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A Different Twilight

It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.


3. Chapter 3

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The next morning when I opened my eyes it seemed brighter than usual. But I could tell that the sun wasn’t out. It was brighter as in whiter not sunnier… something was different. I got up and looked out the window groaning. That night it had snowed. A white blanket covering the ground every where. Which also meant that the rain that had actually been rain before it started snowing had frozen make a slick ice rink underneath the snow. I quickly got dressed and went out to my truck only slipping once. I saved myself by grabbing the side mirror. It was bent a little. I got in the truck driving slower than usual to school. When I got out something silvery caught my eye. I made my way to the back of my truck holding onto the side of it the whole time. When I got to the back what I saw almost brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that it was very icy out Charlie got up at who knows what hour and put chains on my truck tires. And then just as I was about to walk away I heard a screeching sound. I looked up. There was a dark blue van headed straight for my truck-and I was in the way. The van was coming straight for me. I looked around and saw shock on everyone’s faces. I saw Jasper Hale staring--horrified--at me by his car. And Jessica and Angela and Mike and Eric and every other person who I had come into contact with over the last two weeks. I closed my eyes waiting knowing I wouldn’t be able to move in time. And the blow came…just not from the direction expected. And as my head cracked against the icy pavement I was suddenly next to the tan car I had parked next to. But I was still in the way of the van, it was still coming. I heard a low cursing and the voice was unmistakable. Jasper Hale. I couldn’t believe it. As he cursed again his pale white hands shot out in front of me and held the van away. Then amazingly I swear he lifted the van with one hand and swung me around like a rag doll until my feet hit the tan car’s tires. I tried to get up as the glass from the van popped onto the asphalt.

“No, no, no.”, a Jasper said as he pushed me back down, “You hit your head pretty hard Katie, take it easy.”

“Let me up dammit.”, I grumbled just as the screaming started. People were yelling asking if I was alright. Yelling to get Tyler out of the van. And so many other things. He looked at me shocked for a second. “What you never heard a girl curse before?”, I laughed.

“No its not that.”, he grinned back.

“So how did you get over here so fast?”, I asked remembering that he had been standing beside his car.

“I was standing right beside you Katie.”, he said faking confusion.

“No you weren’t. You were on the other side of the parking lot by your car.”, I persisted.

“Katie I wasn’t. You must have hit your head pretty hard.”, he insisted his eyes hardening.

“Jasper, you were standing over by your car. I know, I have very keen eyesight, I am wearing contacts after all. ” I contradicted my eyes narrowing. By now the ambulance had arrived and they E.M.T.‘s and a few teachers were trying to shift the van away from us. “Tell me later.”, I insisted. He nodded back. “Promise?”, I asked still glaring. .

“Promise.”, he whispered as the teachers pulled the van away. They offered us all stretchers. Jasper refused his and I tried to as well but the traitor told them I hit my head and probably had a concussion. Concussion my ass. I’d had concussions before and this wasn’t it. I was almost always knocked unconscious when I had a concussion. I growled in my mind as they put the neck brace on. It was humiliating. And then the chief police of Forks just had to show up to escort the ambulance to the hospital.

“Katie!”, he called out as I was put in the ambulance.

“I’m fine Dad.”, I insisted as he got closer. He turned to the nearest E.M.T. for his opinion. Wonderful, just wonderful. I thought as Jasper got into the front of the ambulance. I sighed as Jasper laughed. Most likely at my feelings. Or were they still too vague for him to read? He only shook his head as I thought that. Wonderful. I growled inside. We were taken through the emergency room and were only separated by the curtains. The nurse came and checked me and told me that Dr. Cullen would be here soon. When the nurse left and didn’t close the curtain I didn’t feel the need to wear the neck brace any longer so I took it off and shoved it under the pillow. I was only waiting for a minute when a doctor came around the corner. My jaw dropped. I quickly shut it but continued to stare as he went to the desk to get my papers. He was much more drool-worthy than any of the celebrities I had seen in a long time. But Jasper is still much more drool worthy. That’s what the non-sensible side of my brain said. No! Dammit! Don’t think like that. In my mind I locked that part of my brain behind a steel door. That was also the side that made me feel like I was falling in love and said that Jasper was something from my dreams and said he had beautiful eyes and that his words made me fall in love with him. I sighed as the doctor came closer. I hoped I would get out of here soon.

“Hello, I am Dr. Cullen.”, the doctor said as he shook my hand. Charlie said the nurses were all over him. No wonder I thought. I wondered how his wife felt about that as I noticed the ring on his left hand. I spaced out for a minute as I thought about that. An unknown woman fighting with this guy because the women where he worked were always flirting with him. And even though he didn’t flirt back he was still getting yelled at. Hmmm…. That might make an interesting story. Damn I don’t have my notebook…I thought when a voice broke into those thoughts. “Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn Swan? Hello?!?”, Dr. Cullen asked waving his hand in front of my face.

