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My Edward

edward in bella's POV


1. Edward

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His white face gazes back at me
I feel I'm was meant to be despised
But I can't help but think
That this was way too clear
His harsh black eyes stare back at mine

Too hard, too hard for my soft brown eyes to handle
I feel my body begin to shake
Like wind blowing on a candle
How can he do this to me.
I became as sensitive as can be.
He turned my world upside down
So I could no longer see
What's meant to be clear

No longer seems to be here.
What's meant to be right
So I will no longer fight
And I will let him take me
To a place where all is night
I feel like I can't breathe
I try to move my feet
But I can no longer leave
A smile spreads across his face
And up into his eyes
He's messing with my head now
’cuz they're filled with sensless lies
His eyes are turning red now
I sense a feeling of dread
His smile is turning menacing
As he starts to lower his head.
My heart is beating faster
My breath gets caught up in my throat.