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A Different Twilight

It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.


1. Chapter 1

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I had never given much thought as to how I would die, even though I had more than enough reason in the last few months. But still I never could have imagined it like this. As the hunter looked at me with his black eyes I stared back without breathing. I guess dying in the place of someone you loved was a good way to go. Especially if it was someone who loved you back. It could even be considered noble. I hoped I would go to Heaven for this. It had to count for something. I couldn’t imagine regretting the decision to come to Forks. For if not for that I wouldn’t be here. Life had given me a dream that was so far beyond my expectations. It was just plain unreasonable to grieve when the carpet was yanked out from beneath me. It was inevitable anyway. Then the hunter smiled at me in a friendly way, though there was nothing friendly about it. As he sauntered forward to kill me he laughed while I whimpered in fear.

First Sight

I sighed once again as Renee ,my mother, said she didn’t know how to live without me.

“Mom!”, I called getting her attention as she rambled on about how she was going to miss me, “You’ll be fine.”

A voice called over the intercom for a flight to Seattle.

“That’s me Mom. I have to go.”, I hugged my mother one last time also saying goodbye to the sun and extreme snow and below 30 weather thank God. Although I was also saying hello to extreme rain. I wasn’t going to be able to get control over my curly hair weeks due to the humidity in Forks. I was moving to Forks where my dad, Charlie, lived. It was always cloudy there. I think there was a minimum of two weeks worth of sunshine a year. That was really bad but I was from Canada so at least I was used to snow. And maybe the States would be better than Canada.

“Alright,”, she blubbered, “Say hi to Charlie for me. I love you Katie and please be safe. You know how clumsy you are.”

“Yes Mom. I love you too. I’ll try to be careful. Say hi to Phil for me.”, I hugged my Mom again making sure I had everything, Mp3 player, notebook and my parka. The plane ride to Seattle was long but I had found some story ideas and poems starters. Yes I was a writer. I sat in the plane to Port Angeles trying to finish the stories but mostly the poems. There was something about this one… I just couldn’t find the ending to it.

We’ve started an adventure together,

Cause one can’t live without the other,

My curly brown hair,

And blue eyes that stare,

Mix perfectly right with you

Though I don’t always think so too

That’s why I don’t understand

Why we walk hand in hand

When you are perfect and I am not

Why I was the one that you sought

Why you fell for my brown curly hair and blue eyes

Why I can’t help but look into your’s and sigh

There was something about it, I wanted to describe that someone, But I didn’t know who that someone was, let alone what they looked like. It was really hard and I didn’t notice that we were landing until the attendant had to ask me to put away my notebook. I apologized and quickly obliged knowing that I just wanted to get to my new home. But I still had another hours drive with Charlie from Port Angeles to Forks.

Finally I got off the plane and into the lobby.

“Hey Dad.”, I greeted, giving Charlie a side hug. I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face.

“Hey Katie. It’s been a while.”, Charlie said grabbing my few bags while I grabbed a box. I had 2 bags filled with clothes. My mother and I had to scrounge together some clothes for me. Usually it didn’t rain a lot where I was from. It was either snow or nothing basically. Although when it did rain we got tons…it would rain for days on end. Smiling to myself I thought of rain. I loved rain. Rain was romantic. Kissing in the rain, dancing in the rain. All those clichés. It was great just not in extreme amounts. And that was what Forks had. After those bags I had one small bag filled with a mass of writing supplies including paper, mechanical pencils, pencil leads and binders among notebooks and many other things. The box I had was filled with books. My favorite thing to do besides writing was obviously reading. The car ride in Charlie’s police cruiser was silent. Yes my dad was the police chief of Forks. I brought money with me so that I could buy myself a car. There was nothing to get you noticed like showing up to school in a police car. I could just imagine the first day if I showed up in a police car. My oh my would the rumors fly…hey I could use that as a starter for one of my poems. I quickly scribbled it down and went back to my wondering about school.

“Uh...Katie?”, Charlie asked breaking me out of my daydreams.

“Yeah?”, I replied warily.

“Um…I know you were going to buy your own car but I got you a car pretty cheap. You know as a homecoming gift.”, he explained rushed.

“Uh…thanks Dad but you didn’t have to do that. Is it old or new?”, I asked. I liked gifts but not over excessive ones. It better not be brand new. Although on a police’s chief’s salary of a small town the newest it could probably be was like 2 years old.

