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A Different Twilight

It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.


2. Chapter 2

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The rest of the week was better and worse. I had to play in Gym now. I had made plans to go down to First beach with some of my class mates. It was better because I had a big table of friends to sit with. It was worse because Jasper Hale wasn’t there at all during the week. I was going to confront him and demand to know what his problem was. He had no reason whatsoever to hate me so suddenly. I quickly went down to the grocery store after class on Tuesday. I had found out that Charlie couldn’t cook anything besides eggs and bacon. I was given kitchen detail for the rest of my stay. My weekend had passed uneventfully. On Monday I knew exactly where my classes were. Everything was great, until I walked out of English with Mike. There were small white blobs floating down from the sky.

“Ugh…snow…” , I said making a face.

“You’ve seen snow before haven’t you?”, asked Mike surprised at my reaction.

“Yeah…of course. I don‘t like it though…well I like it only when I‘m hitting somebody else with it.”, I said grinning. Mike only smiled in response. I shrunk away from him as he got hit with a big mushy ball of snow. He threw one at Eric because his retreating figure was the only one going that way and you could hear a very distinct “I’m innocent” whistle. When I went from class to class I was constantly dodging the snow balls. Jessica only laughed at my reactions. Although once she did throw one at me. Of course I threw one back missing her horribly and then I threw a second one and hit her leg but there was a rock in it and it bruised her leg so we agreed no more snowballs. It reminded me of snow ball fights with my friends back home. I paused at the doorway to the cafeteria. Jasper was here.

“Jasper Hale is staring at you Katie.”, Jessica teased after we sat down.

“Um…does he look you know upset…or…anything?”, I asked.

“No why would he?”, Jessica asked confused.

‘Well, I don’t think he likes me.”, I whispered hiding my face.

“Silly Katie. The Cullen’s and Hale’s don’t like anybody. And if they do, they certainly don’t show it.”, Jessica laughed.

“Just don’t stare at him.”, I whispered again.

“He’s staring at you again.”, Jessica giggled in my ear.

“JESSICA!!”, I hissed. She stopped and the bell rang soon after.

I walked into the biology room and sat at my table.

“Hello,”, a voice said,” My name is Jasper Hale. I don’t believe we met.”

“What? So you’re talking to me now? Not treating me like I’m some disgusting little bug or something.”, I retorted amazed that he was talking to me.

“Well aren‘t you spiteful?”, he said raising his eyebrows at me.

“Bite me.”, I hissed sarcastically as he stared at me icily. And I gave into my childish reactions and stuck out my tongue at him. He looked shocked then laughed at me.

“Okay class today you are doing a lab with your partners.”, Mr. Banner explained.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to talk to me now won’t you?”, Jasper asked laughing.

“Only because I’m forced.”, I sighed as I narrowed my eyes at him. I know it seems like I hate him but I really don’t appreciate hateful people…I know I’m being hypocritical.

“Start now.”, Mr. Banner instructed as he plunked a microscope on our table.

“Anaphase.”, I murmured passing Jasper the microscope knowing he would probably want to check it. I had already done this lab in at home. I knew exactly what I was looking for.

“Prophase.”, Jasper said as he wrote it down after he looked at slide 2.

I only nodded in response as he took a turn looking at the microscope.

“Jasper don’t you think Katie could have identified some of the slides?”, Mr. Banner asked after he came around to check our work. We had been done about 15 minutes ago. Only 10 minutes after the start of the class.

“Actually she identified 3 of the 5 Mr. Banner.”, Jasper said matter-of-factly

“Hmm…”, Mr. Banner murmured,” Have you done this lab before Katie?”

“Yeah.”, I nodded.

“Hmm…seems a good thing you’re lab partners then”, Mr. Banner muttered as he walked away.

“Only to you.”, I muttered under my breath.

“So I heard you moved here from a town in Alberta. A northern town?.” ,Jasper said conversationally.



“It’s complicated.”

“I think I can keep up.”, he said proudly.

“My mother remarried and she was unhappy without Phil because he moves around a lot because he’s a minor league baseball player. She was unhappy because she had to stay home with me when she wanted to be with Phil. I mean she loves me but she also loves Phil.”, I explained talking quickly and taking a big breath at the end. Most people didn’t understand a word when I said things that quickly.

“Doesn’t seem so complicated. So anyway she sent you here.”, he assumed.

“I sent myself.”, I hissed.

“But why? Doesn’t that make you unhappy? That doesn’t seem very fair.”, Jasper asked confused.

“One I told you it was complicated. Two I sent my self here so that she could be with Phil. Three yes it makes me unhappy. Four I needed to spend some quality time with Charlie anyway and five of course it’s not fair. Hasn’t anyone ever told you life is unfair?”, I explained

“Oh.”, he frowned.

“What?”, I asked.

“Nothing it’s just usually I can tell exactly what people are feeling.”, he seemed frustrated.

“You must be a good reader then.”, I laughed.

“Yeah…”, he smiled but it turned into a frown.

“So what am I feeling?”, I asked teasing I was amazed at my change of heart...well his looks seemed to have a part in it... I was a sucker for blond guys.

“I don’t know.”, he muttered, “I can’t tell.” I laughed. “What?”, he asked confused, I seemed to be doing that to a lot of people lately.

“Oh, nothing,”, I grinned,” It’s just that my mother can almost always know what I’m thinking or feeling. She says I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I’m her open book.”

“Actually it‘s quite the opposite, I find you a little hard to read. It‘s more vague. Only coming in little wisps. Like the smell of flowers on the breeze. It‘s there but only for a second.”, he said as the bell rang. He got up and left calling “Bye Katie.”, over his shoulder. Wow…that was a little romantic. Like Shakespeare or Jane Austen, not meaning to but making you fall in love all over again. Wait-again? What do I mean by that? Geez…I’m going insane I swear. I could just picture myself in a padded room wearing a straight jacket huddled in the corner singing one of those creepy songs while rocking back and forth. The other kids looked at me in response to Jasper actually talking to someone. I just shrugged.

“So….Hale seemed nice today.”, Mike said a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Yeah…wonder what was with him last week.”, I mused thinking about his blond hair...oh my…I sighed in my mind…or rather swooned.

I walked into the Gym after changing and cringed. We were doing volleyball. I always cringed out of the way of the ball because if I didn’t I would hit somebody in the head or something. The only time I touched the ball was when I had to serve. It only got over the net once but it ended up hitting some guy square in the face. The guy wasn’t hurt or anything but I was very embarrassed.

And I docked a point from my team which made us lose. It was horrible.

“Hey Dad?”, I asked as I set his dinner down on the table later that night.

“Yeah?”, He asked.

“Um…there’s these kids at school. The Cullen’s. The other kids at school don’t seem to like them much.”

“Damn people in this town. We’re lucky we have Dr. Cullen here. He’s so good he could get a job anywhere in the world but his wife likes it in small towns not the cities. Thank God.”, he muttered.

“Oh.”, I replied.

“Yeah the doctor’s real nice. All the nurses all over him. The children are good too. I was expecting there to be trouble what with there being five teenagers and all. But not a spark of trouble from them. Not even a speeding ticket.”, Charlie finished.

“I see.”, I replied as I took a bite out of the casserole I had made for dinner.