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Goodbye, I Love You

He placed a simple red rose on the grave. "Goodbye, I love you....See you soon."

Two things in one day. Wow.

1. Chapter 1

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He looked down at the grave. No thoughts were passing through his mind, he was numb, completely numb. But not for long. He tried to hold onto the numbness, but it was washed away by pain.

He should have prevented this, he should have saved her, this should not have happened. They were supposed to be together forever, she was not supposed to die. Not like this. She was supposed to become one of the immortals, yet, fate would not accept that.

No, fate had to be so cruel and take her from him. Take her forever.

The agony washed over him in endless waves. He would not resurface, never resurface.

Never again would he see her, never hear her, never hold her. He would not see her blush, hear her heartbeat, see that flash of intuition in her eyes. He would not be able to kiss her, to catch her when she fell, to feel her soft, warm touch ever again.

As he realized this, he was flooded with guilt. He was the one that didn't save her, he was the one that should have gotten there sooner, should have known. But, he did not.

He played the horrific scene over in his mind.

Her, lying on the side of the road, her motorcycle beside her. The malicious vampire that had been stalking her was leaning over her, draining her. His roar of fury shook the ground. The vampire looked up, the sweet blood of his beloved staining the lips of the wretched creature scarlet. His sister, the little pixie whom he had entrusted the safety of his beloved to, materializing, letting loose a guttural snarl. The little, yet fierce, pixie charging the malicious vampire, easily destroying the vampire in her fury. He rushed to her side, holding tight to the shred of hope that she was still alive.

Her eyes fluttered open, and her small mouth widened. “I-I'm...sorry, Edward. D-don't blame yourself. I love you. I love you so mu-” she shuddered, and then tried to finish her last sentiment. “So sorry. Love you...” She trailed off, closing her eyes.

I love you too. Forever.” He whispered.

She smiled her last smile, and looked up into his eyes one last time. It was an unmeasurable moment, yet it ended too soon. Her beautiful chocolate brown orbs closed for the last time. She drew in her last breath, letting all the life leave her...

Her heart beat a last, slow, painful beat. Then it was silent. He let loose a howl of rage, pain, and sorrow. She was gone. Gone forever.

He stopped thinking, not wanting to relieve that.

He placed a simple red rose on the grave.

“Goodbye, I love you... see you soon.”