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The Changing: A Different World

After Edward leaves Bella in the forest in New Moon, she falls asleep after trying to find him and wakes up in a room. She doesn't recognize where she is, and when she finds out, she thinks she has gone mental. She is in a completely different world, yet, with the same people she knew in Forks. Including a certain family she once thought to be part of. The changing Banner made by the amazingly talented Anne Cullen, thanks!

Well, I really like this story. I think it's my best yet. And I think you'll like it. Disclaimer : Sadly, I own nothing, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer and everyone who helped created the wonderfull Twilight Saga. But thank you to Stephenie for letting us use our imagination and "abuse" your characters some for our own entertainment. And also a big thanks to my friend and personal beta devilsgenie, who has been wonderful and very patient with me. So, thank you very very much!

1. Chapter 1: Waking Up

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The Changing : A Different World

Chapter 1: Waking Up

Bella POV

I had no sense of time as I laid there in the forest, surrounded by wet leaves that had fallen of the trees that deserted them, just as Edward had deserted me. I was cold, maybe even shivering. I couldn't feel my body nor did I want to, I hardly felt the wet raindrops falling down on me, they seemed like part of another life. A life that didn't belong to me anymore, a life I had given with Edward when he left.

Forks meant nothing to me anymore, not the way it had meant something when Edward had been with me. When Edward and I were together, even the weather in Forks didn't bother me anymore, I actually welcomed it, because bad weather meant Edward could be with me all day without fearing exposure from the sun. Ever since I had met Edward, I had been grateful for the existence of the little town, since it was the reason I had met him. Now, as my entire life had been taken from me, I wished it had never been a part of my life.

My eyes were closed and I felt no longing to open them. I enjoyed the darkness I was in, wished I could stay in it forever, knowing that would not be possible. Sooner or later, I would have to go back to my life, or the little that was left of it.

I didn't know when exactly I had fallen asleep, but apparently sleep had come during my stay at the forest. I knew this, because when I woke up, I had been lying in a soft bed, not my bed, this bed felt unfamiliar to me, someone must have found me and took me home, I figured.

Slowly and reluctantly, I opened my eyes and shifted a little in the bed, so I was sitting up straight. I took in my environment and my eyes widened at the sight of the size and setting of the room.

The room itself was gigantic; it felt as if I were in a small apartment, not a bedroom. The walls were painted in sky clear blue, white clouds painted above the blue, making the size of the room seem even bigger.

Across the room from me, a desk stood, completed with a comfy leather chair and an Acer laptop on top of the mahogany wooden desk. On the wall the desk was placed at, a great deal of photographs were taped to it.

Shocked by the faces I saw on the photographs, I blinked my eyes several times to see if I had been imagining things. The photos remained the same, I started to freak out. I pinched my arm to check if I was still dreaming, but as soon as I pinched myself, I felt the pain and knew I had to be awake. But that was impossible, wasn't it?

I swung my legs out of the bed and they hit the floor with a soft thud, apparently the floor had been covered by a light blue with white clouds carpet of some sort, matching the walls. I walked up to the wall and clearly saw now that I had not been imagining things, I had simply gone crazy.

I recognized my face and posture on almost every single photograph. I was linked with girls I didn't know, and girls I did know. I recognized Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory on one of the photos with me. We were laughing; we seemed to be pretty close. I shuddered at the thought of being close with those two; they were relatively shallow, nothing like me.

I saw myself with a boy in several of the photos, in one of them I was even kissing him, but I didn't recognize him from anywhere. Out of everything that had shocked me so far, one photo shocked me more than all the others. It was one of me, Renee and Charlie, one that didn't seem very old, because my appearance seemed to be about the same as it was now, except for the fact that I was wearing make-up on the photo, something I never wore. But that wasn't as appalling as the rest of the photograph. Charlie had his left arm around me and his right around Renee, he was giving her a peck on the cheek on the photo and she seemed to have been giggling.

My stomach twisted and turned at the sight of all these photographs, I couldn't bare to look at them any longer. I swallowed, started biting at my nails, which had seemed in pretty good shape compared to other days and turned around, to examine the room even more.

My eyes fell open as I saw the bed I had been sleeping in, it was extraordinary. It was a four-poster bed presumably made out of the same mahogany wood the desk was made out. My blankets had the exact same pattern and coloring as my walls and carpet. Everything was in perfect symmetry, nothing like my room was.

I made a half turn and took in yet another side of the room, the side across the door. In the middle of the wall a large window had been placed, giving me clear view of the sky outside. 'This room definitely has a sky theme about it' I thought to myself as I looked at the clear, light blue sky. There was not a single cloud visible, I smiled, and Forks rarely had such good weather.

The left and right side of the window was flanked by two large closets. I knew I had no right snooping through someone else's belongings, but I was curious, so I opened the two doors of the closet on the right.

I gasped at the sight of all the clothes, I didn't have much fashion sense, but I knew that all these clothes put together probably were more expensive than Charlie's house. All the clothes were neatly hung up and all seemed to be matching outfits paired together. There was a lot of blue and pink in the closet. 'Blue, Edward liked it when I wore something blue.' I thought to myself and felt my heart fall to pieces. I had been so bewildered by this room and everything it held, that I hadn't even thought of him.

