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When Alice invites Edward's 'little' sister, Asher Mason, to the Cullen house with the impression it'll surprise him, she never expected his response. But Asher is more interested in catching up and apologizing to an old lover.


1. Siblings

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"Alice?" The small brunette turned to her niece and smiled. Nessie always made Alice smile.

"Can I help you Nessie?" Alice asked, humoring the younger girl.

"You already know that's I'm gonna say yes." Renesmee said, grinning. Alice winked at her.

"And I agree with what you're planning and I know just who'll surprise him the most. But I'm not entirely comfortable with her." Alice said running a hand over her short brown hair.

"Why not?" Nessie was confused.

"She knew Jasper when he was human." Alice replied. But knew that it would really surprise Edward if his sister turned up on his wedding anniversary.


"Alice why are you asking me to do this? Edward and I haven't seen each other in years." Asher Mason said as she spoke to Alice a week later when the small girl got hold of Asher's phone number.

"I know but Ash please. It'll mean the world to him." Alice lied. She knew Edward would probably hate her for it.

"You know what I can do Al. I don't want to ruin you and Jazz, or Em and Rose." Asher said.

"You won't. Non-committed Males remember?" Alice reminded Asher of what her 'power' actually entailed.

"I almost did ruin you and Jasper once." Asher pointed out to Alice.

"Once. Please?" Alice pleaded already knowing Asher's answer.

"Oh alright. But Alice, nothing fancy you know Edward hates fancy and I hear Bella's not too keen on you planning things anyway." Asher laughed.

"Only because she hates big do's. He'll love it." Alice said Asher shook her head although Alice couldn't see her.

"Sure he will." Asher said.


"Nessie! She's here!" Alice cheered as she saw a silver Chrysler pull up in the driveway of the Cullen's house.

"Really? Is she?" Nessie ran down the stairs and gripped Alice's hand as both girls ran out the front to see a tall brunette climb out of the driver's seat.

"Are you happy now Al? I'm here." She said as she spotted both girls, "and you must be Renesmee. I've heard all about you."

"From who?" Nessie asked.

"Seth Clearwater." Asher said.

"Asher lives in La Push. It's strange that Edward never knew." Alice stated.

"Seth kept it well hidden. As did Jacob and the others. Leah almost let it slip but Seth told her strictly to not say anything about me." Asher explained. She held out a small box wrapped in pink paper, "That is for you. Because I was never told until just after you were born that I had a niece." Asher then held out another package wrapped in gold paper.

"For Edward and Bella?" Alice asked, making sure she had it right.

"Absolutely. Because they need a gift from me and Seth right?" Asher said, grinning Alice took it from her and then dashed back inside followed at a more sedated pace by Nessie and Asher.

"I'm so glad I finally got to meet you. Dad never said he had a sister." Nessie said, not realizing that Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Bella and Edward could hear her.

"Uh, honey, there may have been a good reason for it." Asher said seeing everyone watching. Nessie turned and seemed totally unperturbed by the presence of her whole family. Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and Bella looked towards Edward.

"Uh, Ash...what are you doing here?"

"Ask Alice. She invited me." Asher said. Eyes now swung to the small girl. Only Bella noticed Jasper's gaze still locked on the newcomer.

"She's his sister. I thought it'd be a nice surprise to see her. Well are you surprised Edward?" Alice asked.

"Shocked Alice. Shocked." Edward stated.

"Really? She's still the same as she was last time you saw her isn't she?" Alice asked.

"Yes, but she still has that scent too." He snarled.

"Like when you age you're gonna suddenly stop reading people's minds." Asher spat at him.

"Shut up. Just why did you agree to this and...which one are you hanging out with anyway?" Edward asked, everyone could smell werewolf on her.

"Seth if you must know. Him and I are thinking of getting engaged soon." Asher said waiting for the explosion.

"Did he imprint you?" Bella asked keeping Edward from exploding but Jasper was doing that just fine.

"Actually yes, before even I could do anything." Asher said, "I believe I missed a formal introduction. I'm Asher Mason." She said extending her hand to Bella.

"Bella. Was Bella Swan." She said, Asher smiled toothily at her.

"Bet you're wondering what Edward meant by me still hving 'the scent'" Asher said to Bella's slightly surprised nod.

