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Moving Love

[banner removed per site regulations] 15 year old Isabella Swan was orphaned when her parents were killed in a car crash. What happens when she meets Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family of vampires?


1. Chapter 1

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Fifteen-year-old Isabella Swan was sitting in an upright position in the hospital room. She could hear the wind howling outside, she could hear people going up and done the hallway outside her room, she could hear them talking but she couldn't feel anything except the pain, physical and emotional pain. Physical form her injuries she had sustained form the car crash and emotional from the loss of her parents who died in the car crash. Somehow she only could feel the pain after the numbness disappeared and she didn't know what was worse, numbness or pain? She also had just realized that her whole world was destroyed, ripped into small pieces, which might never go back to a whole again.

The only thing she could think about was the pain of the loss of her parents, the two people she loved the most. Every thought, every memory was excruciating like somebody took a sharp knife and stabbed her inot the chest. They were gone and left her behind, the doctors said it was a miracle that she survived but she didn't agree with them, she should have died with them, she didn't want to continue to suffer like this. Through all the pain she could feel one tear after another roll down her cheeks. Why did this happen to her, what had she done to deserver this?

Then suddenly her door opened and a doctor came in and he immediately caught her attention. He looked like a model coming out from a fashion magazine. He had palatine blond hair, perfect skin and his eyes, were a color she had never seen before.

"Isabella?" he asked concernedly and rushed to her and then she realized that she was still crying, and she didn't need a mirror to see how horrible she looked.

"Bella" she corrected him she hated when people called her Isabella but it was the name her mother loved so much and she felt ashamed of herself when she thought about it.

"Oh, Bella, pardon me. I'm Dr. Cullen" he introduced himself and smiled.

"Oh, right" Bella said and thought about how much the name Isabella meant to her mother and how many times she had hated it when she called her that but right now she would do anything to hear her mother's voice calling her name again and she tried very hard to fight back the tears.

"I know how hard it is to lose somebody you love but to lose two at the same time is even harder so it is okay to cry" he told her and looked into her eyes. It was like he knew exactly how she was feeling and she had just known him for a few seconds. She couldn't hold back the tears and started sobbing. Bella still couldn't believe it her parents were gone forever, then suddenly she felt somebody taking her into their arms and she could feel the coldness of the skin and she realized it was Dr. Cullen but she didn't care that she was crying in the arms of a complete stranger, which she had meat just a minute ago. She didn't care because she was all alone in this world and a stranger was better then nobody. She continued sobbing.

‘I'm sorry" Bella finally said when she realized what exactly was happening.

"It is okay many patients do that," he told her that but somehow she couldn't believe it.

"Oh" Bella said.

"I know how hard it is to be alone," Dr. Cullen told her.

"Well, that is my life now" she said she didn't want any pity but that was the truth, that was her life now.

"I know it looks like that right now but it will change in time," he told her with an encouraging smile

"I don't really think that" Bella told him.

"We will see, I think the best thing for you do is to get some rest right now" he told her and left her room.

Will it really change over time, was the mysterious good-looking doctor right, she didn't know bur tomorrow was another new day and she didn't what her future will looks like but it looked like Dr. Cullen had already something in mind. What will happen to her life?