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A Promise, A Heart, and A World

Three things were broken of Bella's during New Moon, a promise, a heart, and a world. Edited by the fabulous Nightrose! **I'm Back!!** If anyone can remember back that far...

I'm back! It's been almost... 9 months since I've written or done anything with Twilight. I am now strong enough to love two things. Finally.

1. Chapter 1

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A Promise, a Heart, and a World

Words spoken to reassure,

to soothe,

that, at the time, sufficed.

What would come to be?

A promise broken

Love shared,



yet, it was not to be,

it was not enough.

The end result?

A heart shattered.

A new love,

a person to fill the void just discovered.

But, as all things do,

he passed,

taking everything with him.

A world disappeared.