"Yeah kinda." She said.

"Maybe Jasper and Emmett are better judges than me if it still causes lust. But mostly guys who aren't committed to anyone fall in love with me. A curse more than a blessing. I didn't have to use it on Seth." Asher said. Bella looked at her two brothers. Neither seemed willing to answer her.

"Boys?" Carlisle prompted them. Emmett was the first to shake his head. Jasper's eyes went to Asher and he sighed heavily.

"Yeah lust. But defiantly not love." He said taking Alice's hand in his. Asher smiled.


"So how do you Jasper know each other?" Bella asked as her and Asher sat with Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle later on, getting to know the new comer.

"Well I knew him as Major Whitlock. So before he met Alice and it worked on him. But I have to say that I was the first girl to break his heart." Asher said. Emmett seemed surprised.

"You knew him when he was human?" Emmett asked a little surprised. She nodded.

"Yeah. He was a shy young man. But once I got to him he wasn't so shy anymore." She said, "he seemed drawn to me and I was still leaning what my power did. It was raining when I met him for the first time. He sprinted over to me with the umbrella he was holding and held it over me preventing me from getting any wetter than I already was. It surprised me that it still worked when I was wet." Asher stated. Rosalie smiled.

"Like me you had a 'power' over men than." She smirked and Asher smiled in returned.

"Right. But Jasper and I had a charmed relationship. When we broke up it was just days before he was turned." Bella seemed confused.

"When he was evacuating the city?" She asked.

"That's right. I was in one of the boats and I told him that I couldn't be with him anymore. That he deserved much better then me. So I told him to find someone else. Someone much better than me. He left me with one lasting reminder that was another reason I came back." She said, she tugged at the chain that hung around her neck. on it hung a ring. A flat sterling silver ring that seemed to glow in the moonlight. Bella reached out and lifted it from Asher's collarbone.

Asher, love always and forever Jasper xx

"He loved you huh?" She asked, letting it fall back onto Asher's chest.

"A lot. But it was a false love. I needed a true love and I didn't have it in my heart to tell him that what he was feeling was false." Asher said. Bella looked surprised.

"But...you're a...?" She stuttered to find the right words.

"Vampire? Not totally. I'm like your daughter. Half and Half." Asher smiled.

"And what you have with Seth is real?" Edward's voice made them all looked up. Asher sighed.

"Yes actually. He imprinted. I asked him why he loved me so much and he said it was just a sudden thing. I asked him if he could smell a sweet almost citrusy scent when he saw me and he confessed he had but he had liked me even before he had. So I knew it wasn't my doing. With Jazz it was my scent." Asher explained. Bella seemed impressed as did Emmett and Rosalie. Carlisle and Esme seemed mildly impressed and amused.


"Jazz?" THe blonde male looked up when he heard Asher say his name. His eyes locked with hers. She seemed mildly impressed with his self-control.

"Impressed?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"Very, you're doing well. I came to give you something. It's holds no value to me anymore. Unless I can interpret the love as a sibling one." Asher said tugging the ring out from her shirt once more. He smiled as he remembered giving it to her.

"Jasper?" Asher seemed surprised as he appeared at the door of her aprtment.

"Asher I want you to have something. As a symbol of my love for you." He said, reaching into the bag he was holding.

"Jasper...I have to tell you something..." Asher said stepping back to let him inside.

"I just bought it." Jasper said ignoring her, he held out a chain with a ring hanging from it. Asher took it and barely held in her gasp.

"Jazz, I can't accept this." She said.

"Please...I bought it to show you I love you more than anything else." He said.

"Jasper...alright." He fastened it around her neck. A kiss sealed the deal that his heart belogned to her. Until she broke it.

"Why not? Kepp it. It was a gift." He said.

"Jazz...I'm sorry about back then. Breaking your heart and all, but really, you're better off with Alice anyway." She said. Jasper smiled knowingly at her and nodded in agreement.

"You're right. But you know. I bought her a ring just like that one." He said.

"Can I get a hug from my old friend?" He smiled and pulled her to him. He could feel the heartbeat that had always told him she was human back then but now he knew it was just a reminder of why she was so different.

"Friends?" She asked.

"Siblings." He corrected and she smiled.