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2nd Personal Sun

Bella and Edward have decided to move away to Alaska. Jacob is still trying to cope from the pain of losing his true love, and is unintentionally tearing himself away from the pack. But, what if, Leah and Seth Clearwater had an optimistic little sister to begin with? Can she be the one to brighten Jacob's outlook and save a crumbling pack from falling forever? But, what if something happens to Jake that will effect her just as badly in the end? Can she make it through the scenario and still maintain her sense of trust? More importantly...can she make it out alive? new chapters added!


17. Chapter 17

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“Jacob’s a moron.”

Those were the first words out of Leah’s mouth that morning.

“I can’t believe this."

Those were the second.

“Leah, shut up. Just shut up.” Kiralee breathed, rubbing her temples.

“Don’t tell me that you’re happy about this.”

“I’m not, Leah,” Kiralee answered loudly, opening her eyes to stare into her sister’s. “Alright? I’m not happy about this. It’s clear that you’re not, either. But stop complaining. Jake’s not a moron. And you know it.”

“Yes, he is,” Leah chuckled darkly. Kiralee sighed, exasperated, while she continued. “He’s inviting Ginger to Emily’s house for dinner. This is crazy. Isn’t this crazy?” she turned to Embry, who’d walked into the room in the middle of her sentence. He gave her a look.

“Leah, I get it. It’s crazy. Now shut up, seriously.” He said huskily.

“Does he know that Bella and the rest of the leeches are here?” she asked, ignoring his answer.

“Of course not, kid. Why the hell would we tell him?” Kiralee spat.

“I dunno, maybe because he’s more of a brother to you than Seth is?” Leah retaliated.

“Not true.”

“So true.”


“I swear to god, Leah…” Embry growled, taking a swig of water from the sink.

“What’s going on?” a male voice, huskier than Embry’s, asked. Sam walked in from the front door of the Clearwater’s house, flanked by Quil and Seth. Paul and Jared and Jake were out running patrols in the forest.

“Leah’s being…well, Leah.” Embry took another swig.

“Sam.” Leah looked at him directly, firmly. “You can’t tell me that Ginger’s actually going to be eating at Emily’s tonight, right? Honestly. Jake still hasn’t a clue as to what this girl really is. How am I supposed to act oblivious about this? Seriously, just give me five minutes alone with that girl…” she trailed off menacingly, shaking her head.

“Dibs,” Kiralee said, grinning. Leah spun around to smile at her.

“Really, though,” Quil interrupted. “Leah—as shockingly as this may be—actually is saying something, well, plausible. I dunno about the rest of you, but I sure as hell can assure you that I will not be using my ever-popular poker face for this one. This girl’s gonna get it.”

“Stop, stop, stop,” Embry rolled his eyes. “The dramatics are becoming a little overwhelming. Just keep it cool. It wasn’t that hard with the Cullens, was it? And we’re in this for Jake. Keep that in mind.”

“I’m sure no threats will slip out,” Quil said pleasantly, folding his arms across his chest.

“Guys, we really need to stay focused.” Kira said, leaning back in her chair. “We can’t drop any hints.”

“We know. But I don’t know if I can stand looking at her be all lovey-dovey with Jacob when she’s really digging him for information,” Quil shrugged. “I’m not going to sit back and watch that.”

“You’re gonna have to,” Sam said firmly. “It’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but nothing’s going to stop this pack. We’re just going to have to battle through tonight, and then soon enough, we can end this.”

Quil whooped. Embry grinned. Leah sighed. Kiralee bit her lip. Seth shifted.

“You better damn well hope that Paul or Jared don’t think about any of this while they’re out there with him,” Kiralee said suddenly.

“I gave them strict orders not to.” Sam responded quietly.

No one spoke for a short while. When the silence seemed to build the tension rather than ease it, Sam spoke up again.

“We’re meeting the Cullens again. Tonight, but real late. Around two, two-thirty.” He glanced at Kiralee.

“I’ll be there.” She said.

“We’re going to present our idea to everyone,” he continued.


Everyone looked down except Kira, who stared quizzically up at him.

“Kiralee,” Sam said deeply, clearing his throat. “We’ve decided that…the gentlest way to inform Jacob of our planned actions is to have you be the one to tell him.” He looked down, folding his hands behind his back. “I hate to put this on your shoulders, of course, but if you think about it…there’s really no other…mature way to do it. Is that alright with you?” his voice was gruff.

