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A Different Twilight

It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.


7. Chapter 7

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When I got home I told Charlie I had a lot of homework to do and wasn’t hungry. He was watching a very important baseball game (though I couldn’t figure out why it was important), so he didn’t notice anything different about me. I went upstairs and grabbed my CD player and a CD that I had gotten as a going away present from one of my best friends. She told me in case I ever had a hard time not thinking to just turn this CD on until it hurt my ears and I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. So that’s what I did. It was still too bright after I’d closed my eyes though so I pulled the blanket over my head. And it worked. After the CD had replayed 2or 3 times I had figured out the words to most of the choruses. I listened to the CD over and over until finally I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes to a green tinged place. The place where I had talked with Jacob. And Jacob was there too. He tugged on my hand fear etched in his eyes.

“Jacob what’s wrong?”, I asked.

“Katie run!! You have to run!!”, he cried still pulling on my hand.

“Katie this way!!”, I heard Mike call out from somewhere beside me.

“Why?”, I asked Jacob as he kept tugging on my arm. Then suddenly Jacob yelped and on the ground in his place there was a russet brown colored wolf in his place.

“Jacob!”, I screamed in horror as he growled in the direction of the ocean.

“Katie run!!”, I heard Mike call from behind me this time.

I didn’t turn though because there was a light coming from the trees. It was Jasper. He walked closer. He held up one hand beckoning me to come toward him. I took a step toward Jasper as the wolf at my feet growled.

“Trust me…”, Jasper purred still motioning me forward.

I walked a few steps toward him again as the wolf growled again. And then the wolf launched himself between the vampire and me. Jaws aiming for the jugular.

“NO!” I cried as I sat upright in bed the CD player crashing to the floor from where it had been sitting on my nightstand. I groaned. I grabbed the CD player and put it in the drawer of my nightstand with the headphones. My light was still on and I was fully dressed. I flicked the light off. Kicked off my shoes and grabbed a pair of sweat pants from the floor. I took off my jeans and put on the sweat pants still laying down. I pulled my hair out of the braid knowing would regret it later even though I didn’t care at that moment. I turned over and closed my eyes seeing it was five-thirty in the morning. Way too early to get up. I groaned again knowing I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep so I got up. I went to my ancient computer and started it up. Then I went downstairs and made myself a coffee and went back upstairs. It was just finished loading. I turned on the internet and waited drinking my coffee. When it was finally done I went on Google and looked up vampires. I know I was being childish. I found not much but what I did find was strangely accurate. Speed, strength, beauty, cold-skinned, never eating human food, the similarities went on. I eventually got annoyed at myself and shut off my computer and put on my boots and my jacket. I ran outside into the backyard. I know it wasn’t smart but I started to climb onto the tree anyway. I got about five feet up found a relatively comfortable branch to sit on. I sat thinking for and while and watched the sun rise fully. I sniffed and then realized I was crying. I sniffed again and jumped down from the tree. Amazingly I didn’t hurt myself. I walked back into the house. It was ten by now. I quickly went to work on my homework. Charlie had gone fishing. I worked on my essay and soon finished it. I was very happy with my work. Charlie came back with a big catch and I made fish for supper. That night I slept peacefully for once. When I woke up there was an unmistakable brightness. I opened my eyes to sunshine streaming into my room. I squealed loudly and literally ran to the window.

“YES!”, I cried as I watched the few wispy clouds float along and heard laughter coming from downstairs somewhere. I got dressed putting one my favorite outfit for when it was warm. A white tank top with light blue jean capris and a teal V-neck t-shirt. (I don’t know why but I really like V-neck shirts.) I skipped down the stairs and saw Charlie sitting at the table drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Nice day huh?”, he asked.

“Wonderful.” I agreed. I looked at the time. It was seven forty. “I’m gonna go Dad. Bye.” I said as I kissed Charlie’s cheek and skipped out the door to my truck with my usual morning coffee. I arrived at school to see most of the girls sun-tanning while they could. Every picnic table and bench had at least one girl on it sun tanning if not two or even three or four. Some girls were even on the ground on blankets brought from home.

“Hey Katie.”

“Hey Mike.” I said as Mike sat down beside me at a picnic table.

“I never noticed before. Your hair has blonde in it.”

“Only in the sun.”

“Hey so what did you do yesterday?”

“Mostly worked on my essay.”, I didn’t tell him I finished it. No need to sound snobby.

“Oh that’s due Thursday right?”

“Actually I think it’s Wednesday.”

“So what did you write about?”

“Whether or not Shakespeare’s treatment of women is misogynistic.” Mike looked at me like I had spoken another language.

“Well I was thinking maybe we could go to dinner or something and I could do it later?”

“Mike I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”, he pouted.