“Hm? What? Oh sorry. I daydream a lot and space out…a lot…sometimes very often…sorry.”, I said as I blushed. He only laughed as he wheeled me away saying I had to get an X-ray to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. It had turned out that I didn’t. Dr. Cullen had wheeled me back into the little area. I closed my eyes waiting to get released so I could go back to school. In the meantime I pictured I was staring at a bright, blue sky with one cloud. It was my happy place. I was laying next to one of my past boyfriends. Ryan. I had really thought he was the one. More than any of the others. With his brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that turned caramel in the sun. They shone so beautifully. His hair always in his eyes. He constantly had to sweep his hair back. He had told me he loved my everyday and would forever. But of course he lied and left me. As they always do. A single tear slipped down my cheek as I heard a voice.

“Is she sleeping?”, Jasper asked humor in his voice. I snapped my eyes open as he sat on the edge of Tyler’s bed. I quickly wiped away the tear.

“Hey Jasper? I’m really sorry-”, Tyler started.

Don’t worry about it.”, Jasper cut him off. Jasper turned to me now. “ So what’s the verdict? You allowed to leave yet?”

“I was just about to ask you what you were doing here. Are you trying to spring me? I mean there’s gotta be a reason why you aren’t strapped to a gurney like the rest of us.”

Just then Dr. Cullen walked in.

“Well Kaitlyn. You’re allowed to go.”, he said turning away from me.

“Oh, God what am I going to tell everybody at school later?”, I said as I laid my head in my hands.

“Well actually about the whole school is in the emergency room. Which reminds me. I’d like you to take it easy today. No school.”, Dr. Cullen said, “And take these if you have any pain.”, he handed me a prescription for a bottle of Motrin extra strength.

“No school? Dammit.”, I muttered. This was exactly what I was afraid would happen.

“Well Katie, you better get going, Charlie is in the waiting room for you.” Jasper said turning away. The little scamp thought I was going to forget all about the promise he made.

“Wait Jasper. I’d like to talk to you please…alone.”, I responded trying not to sound annoyed.

“Your father is waiting for you.”, Jasper persisted.

“You promised.”, I whispered glaring. He glared back and walked out the door and down the hall around a corner swiftly. Me with my short legs practically running to keep up.

“What?”, he hissed.

“You promised to explain.”, I hissed back.

“Well what do you suppose happened?”, he asked.

“All I know is that you were by your car. Then suddenly I was on the ground by the tan car I had parked next to. But the van was still coming. You somehow stopped the van with your bare hands because there is a dent in the van of your hands and one in the tan car that fits your shoulders. And then the van was about to squish my legs but you lifted the van with only one hand and…and…”, I saw Jasper look at me like I was crazy, “ I’m not crazy I swear.”, I crossed my arms defiantly.

“Who do you think will believe you with that story?”, he asked smugly.

“Well I wasn’t going to tell anyone.”, I said. He looked shocked.

“Really?”, he asked.

“Scout’s word of honor.”, I said sarcastically while putting up my right hand… or was it supposed to be my left hand?

“Then why do you need to know?”, he asked me confused.

“Look. I’m sort of the goody-two-shoes type all right? I hate lying and suck at it anyway so if I am lying I’d like to have a good reason.”, I explained quickly as I looked at him expectantly.

“You’re not going to let it go are you?”, he asked.

“Nope.”, I said popping the “p”.

“Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment.”, he said and he was about to turn away but looked at me shocked because a line of profanities had stared stringing through my mouth.

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him. Goddammit Katie! When will you ever learn? All men are the same. Cheating, lying, faking, stupid, sons of….”, I trailed off as I slid down the wall I had been leaning against. I started to cry and to my extreme embarrassment Jasper had come and put his hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me. I shook it off.

“What do you mean?”, he asked, “That all men are the same. Cheaters ,liars and everything else you said.”

“I am seventeen. In all that time. Between the sixth-grade and now I have had 4 boyfriends. From being eleven to being seventeen. Six years. I have had 4 boyfriends. The last one’s relationship ended at the beginning of 10th grade. Over a year ago. And all of them the same. Every single one.”, I cried as a tear slipped down my face, “Not one of them has ever kept their promises to me. And I know that every other guy in the world is like that. You’re one of them too.”, I finished and got up running into the girls bathroom that was about two feet away.

“But I’m not one of them.”, Jasper called down the hall as I walked into the bathroom. I quickly cleaned myself up and walked out with Charlie. It had turned out he told Renee so it took me an hour just to tell her that I was fine let alone what happened. I was expecting the next day at school to be awkward and sadly it was. It was like the whole first day all over again everyone staring at me. The morning passed uneventfully. I sat down in biology next to Jasper trying to be civil as I said “Hello Jasper.” , he didn’t respond at all, “Wonderful”, I muttered sarcastically, “I’m a disgusting little bug again. That’s just great.”

That night after the day of the accident was also the first night I dreamt of Jasper Hale.