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Bella is terrified - terrified that Victoria will come for her.

Well, I wrote this poem for a class, before I even knew what Twilight was. But then a few days ago I went through my old schoolwork for last trimester, and I found this. I just thought it fit in with how Bella is afraid of Victoria, stalking her. It doesn't fit completely, but I think it's good enough. Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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Creeping cat, you are despair;

Your eyes are pools of night.

King of the Shadows, Lord of the Realm,

I run from you in fright.

As you stalk the shadows,

Your fangs glisten in the gloom,

Red with blood.


Slithering serpent, essence of terror,

You strike despair into my soul.

As dread creeps into my very core,

I see your eyes, as black as coal.

Devoid of happiness, love or joy;

In them, light is a mere dream.

There is no escape; you have me now.


Shifting shadows, moan like the wind;

Shades of fear abound.

I sink into your inky depths,

Lost without a sound.

Who is predator, who is prey?

The twilight holds no answers.

Death creeps on, to claim its next victim.