“Well it would hurt Jessica’s feelings. I told you before. She really likes you and…I’ve told you this before too, I don’t like you that way. I’m sorry Mike.”

“It’s okay…I guess.”, Mike said walking away.

“They aren’t here.”, Jessica said when she caught me looking around the cafeteria at lunch. “ When the weather is nice, the doctor and Mrs. Cullen yank them out of school for hiking and camping and stuff like that. I tried that on my parents; nothing.”

“Hey Jess, hey Bella. So the dance is coming up soon you wanna shop in Port Angeles for dresses?”, Angela came up asking.

“Awesome I’d love to!”, Jess replied enthusiastically.

“I’ll come but I have to check with Charlie first.”

I walked into the cafeteria later hoping Jasper would ask me to eat lunch with him even though Jess had already told me they weren‘t here. But my hopes fell anyway as I saw no one was sitting at the Cullen’s table. I got to thinking. I mean I thought about Jasper a lot and all the time. What if I felt something more than friendship towards Jasper. Woah! Wait a second…did that mean I had like a crush on him…no way! No…maybe …maybe what I felt was stronger. WOAH! Did I just say that I loved Jasper Hale…well no way!!! That was…impossible…wasn’t it…isn’t that what I said every other time? I stopped that thought. And then the bell rang for the end of lunch. The rest of the day passed in a blur except when Jessica told me that we had to postpone the dress shopping until tomorrow because Mike had asked her to dinner. I started to drive home and in my good mood decided to turn on the radio. I turned to my favorite station and heard When You Look Me in the Eyes by The Jonas Brothers. Uh…no. Changing the channel I got the country station. Love Story by Taylor Swift. I huffed in frustration. Then changed to the Disney channel. I was happy until I heard Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King 2. Now I growled in anger. I changed it to the station that plays old country music hoping to get something like an old ballad about a criminal on the run or something like that. But no, of course not, I got Love is Like A Butterfly by Dolly Parton.

“WHAT THE HELL?!?”, I cried out to no one in particular as I slammed the button off.

I was still steaming a little as I got home and went to my room. I went on my computer when I got home and checked my e-mail. My Mom had e-mailed several times before this week but I hadn’t updated her info on my life since a week and a half ago. She had become frantic. Her e-mails consisted of her asking questions each one more alarmed than the last. She said that if I didn’t contact her by today at 6:30 she was calling to check on me, to make sure I hadn’t been brutally murdered or anything. I wrote back quickly.


It’s been a while since I had time to e-mail. Calm down. I had an essay to do and I went out to the beach with some friends.

The excuses were lame I know but I couldn’t tell her that I had spent most of my time thinking too much about Jasper. My Mom was well known for over-reacting and she would think I was obsessed or something, or maybe she would think she heard wedding bells at the first mention of a boy who caught my eye. I went on.

It’s sunny today, amazing I know. I’m going outside to get as much sun as possible. I’ll try to write back soon.

Love you, Katie

I grabbed one of my favorite books about real kids in a mountain town of Alberta. The town was called…Jasper. I tossed that one aside. I grabbed a different book. This one about two runaways. And the little boy’s name was Jasper. Tossing that one aside I grabbed one of my other favorite books and then looked at it remembering the hero of the book had messy blond hair…like Jasper’s and then I looked at another of my books seeing that the heroine of the book named Katie…falls in love with a bad guy trying to be good like Jasper told me he was.

“UGH!”, I was obsessed with him before I even knew him.

I shoved my books into a corner in frustration. I went to the hall closet grabbed an old quilt and laid it down in the grass near the tree I had climbed the day before. I laid down spreading my self out. And soon I drifted to sleep. The next thing I knew I was hearing the engine of Charlie’s police cruiser. The light of the afternoon had mostly faded away being covered by clouds leaving only a few rays of sun visible for the sunset. I gasped and got up grabbing the blanket while I ran in the house. I tossed the now dirty, wet blanket into the laundry room and rushed into the kitchen just as Charlie was hanging up his gun belt.

“I’m sorry Dad dinner isn’t ready yet. I was outside and I fell asleep. I’ll have dinner ready soon.”, I said quickly.

“It’s alright honey I wanted to catch the score on the baseball game anyway.”, he said and then walked into the kitchen and set some oil heating. I watched baseball with Charlie after supper and then when there was a commercial on I talked to him.

“Hey Dad, um….the dance is coming up and I wanted to know if I could go with Angela and Jessica to Port Angeles to shop for dresses?”

“But I thought you weren’t going to the dance?”

“I’m not, I’m helping them find dresses.”

“Oh…Jessica Stanley?”

“And Angela Webber.”

“Okay when?”


“Okay just be home by nine it is a school night.”

“’Kay thanks Dad. I think I’m going to bed now, I’m actually pretty tired. ‘Night Dad.”