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The Experiment

Ever since the confrontation with the Cullens, Aro has been wondering about the possibility of creating his own hybrid.

This story is rated Teen for any scenes that might arrive in the future, due to the nature of what Aro wants to do. The first bit is fine for everyone, and I'm going to try to keep the rest as clean as I can without killing the plot. Please Rate, review and enjoy! :)

1. Prologue

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Until a few months ago, he had never known of their existence. Until a few months ago, it had seemed impossible. But now, just two short months after the confrontation with the Cullens and their allies, he was so close. So close to everything he had dreamed of, and more. He knew what he wanted to do, knew how it was done, now all Aro needed was to choose a human to be sacrificed for his experiment.

It wasn't really an experiment, since it had been done before. It was more like a study. No one had ever thought of studying these creatures. On one had ever tested them to see what they were capable of. Of course he couldn't just choose any of the already created ones, they were too unpredictable. They hadn't been trained to meet his need, and there were no guarantees that the humans wouldn't find out if he used one so unpredictable, so undisciplined. The Cullens were vehemently refusing to share theirs, who was so perfect for this experiment. She had power; she was able to control herself, to an extent. With time, she could become the perfect huntress. She could be everything he had ever wanted. And if she came, then her very talented parents would want to follow, and that would be a great gain indeed. But it was obvious he would have to create his own, as the possibility of the Cullens cooperating was slim.

Aro sat in his chambers, thinking. He had stayed there for weeks, only coming out to feed. He needed peace and quiet to think of his plan. He needed to be sure of everything. He would have to create the child himself. And because of that, he had to be very careful in his choice of human women. He would need to make sure she was physically strong enough to deal with the demands of the experiment. And maybe it would be a good idea to try to find a woman with the potential to have a power complimentary to his power, in order to strengthen the child. All these things were variables he had to consider, and try to control. Then there was the issue of trying to get a woman to take part on the experiment. Would he tell her what was going on, or just steal her away, and not let her free until she was dead. But maybe the woman he chose wouldn't have to die. Edward Cullen's mate hadn't died; they had turned her in time. If they could do that, and not waste a talented human with the potential to be a great vampire. There were so many decisions to make.

Aro had never been one to pace, but now he found himself walking back and forth across his room. The room had become so familiar to him over the centuries. It never changed; it was always his place, his sanctuary. He sat back down.

Out of all the questions he had, all the variables that had presented themselves, there was one that clouded his mind the most. It was the reason he holed himself up in his room for so long. Did he have the control to impregnate a human woman?