“Well, it used to belong my friend Billy. He bought in the late 70’s I think.” ,he told me sounding unsure.

“Oh…did he buy it new?”, I asked warily again.

“Umm…no. I think it is from the late 50’s early 60’s.”, he replied also sounding wary.

“Oh…okay. Just wondering.” ,I murmured. It was silent from then on, well at least it was until I saw the faded red truck in front of me. It had bulbous fenders and seemed like the type of truck that in an accident would have the other car bent into an unrecognizable heap, while it wouldn’t have a scratch.

“Wow, Dad! It’s amazing! I love it!”, I exclaimed as I saw it practically breaking my nose as I pressed my face against the glass in surprise and wonderment.

“Uh…really?”, he asked. I only nodded back estatically. It was a good thing Renee convinced me to get my driver‘s license,” Well then you’re welcome.” , he smiled.

Charlie helped me bring my few bags to my room and left me to unpack. Not hovering like my mother would have. I liked that about him. When I got all my clothes settled and had set up my favorite books on my desk I still had to set about 30 of them on the floor. I had about 15 favorites. Plus a whole bunch that were okay but nothing special that I had to leave at home. Then I had a huge pile of notebooks on the floor along with binders. I set my newest notebook on the table beside my bed along with a pencil. I sighed as I got in bed wondering what school would be like and if I would ever get used to the constant, pounding rain.

The next morning I woke up at 6:45. I quickly showered and wore my favorite red shirt, It was a long sleeve V-neck with a white tank-top underneath. I wore my favorite pair of dark blue jeans, I grabbed my black sneakers and grabbed my favorite red notebook I used only for special occasions. I greeted Charlie as I grabbed a breakfast bar and made myself a travel mug of coffee. Ever since I was 12 I had been addicted to coffee. Charlie had taken me to a coffee store and ordered me hot chocolate but they accidentally gave me their chocolate flavoured coffee. Ever since I loved it and needed it at least once a day. I even loved coffee flavoured candies and chocolates and even coffee flavoured jell beans and I don’t normally like jelly beans. Hmmm…I wondered if Forks had any good coffee shops? Maybe too much coffee was why I was still so short compared to the other girls back home. I grabbed the keys to my truck while juggling the breakfast bar, coffee mug, backpack on my back and trying to put on my shoes and zipper up my jacket all at the same time. I put down the bar and coffee, pulling on my shoes then zippering up my jacket. It was amazing that I hadn’t fallen already. I grabbed my coffee and breakfast bar and went out to my truck . I turned it on and drove to the school that was just off the highway. I parked in front of the building that labelled MAIN OFFICE. I walked into the office and walked up to the desk.

“Um...excuse me?”, I asked as the secretary looked up, “I’m new here. I’m Kaitlyn Swan.”

“Ah, yes. Here is your schedule, and the map. Oh! And get your teachers to sign this.”, she told me as she handed me a mass of papers.. I nodded in response and drove to the student parking lot. When I stepped out I didn’t notice the guy and I walked into him and fell on my back.

“Oh, geez! I’m so sorry!”, I spoke as I started getting up .

“No the fault is all mine here.”, the boy replied, helping me up, “Hi, I’m Eric. I haven’t seen you before are you new?”

“Yeah, I’m Kaitlyn Swan but you can call me Katie.”, I smiled at Eric as I brushed myself off. He was nice.

“Oh what class do you have next?”, he asked looking at my schedule.

“Umm…English. In building 3.”, I told him uncertainly.

“Oh…I’m heading to the Gym but I’ll show you anyway.”, he led me to the cafeteria and then pointed out the building next to it. I walked in and thankfully didn’t have to introduce myself.

Most of my classes went the same. I met a few people and actually got to sit at a table this lunch already making friends. I looked around the cafeteria curiously and my eyes landed on a beautiful family in the corner.

“Who are they?”, I asked a girl I think her name was Jessica. She was a little taller than me and had curly brown hair like mine except a lot darker. Also prettier.

“Them?”, she asked looking toward the table I pointed at , “ Those are the Cullens. I know gorgeous right? The blond haired girl is Rosalie Hale. The big, muscular one is Emmett Cullen. The short one is Alice Cullen. The boy with the bronze hair is Edward Cullen. All of them are adopted. Alice and Edward are together. And Rosalie and Emmett are together.”

