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Dirty Little Secret

This is in Angela's POV. What if Angela really WAS a witch, as Bella had predicted? One-Shot

I'm not sure if this should be a one-shot...?

1. Whitch is which?

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Angela’s POV

Bella was going to get it soon. If I could just get her alone with me…

I had to banish that thought. Bella was my FRIEND. Not my enemy. Bella deserved her life.

Suddenly, I heard the phone ring downstairs. Bella. I ran down the stairs, anxious to hear what she would say.

“Hello?” I said as I picked up the phone, “This is the Weber’s.”

“Oh, hi Ang.” Bella said happily. I waited for her to continue. “Edward and I wanted to go out on a date tonight at the bowling alley, and wanted to know if you and Ben wanted to double.” Oh yes, my human boyfriend. I almost forgot, especially since I had been alive for over 400 years.

“Sure. That sounds fun. What time?” I asked innocently.

“How’s 7 o’clock?” Bella asked on the other end. I heard Edward laugh faintly in the background.

“Great.” I purred. I get to have Bella, Edward, AND Ben for my… No! I couldn’t think that way. Couldn’t. Ben was my human boyfriend; Bella and Edward were my two friends in love. I had to keep up the charade. I was HUMAN. I lied to myself as I took a swig of water from a cup in the kitchen.

“Okay. Bye Ang! We’ll pick you up at seven… okay?”

“Yup.” I answered absentmindedly. “Bye.” I put the phone back on the wall. Bella and Edward had no idea that I wasn’t human, and I intended to keep it that way.

I went into my large closet, and tried hard not to think. Rather to think about the date tonight. What to wear…? Eventually, I picked out blue denim jeans, a yellow t-shirt, and a headband for my hair. I looked like an average human. I changed back to my original form. I was hideous. My nose was broken, and my skin was GREEN. My nose and face had warts all over them, and my hair was long and black. I was the picture of teen insecurity. Soon, it was seven o’clock, and I headed downstairs after putting on my human form. The doorbell rang suddenly. I ran to open the door. I smiled sweetly.

“Hi Bella.” I said shyly. That was my human personality.

“Hey Ang.” She smiled. “Come on, we’ve got the motor running.” I saw Ben in the back seat, waving frantically.

Bella walked towards the car. It was glossy and silver. A very pretty car. A Volvo. Edward was in the front, his eyes only for Bella. He was staring at her with a look of true love. She got in, and he turned his head back to the road as he began to drive. I was in the backseat with Ben, both of us barely touching each other.

Edward turned up a soundtrack to background music level.

“So, how’s everyone doing?” Bella asked, trying to make small talk.

“Great.” I answered, looking out the window. Ben looked at me.

“What’s wrong Ang?” he asked, looking concerned.

“Nothing.” I answered simply, looking out the window at the ever-changing landscape. Really, I was thinking about how ugly I was. Edward stopped the car suddenly, making us go flying into the backs of the front seats.

“What the heck?” I asked incredulously as Bella looked towards Edward with a frantic look.

“Edward?” Bella asked, anxious. Why would he have stopped? We were in the middle of nowhere! His hands were clenched in fists as he began to drive slowly yet again.

“What happened?” Ben asked, anxious like the rest of us. I was still confused.

“Sorry. I just forgot. I had something to do tonight! A school project.” Edward said. He seemed to be trying to keep his voice normal, but a note of hysteria bubbled up. “I’ll drive you all home.” What was up with him? Was he bipolar? Was he crazy? I still don’t know, even though Edward’s driving us home now. I hoped that Ben wouldn’t insist on coming in.

“Bye.” I called to Bella, Edward, and Ben as they drove away. My parents weren’t home, as usual.

I thought and thought about the episode tonight as I slowly drifted to sleep in my normal, witch form.