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2nd Personal Sun

Bella and Edward have decided to move away to Alaska. Jacob is still trying to cope from the pain of losing his true love, and is unintentionally tearing himself away from the pack. But, what if, Leah and Seth Clearwater had an optimistic little sister to begin with? Can she be the one to brighten Jacob's outlook and save a crumbling pack from falling forever? But, what if something happens to Jake that will effect her just as badly in the end? Can she make it through the scenario and still maintain her sense of trust? More importantly...can she make it out alive? new chapters added!


2. Chapter 2

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Kiralee dug her toes into the cool sand as Billy Black retold the stories of the ancient Quileutes. Across from her and the roaring bonfire, Quil Ateara and Claire Young sat together, his arm over her shoulder. Her head rested on his chest, and they both looked quite content with each other. Kiralee was very happy for them both—she knew Quil was ecstatic, and Claire felt the same way.

Next to them sat her brother, Seth Clearwater, and his new found girlfriend, Elizabeth. He’d met her through school, and they’ve been attached ever since. They’d been seeing each other for about a year and a half, and she took the news of him being a werewolf without much surprise. Apparently she’d done her research.

Leah Clearwater sat as far away from Kiralee as possible. Good, she thought. She didn’t appreciate the fact that Leah assumed herself to be better than Kiralee, if not better than everyone.

If I ever join the pack, she thought again, I’ll be sure to put her in her place.

Jacob Black sat to the right of Kiralee, as Embry Call sat to her left. His former girlfriend, Kim, broke up with him a couple months ago. It didn’t seem to affect him much—for underneath his protective arm, sat a new girl, Miranda. Kiralee shook her head and chuckled silently.

Everyone else was there, as well—Sam and Emily Uley (they got married last year), her mom Sue and Old Quil. Every night they came here, for she was being home-schooled by Emily (so she technically never had to worry about waking up in time for school), and all the others had already graduated high school. Emily had taken a job as a “work-at-home” tutor, and Sue felt that Emily was responsible enough to handle her child’s education.

Once Billy was done with the stories, everyone started talking and eating. Kiralee nestled into the log behind her and bent her head back. The stars sprinkled the black night sky. Kiralee’s right arm felt very hot, for Jacob had not seemed to notice that his arm was leaning against hers. She shifted away, and yawned.

Jacob looked down. “Sorry,” he grinned, tucking his arm away from her. “Didn’t realize.”

“No problem,” she shrugged, sitting up. “Nothing like a first-degree burn to wake you up.” He chuckled.

Kiralee gently nibbled on a piece of a hotdog, watching the circle around her. Sam and Emily were huddled close together, murmuring whispers into each others ears and smiling. Leah had closed her eyes, and the scowl that Kiralee had once thought to be permanently etched to her skin was perfectly visible. Jacob had wolfed down seven hotdogs and a bag of marshmallows—and, to Kiralee’s amusement, taunted the other boys for not having “manly” appetites.

She watched Jacob the whole night. A couple months ago, he had run away to the provinces of Alaska during the highest peak of his depression over the loss of Bella Swan. She’d never actually met Bella, but the boys talked about her to Kiralee often back then—obviously, when Jacob wasn’t around. She heard the stories of the cold ones and how Bella had broke Jacob’s heart, which occasionally made Kiralee very angry.

So these were the reasons she was watching him, studying his every move, looking for signs of weakness. Everyone was quite concerned for him—at one point Kiralee remembered overhearing Billy telling her mom that he suspected Jake may be having suicidal thoughts. But, as it turns out, these thoughts were never put into action—and Kiralee prayed every night that they never would.

“….paintings?” Emily said, looking in Kiralee’s direction.

“Sorry, what?” Kiralee asked, coming out of her daze.

Emily smiled. “I was just saying, Sam and I would like to purchase some of your paintings. Do you think you’re up to making a custom canvas?”

Kiralee grinned. “Sure. What kind of painting?”

“We’re not sure yet. Probably something to do with the forest…or the beach, something of nature.”

“Sounds good. When would you like it?”

“It doesn’t really matter—whenever is good for you. We’ll pay you.”

Kiralee’s eye brows buried and she frowned. “No. I don’t want money.”

“Kira, that takes a lot of supplies, work and time…of course we’re going to pay you for it,” Emily insisted, but before she even finished her sentence Kiralee was already shaking her head.

“Emily, don’t be ridiculous. I’m not looking for money. It’s completely unnecessary.”

“Kiralee Clearwater, we are paying you, whether you like it or not,” she contradicted, folding her arms.

Kiralee sat up. “Emily Uley, if you try paying me—you won’t get your painting,” she challenged, raising her eye brows as the corner of her mouth pulled up in a half-grin.

Emily’s mouth closed and she pursed her lips. Eyes glaring, folding her arms again, Emily said, “Fine. We won’t pay you. But we’ll find some way to repay you—just not in money. If you’re sure.”

Kira nodded. “Of course.”

As they looked around, they noticed that the whole group had ceased their private conversations and were looking at their verbal duel. They looked back at each other, and laughed cheerily.

“I’ll try to get it to you by next week,” Kiralee said, still chuckling. Emily nodded.