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2nd Personal Sun

Bella and Edward have decided to move away to Alaska. Jacob is still trying to cope from the pain of losing his true love, and is unintentionally tearing himself away from the pack. But, what if, Leah and Seth Clearwater had an optimistic little sister to begin with? Can she be the one to brighten Jacob's outlook and save a crumbling pack from falling forever? But, what if something happens to Jake that will effect her just as badly in the end? Can she make it through the scenario and still maintain her sense of trust? More importantly...can she make it out alive? new chapters added!


7. Chapter 7

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A freezing pain was focused on her forehead.

She shifted and twisted in discomfort, trying to disband the ice. The vinyl from the couch scraped against the pale skin on her arms. Even though the frozen sensation did not leave her forehead, she could feel sweat moistening the back of her neck and temples. She moaned.

“Kiralee?” a sweet, soft voice questioned. It registered in her mind that it was Ginger.

“I don’t know if she’s up yet,” a deeper, huskier voice said from across the room. She recognized Jacob, probably sitting on the opposite couch.

“She probably is,” Leah said, and Kira could hear muffled sounds coming from the kitchen. “She usually is a peaceful sleeper.”

Kiralee opened her eyes. There in her tiny living sat the whole pack and the rest of her family. She looked up at Ginger, who was bending down beside her. Ginger smiled softly at her, an expression that easily was synonymous with the tone of her voice.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

“I—I don’t know,” Kiralee answered; her voice groggy. “What happened?”

“You fainted, honey. Did you eat today?”

“No,” she shook her head, but stopped when she felt the dizziness threaten to creep up again.

“Well, that probably explains it. Do you remember what happened?”

“All I remember is Embry coming over. It’s pretty much a blur from there.”

“Alright,” she nodded, stroking Kira’s forehead, where she had taken off the ice. Her warm hand felt nice on the numb skin. “Want to try to sit up?”

Without responding, Kiralee sat up. The room stayed where it should, so she took that as confirmation. “I think I’m fine…” she said hesitantly, as if she expected to faint again once she’d spoken the words.

She looked around. Sitting on the opposite couch was Jacob—which she’d predicted earlier—Seth, Sam, Quil and Embry. Standing around the rest of the room was Paul, Jared, Leah, and Billy. Ginger was bent next to her.

“Where’s mom?” she directed the question towards Leah.

“She couldn’t get out of work just yet,” she said, in a surprisingly sympathetic voice. She must’ve remembered yesterday. “But she’s coming soon. She’s freaking out.”


“You alright now?” Jacob asked, and Kiralee looked over to him slowly.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m fine. You all didn’t have to come over here,” she added sheepishly.

“Of course we did,” Sam said. “Embry didn’t know what to do, so he laid you on the couch and went off to phase to tell us. We came over here as fast as we possibly could.”

“But, we should probably head back out, right, Sam?” Quil asked. “If she’s fine, then, personally—I’d like to get back to our routine perimeter check.”

Sam gave him a look, and Jacob smacked him on the arm. Kiralee glanced warily at Ginger.

She caught her gaze and smiled. “It’s okay. I already know.”

Kiralee took a deep breath.

“Here,” Leah said, and went over to help Kiralee up. “I’ll make you some soup. Come sit in the recliner…it’s more comfortable.”

When everybody had left except Leah and Ginger, they babied Kiralee to the point of where she asked them if she could go to bed. They had already managed to swath her in two blankets and have a tall glass of ice cold water and bowl of chicken soup next to her. She’d had enough.

“You know what, guys?” she called out into the kitchen where Leah was preparing more soup. “I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

Ginger rushed in. “Are you sure? Do you need help getting up the stairs?”

Kiralee held back her irritation. “No, no. I’m fine. You guys just…stay down here and, watch a movie or something. I don’t know. Goodnight,” she added, and descended up the stairs. When her head hit the pillow, she slept straight threw.