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Moving Love

[banner removed per site regulations] 15 year old Isabella Swan was orphaned when her parents were killed in a car crash. What happens when she meets Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family of vampires?


2. Chapter 2

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As Bella finally awoke she first didn't know where she was but then she realized that she was at the hospital and everything came back to her, the crash and her parents. She was once again alone, all alone in this world. Why did she had to wake up, why had she continue living her nightmare. That was one of the things she didn't understand. She tried not to start crying again, she had to stop crying, crying would not help her, and it would just make it worse. Then the door opened and a girl walked in. She was petite and pixie-like, with a graceful gait and hair that is short, spiky, and black. Her skin and eye's were just the same as Dr. Cullen's.

"Are you Bella?" the girl, who looked about 17, asked her but it looked like she already knew the answer.

"Yes" Bella asked confused.

‘I'm Alice Cullen" she introduced herself, "Yes, I'm Dr. Cullen's daughter" she added as if she had known that Bella would ask her that.

"Oh, and he send you here?" she asked her.

"No, he mentioned you, and I'm sorry for your loss Bella, so I decided maybe you would want some company. I know you don't know me but we can get to know each other" she told her and smiled. Bella thought about it for a minute and realized that it would be nice to have someone.

"Sure" Bella said finally.

"Great, so what do you want to do?" Alice asked her as if she had known Bella forever and not just for a few minutes.

‘I don't know why don't we just talk" Bella suggested.

‘Okay" she agreed.

"So, Dr. Cullen is your father" she asked and felt stupid because she had just mentioned that she is his daughter.

"Yes, he is my adoptive father" she explained to her and Bella was shocked when she said adoptive because she realized that somebody would adopt her because she had no other family, she was all alone," Bella?" Alice asked worriedly as Bella didn't answer.

"Oh, I'm sorry I just thought about something" Bella told her, " Do you have any siblings?" she asked Alice.

"Yes, I have a sister and three brothers, Carlisle adopted us all" Alice told her.

"Oh, that is great I don't have any siblings" Bella told her sadly.

‘Hmm, yes" Alice agreed and smiled like she knew something," So do you like to go shopping?" Alice asked her.

‘No, not really my mother liked to go shopping" Bella said and then more memories came back and she had to fight back the tears, the last thing she wanted to do right now was to start crying in front of her.

"Oh, I love to go shopping maybe we could go shopping one time" Alice suggsted.

‘Maybe" she said but knew that would never happen.

"Hm, do you like animals?" Alice asked her.

"Yes, I have a dog" she told her and realized that I totally forgot about Shelly, her female husky who was all alone by herself, just like she was.

‘Bella?" Alice asked her.

"I just realized that Shelly, my dog is still at my house alone" Bella told her.

‘Oh, maybe I could help. I could get her and take care of her as long you are at the hospital" Alice suggested.

‘I cannot ask something like that from you" Bella said.

"Oh, I do that all the time for my friends, and we are friends now right" Alice said.

"I guess we are" Bella said and smiled she had never met someone like Alice.

‘Okay, well you can give me your key and address and I can get her" Alice told Bella.

"Oh, okay" Bella said and gave everything and Alice was on her way. She was amazed by Alice it was like she knew exactly what she needed, like she could see the future and by that thought Bella had to laugh out loud. This was nice to have someone even if you have just met them but the pain was still there.


The Cullens where hanging out in the living room in their house as they heard the door opening and then they smelled something walk in, it was a dog.

"Alice brought a dog with her" Edward concluded form the smell.

"What is she doing with a dog?" Rosalie asked.

"She brought a dog" Emse said surprised.

"And she is in a really good mood" Jasper told them as Alice came into the living room in human speed, followed by the dog they had already smelled.

"Alice what are you doing with the dog?" Carlisle asked.

"Oh, it's Bella's, you know the one in the hospital, she asked me to take care of him until she gets out of the hospital" Alice explained to them and smiled.

"So, we are going to take care of a dog that is alive, what do you think will happen if he turns into vampire" Emmet said.

"Don't even think about it and it's a she" Alice warned him.

"I'm not thinking about it," Emmet protested.

"You are" Edward says and chuckles but he stopped when he read more of Alice's thoughts.

"No" he told Alice and everyone was confused, " You know that is not possible"

"But that is the future and it is quite possible see" she said and she knew what Edward was talking about and showed him the image of them and Bella in their living room.

"What are you two talking about again" Rosalie said annoyed.

"Edward" Esme said worried.

"This is impossible" Edward told her.

"What is impossible?" Carlisle asked.

"I saw that we will adopt Bella, and she will become part of this family" Alice told them and they were all shocked.