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A Different Twilight

It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.


5. Chapter 5

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Blood Type

I made my way to class in a daze. I didn’t realize until the teacher had scolded me for being late that I realized I was late. I hurriedly went to my seat The morning passed by in a blur. The whole time I was thinking of Jasper and what he meant. As I walked into the cafeteria my face fell. There were only four people sitting at the table in the corner. I grabbed an iced coffee not able to eat anything else for the butterflies in my stomach. I sat down at the table as Jess whispered in my ear.

“Jasper Hale is staring at you again. I wonder why he’s sitting alone today.”

My head turned in the direction she was staring. As soon as he’d caught my eye he raised a hand motioning with his finger for me to join him.

“Is he talking to you?”, Lauren asked insultingly.

“Uh… maybe he needs help with Biology homework…or something”

I walked over to the chair across from him.

“Sit with me today.”, he said.

“This is well…different…and odd…”, I said after I sat down.

“Well I figured that as long as I’m going to hell I might as well do it thoroughly.”, he sighed.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”, I smiled.

“I know…I always talk to much when I’m around you. That’s one of the problems I guess.”, he looked over my shoulder and grinned, “ Your friends aren’t very happy with me for stealing you.”

“Meh…they’ll live…”, I shrugged. I heard something that sounded like “but what if you don’t?”.

“What if I don’t give you back?” I gulped and took a drink of my coffee, “Scared?”

“Uh…no…just…surprised…what made you do all this?”, I asked.

“Well I’m tired of trying to stay away from you Katie. So I’m just going to let the pieces fall as they may.”, he said.

“Uh…you lost me again.”, I sighed.

“I know…I still say too much…”, he sighed.

“I don’t understand any of it anyway so it doesn’t really matter…I guess”, I shrugged.

“Yeah I know…”

“So are we friends now…generally speaking.”


“Or not.”, I muttered.

“Well I’ll try but I’m not a good friend for you trust me.”

“Why should I trust someone who isn’t a friend?”

“Just trust me…I’m not a good friend for you.”

"Why?", I decided to play dumb...just for fun.

"Just-", he had his eyes closed in anger. I supressed a smile and a fit of giggles. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes looking at me, "Just trust me."

“You say that a lot.”,

“Well, it’s because you aren’t listening to me. If you were smart you’d stay away from me.”

“I think you’ve made the subject on my intelligence pretty clear too.”, I said icily my eyes narrowing.

He smiled apologetically. And then it turned into this half-grin half-smirk…I think out of all the times he smiled that was my favorite smile of his. The insensible side of my brain sighed at his “gorgeous” smile.

“ So as long as I’m being a complete and utter idiot, we’ll be friends.”

“Sounds about right.”, I stared into his deep, golden eyes.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m trying to figure out what you are.”

“ You might not like what you find.”, he warned. I just shrugged. “Well are you having any luck?”

“Hmmm….uh…no.”, I shook my head.

“Tell me a theory.”

“Uh-uh”, I shook my head frantically.

“Why not?”, he pouted. It was starting to look like a puppy dog face. I couldn’t resist a puppy dog face, no matter who it was.

“Too embarrassing.”

“That’s really annoying you know.”

“As annoying as someone ramming your precious car?”, I asked teasing.

“More.”, he laughed. “ Your boyfriend seems to think we’re having too much fun.”

“What? Who? Mike?”, I asked.

“Yep.” he nodded.

“In his dreams.” I muttered. Jasper looked at me funnily. “ I’m not stuck up, I just don’t think I’m ready for another boyfriend. Will you do something for me?”, I asked


“Warn me the next time you’re ignoring me for my own good.”

“Sure in return I ask for a favor though too.”


“Tell me a theory.”

Oops… “Not that one.”

“You didn’t specify.”


“Please?”, he asked looking into my eyes.

“Wh-what?”, I asked dazzled. His eyes had bore into me and made me forget all that I was thinking …and what I was doing. Those topaz, golden brown, honey colored, yellowish amazing…beautiful eyes- NO! No Katie! Concentrate! Concentrate on what Jasper's saying.

“One little theory.”

“Bitten by a radioactive spider? Kryptonite?”, I asked.

“Nope.”, he laughed.

“I will figure out what you are.”, I warned.

“I really wish you wouldn’t”


“What if…what if I’m not the superhero…what if I’m the bad guy?”

“I get it.”

“Do you?”, he asked sceptically.

“You’re dangerous.”, that’s what he had been trying to tell me all along, he nodded “But…you’re not bad…you can’t be bad….I don’t believe you’re bad… its like you’re trying to be good… but can’t help being dangerous…being what you are.”, I said as I bit my lip.

“Yes…”, he nodded obviously shocked by my conclusion, “How did you know that?”