Kira froze.

Without thinking, she blurted,

“I can’t hurt him.”

“You said it yourself, that that was inevitable,” Leah whispered, not looking at her sister, whose expression was morose. “This is the least painful way.”

“Odds are he won’t believe you, anyway,” Quil said in a normal voice, ignoring the serene faces around him. “Then it will be one of those ‘can’t-say-I-didn’t-warn-you’ things.”

“I can’t hurt him.” She repeated absently.

“Would you like me to do it?” Leah said sharply, looking up at her, finally. Kiralee met her gaze. Her eyebrows were raised, her face was sarcastic. “Huh?”

“Leah, stop,” Sam said quietly.

“I can’t hurt him,” Kiralee said louder, for a third time. “I can’t do that.”

“We’ll help you,” Embry said. “We won’t let you do it alone. What we’re trying to say is that you’ll just be the one talking.”

“He won’t believe me.”

“That’s alright,” Sam nodded. “We’re not asking for his acceptance. We’re just stating the facts, telling him what’s going to happen. He is still apart of this pack. As much as is kills me to do this, he’ll be standing out there with us when the Volturi come.”

“It’s like sprinkling salt on an open wound,” Kiralee’s voice barely rose above a whisper. “We’re being cruel."

“And then laughing about it,” Leah said. “It is cruel. You’re right. But there’s no other way.”

“What am I supposed to say?” she asked, getting upset. “’Oh, hi, Jake. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that one; you’re girlfriend’s an acquaintance with vampires. Two; she doesn’t really love you, and three; she plans on killing us all.’ Thanks for your time, I’ll see you later.’” Without her permission, tears spilled over her cheeks.

Leah rubbed her shoulder from across the table. “Of course not, Kira.”

“Then what, Leah?” she cried. “What am I supposed to say?”

“We’ll figure it out,” Leah soothed. “Don’t be upset.”

“How can I not be upset, Leah?” Kiralee cried again. “How?”

“I don’t know, girl, but—” Leah was cut short.

“Hey, guys!” a cheerful voice rang from the front door, followed by numerous footsteps. The cheer that blended that voice was like sticking a knife into Kiralee’s heart and then twisting it back and forth. The face that followed the voice didn’t do much for her, either. Jacob’s smile radiated into the kitchen.

“What’s up?” he asked, but his face fell immediately when he saw the tears on Kiralee’s face. He paused for a short second, then jumped to her side, kneeling over to see her at eye level. His thumbs wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“What’s the matter, Kira?” he asked frantically, looking up at Leah and the people around her. “What happened?”

Nobody answered. Their heads hung in depression.

“Jake, I think…that we need to say something.” Embry’s voice murmured. A sob broke from Kira’s chest at his words. She couldn’t do this; not now, not ever.

“Please,” she whispered, her voice ragged with another sob. She shook her head. “Please, no.”

“What?” Jake whispered back, his hands moved to her shoulders and shook them slightly. “Tell, me, Kira. I can’t take this. What’s wrong?”

His face looked like it was about to cry. Two more sobs erupted as she tried to catch her breath.

“Sam?” she gasped, covering her mouth, panting. She wanted to run away and hide, but Jacob’s hands held her in place.

He shook his head, his face ripped with agony. He couldn’t do it, either.

“Please,” Kiralee gasped again. Her face was soaked with salty tears. “I’m begging you, please.”

“Kiralee!” Jacob said again, his voice panicked. “Damn it, tell me! What the hell is the matter with you?”

Her world was frantic. Half of her was dazed, another half was terrified. She wanted a comforting hug from someone. Anyone. Someone telling her it would be okay, this was all just a joke, it was over…

“Jake,” she mouthed, and threw her arms around him. She hugged him tight, never wanting to let go. She couldn’t hurt him anymore than stupid Bella had, or Ginger would, or how future things will. One person couldn’t handle all that. His mom’s death, her dad’s death, his phasing, Bella, vampires, Ginger…Kiralee wanted to collapse.

"Jake, I'm so sorry," she cried, burying her face into his shoulder.

She didn’t say anything more. They hugged like that for a long time.