I asked.

"She's our best friend!" Lina exclaimed, bouncing in her seat. Jules nodded, eagerly and I laughed. They were so cute. So innocent.

"She was in the silver car." Jules told me in matter of fact tone. Oh, she meant the Volvo. Well, this was a good thing. Lina and Jules weren't all by themselves anymore.