“Well in most stories(especially mine) the bad guy is always the product of a really evil person. They are living up to their title but they want to be good. They try to be good and do all they can to be good…but they can’t fight what they are. What they were made to be. Who they are.”, I explained him nodding the whole time. The silence lasted for about 30 seconds after that when I noticed the cafeteria had practically no other people in it.

“We’re going to be late.”, I said grabbing my stuff.

“I’m not going to class today.”

“Why not?”

“Ditching is healthy every now and then.” I struggled to figure out whether to stay with him or go to class. I was too cowardly and goody-two shoes like to skip so I ran to class tripping multiple times and thankfully got into class about 2 minutes before Mr. Banner walked into the class with a cart. Mr. Banner didn’t have to say a word. I knew what that cart was. It was the stuff they used to find out blood types for blood drives. I didn’t hear any of what he said anyway. As soon as he poked Mike’s finger and the blood came out I put my head down. I was fine with blood…as long as it was my own. Otherwise I was screwed. Mr. Banner came over a second later.

“Katie, do you need to see the nurse?”, he asked concerned.

“Yes, I already know my blood type.”

“Can someone take Katie to the nurse please?” I didn’t have to look up to know it was Mike. We got just out of sight of the building and I spoke.

“Mike please let me sit.”, I whispered. He put me down gently and I put my face down on the cold sidewalk.

“Wow…Katie you’re green.”

“KATIE!”, a voice called alarmed. It was unmistakably Jasper, “ Are you awake or alright? Are you even alive?”, he asked.

“No…”, I groaned, “go away.” I tried to turn over but the sidewalk flew out from underneath me. “Put me down.” I could vaguely here Mike calling behind us.

“So you faint at the sight of blood hey?”, Jasper asked.

“Oh my!”, I heard Ms. Cope say as Jasper carried me into the office. How he opened the door while holding me I have no idea. Ms. Cope pointed to a door down the hall. The nurse looked alarmed.

“She fainted in Biology when we were blood-typing.”, Jasper explained.

“There’s always one.”, she murmured.

“This happens often don’t worry.”, I assured the nurse. Jasper hid a laugh with a cough.

“You can go back to class now.”, the nurse told him.

“I’m supposed to stay with her.”,

The nurse handed me a cool cloth to put on my head.

“So, I thought you were ditching?”, I asked after the nurse had left.

“I was. I was in my car listening to music when I saw you and Mike. I thought he was dragging your dead body into the forest. I was pretty sure I was going to have to avenge your death or something.”

The nurse came back in.

“I think I’m better thanks.”, I said standing up and handing the nurse the cloth.

“We have another one!”, Ms. Cope called as Lee Stephens came into the room a minute later after I had stood up.

“Go out into the office Katie. Now!” I quickly spun and caught the door as Jasper said that.

“You listened to me?” he asked a second later as he joined me.

“I smelled the blood. That’s what makes me sick…the smell.”

“Humans can’t smell blood.”

“I can. And it curses me.”

“You look better.”, Mike accused a second later as he looked at me.

“Just keep your hand in your pocket.”, I warned.

“I know, I know. So are you coming back to class?”

“Are you kidding? I ‘d just walk in and have to turn around and come right back.”

“Okay so are you in this weekend?”, Mike asked.

“I said I was and I am.”

“Okay…we’re meeting at my dad’s store at ten. Did you invite anybody else?”, he glanced at Jasper.


“Okay then… see you in Gym.”

“Gym…” I groaned after Mike left.

“I’ll take care of that. Just stand against the wall and look pale.”

It wasn’t very hard and I could hear Jasper talking to Ms. Cope. I was free!

I headed to my truck after we were out of sight of the office. Jasper grabbed my hood and pulled me back half choking me in the process. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“Home…in my truck.”

“Nope I’m taking you safely home and don’t worry about your truck. I’ll get Alice to drop it off after school.” I almost fell as he dragged me to his car. He got in as I stood by the passenger door measuring how far I would get before he caught me. “I’ll just drag you back.” I sighed as I got in the passenger seat looking like a half-drowned cat. I was ready to go into full pout mode but the song on the CD player caught my attention.

“You listen to Yiruma?”, I asked.

“Yeah I didn’t know anybody else in this town did.”

“Yeah my mom recently had a piano music phase. Um…Kiss the Rain is my favorite.”

“Mine too.”, Jasper smiled. By now we had pulled up to my house.

“I’ll see you on Monday Katie.”

“Won’t I see you tomorrow?”, I asked.

“No Emmett and I are going camping. Starting the weekend early.”

“Where are you going?”, I asked hoping it wasn’t too personal.

“Goat Rocks just south of Mt. Rainier.”

“Oh...well, have fun.”

“Oh and Katie?”, he asked ,I turned around as I had just been climbing out of the car.


“You seem like the type of person who attracts trouble…so try not to die this weekend or anything.”, he smiled

“Thanks, now you jinxed me. I’m going to fall in the ocean for sure now.”, I said sarcastically.

I sighed as I walked into the house. I probably was gonna fall in the ocean.