“What about the boy with the blonde hair?”, I asked thinking he was by far the most gorgeous of them all. I mean the muscled one had, well muscles that most girls at home would call “hot.” . The bronze haired boy was had very defined facial features and eyes that could melt ice . The girls could both very well be models even Alice no matter how short she was. But the blond haired boy….he was like something from one of my stories, something from my imagination…my dreams. Wait-what did I just say? Did I just say he was from my dreams? Oh God. Only the second day here and Forks is already getting to me! Don’t Katie. Don’t make yourself think you’re falling in love…AGAIN! You know what happened the last times….don’t set yourself up again. Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak as you always do.

“That’s Jasper. He’s single but don’t waste your time, the girls here obviously aren’t pretty enough for him.”, she sniffed. I covered a laugh with a cough that had actually turned into a choke because I had just taken a drink of my iced coffee. I wondered when he had turned her down. I looked over at them and they smiling too as if he heard her. He caught my eyes and I slowly watched as his expression turned from amusement to slight anger. I blushed and looked down biting my lip. I looked up again. He was still staring at me. I looked down, blushing again. His eyes were beautiful. Dammit! Don‘t do this Katie. Just don‘t! You came here to start new, get away from the stupid guys you were naïve enough to believe, naïve enough to love. The bell rang a few seconds later.

“Hi,” , a boy with spiky blond hair came up to me,” my name is Mike.”

“Hi,”, I said shyly, I wasn’t used to so much attention, “ I’m Kaitlyn but you can call me Katie.”

“What’s your next class?”, he asked.

“Umm… just a second”, I pulled out my schedule ” uh…Biology with Mr. Banner in building-”

“Oh that’s my next class! I’ll take you there.” I followed him as we were joined by a girl who told me her name was Angela. She was tall and had straight brown hair. She was the shy type like me and was really nice, not interrogating me like all the others had at the lunch table. I walked into the class and went straight to Mr. Banner’s desk. I tripped on the way and had to catch my self on the table where Jasper Hale sat at. I blushed so hard I could hear my ears roaring and even feel the heat on my back .A girl giggled as I stumbled. As I stumbled I caught a glimpse of Jasper. He had stiffened and was sitting rigidly. I gave my slip to Mr. Banner and he made me sit I the only empty seat in the room. It was right beside Jasper Hale. His posture went from rigid to turned away. He was sitting as far over on his chair as he could and his chair was at the very edge of the table. He looked as if he smelled something repulsive. As inconspicuously as possible I sniffed my hair. It smelled citrusy like my favorite shampoo. I looked at him and he turned to glare at me. I flinched under his stare. The phrase If looks could kill suddenly popped into my mind. He turned back while I quickly jotted down notes on cellular anatomy even though I had already learned it in the northern Alberta town I was from. I looked at Jasper again and he stared back. I scowled and broke the gaze. He had no reason to suddenly hate me. When the bell rang Jasper was already near the door before anyone had even gotten up. I walked quickly to the Gym with Mike asking me questions all the way.

“Did you stab Hale with a pencil or did he stab you with one? Cause you two looked like you hated each other.”, Mike asked.

“That was the boy sitting next to me?”, I asked playing dumb.

“Yeah. He’s never acted like that before.”, Mike replied.

“Well, he was just being plain rude. As if he hated me. I don’t understand it. Oh, well see you in class.”, I replied walking away. He waved to me as I walked in the change room. Thankfully Coach Clapp didn’t make me play. I cringed as I though of how many times I had injured myself and others playing in Gym class at home. Gym had only been mandatory until grade 10 there. But here it was mandatory all 4 years. I walked to the main office after the bell rang. I almost walked straight back out too. Jasper was at the desk. I waited for him to leave when a girl came in dropped a note in the basket and walked back out. The wind blew my hair around my face. Jasper turned around and stared at me with coal, black eyes as I hid behind my notebook pretending to write down something. He turned back around and thanked the secretary. It seemed he was trying to trade out of the fifth-period biology for any time at all. Apparently it hadn’t happened. I meekly walked up to the desk and gave the secretary my slip.

“How was your day?”, she asked smiling sweetly.

“Fine.”, I lied.

“Are you sure?”, she asked sounding concerned. I only nodded. I quickly made my way to my truck and drove to Charlie’s house, tears streaming down my face as I cried quietly.