He was the reason I had gone crazy like this, the reason why I couldn't wake up, why I was stuck in this insane dream. He had torn me apart and didn't even bother to check if I was still alive. I wanted to hate him, I did, but I couldn't. Even if he didn't love me anymore, or maybe never loved me at all, I still loved him more than anything on the planet.

My hands started to tremble and I felt the doors of the closet tremble with them, I hadn't realized I was still holding on to them. I quickly closed the doors, slamming them shut with more sound than I had intended. I listened carefully to hear anyone's footsteps, but I heard nothing.

My entire body started to shake and I let myself slid down on the floor, crossing my legs in the process. I held my arms tightly over my chest, trying to prevent the hole in my chest from ripping me to shreds. I closed my eyes and pressed my head against my legs, which I had pulled up to my chest without even realizing it. I moved my arms in a more comfortable position, wrapping them around my legs, pulling them even closer to my body. I never even heard the knock on the door or the sound of it opening; I only realized someone was in the room when I heard a familiar voice.

"Izzy?" The voice questioned, I recognized the voice within an instance. It was the voice of Renee, my mother. The voice had sounded concerned when she had called out an unfamiliar name. ‘Izzy? Who was Izzy?' I wondered; maybe if my head hadn't been so tormented at the time, I would have been clear enough to figure out who this Izzy person was.

"Izzy? What's wrong?" I heard Renee ask; I still didn't open my eyes or pull my head up. It was a dream, she wasn't here, and this was his fault. I just needed to wake up, ignore all the rest. I felt a hand rub against my bare skin, it was warm, comforting. It helped with the quivering I was experiencing, apparently I wasn't just falling to pieces, but I was also cold. I hadn't yet realized that I was wearing something different than I had last night.

"Isabella Swan," I heard my mother say, so she had been talking to me. Then why did she call me Izzy? And what was she doing in Forks? And what was up with all the photographs I was in but didn't even remember taking? I was growing more anxious every second. "Tell me what's wrong," Renee continued, she sounded so motherly, different than I remembered her being. It was wrong, it was all wrong.

I shook my head firmly, hoping she would take the hint and leave me in peace. To die, to wake up, whatever I needed to do, I would do it. I no longer felt the warm hand of Renee against my bare skin; another shiver crawled its way up from the spot where she had removed her soothing hand.

I heard her muffled footsteps in the room, followed by an annoyed sigh. 'What does she have to be annoyed about? I'm the one who should be annoyed. I'm the one who's going mental.' I thought as I looked up slightly and opened my eyes. They were blurry; it was only now I realized I had been crying. I wiped the remainder of the tears away with the back of my hand and looked at Renee.

She looked frustrated, angry even; she was clapping her teeth together, looking at me as if I had killed the cat. I had hardly ever seen such an expression on her face, the only time I ever saw that look on her face was when she had attempted to look like she was the real mother in the household. It had never really suited her, until now, it seemed as if she used that face daily.

She was even dressed differently, more maturely. She was wearing a long brown skirt, short brown matching boots and a white, long sleeved blouse. It was strange seeing Renee like that.

"Well?" she finally said, shaking me from my train of thoughts. I looked straight at her this time and every shred of concern she had displayed earlier had clearly disappeared. Her hands were folded across her chest and her nostrils were flaring up.

I looked at her with, what I assumed, was a questioning expression on my face. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, or even who this woman was. She looked like my mother, she sounded like my mother, but she wasn't. She was nothing like the woman I loved and cherished so much. A sudden look of confusion flashed across her face, but she swiftly assumed her stern glare.

"N-nothing," I managed to choke out with a hoarse voice. Renee, or whoever she was, seemed a little taken back by this answer, but it didn't sound through in her voice when she spoke. "Whatever, I'm tired of playing these games with you every morning. Just get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. I'm driving you to school in 20 minutes, ready or not," She said in a rigid tone of voice, a feeling of dismay hit me when I realized this Renee didn't like me very much.

"Don't look at me like that. You're not getting your Jaguar back as long as you're grounded," she said, clearly misinterpreting my emotions, and left the room. I suddenly realized what she had said. ‘Jaguar? I had a jaguar? What kind of bizarro world did I dream myself into?' As the thoughts continued to race through my head, my body took over me as if I were a machine and led me to the closet I had once looked through.

I opened it and picked out a random outfit, I didn't even look at it much as I put it on. I folded my pajamas, a pair of training pants and a white tank top, and placed them on the bed. Neatly, as I was used to doing.

I looked through the closet for shoes, but saw none; I opened the other closet on the left side of the window and let out yet another gasp. It was filled with even more clothes and shoes, dozens of shoes. I noticed all the shoes had heels, I swallowed, I couldn't walk with heels if my life depended on it, and I was too clumsy to wear them. I moaned as I looked over the shoes and saw most of them were black, red, pink or blue.

Not knowing what color would match the clothes I wore, I searched for a mirror in the room, to look at myself. I noticed a large mirror hanging on the door, I hadn't noticed that before. I walked up to it and as I stood before it, I took in my appearance. I looked exactly the same as I did when I was awake, except for the drastic change in clothing preferences. I was wearing a blue tank top, which nicely fit the curves of my body, above that I was wearing a see through white, long sleeved blouse. It didn't cling to my body as the top did. I was also wearing a pair of white jeans, which clung to me more tightly then they felt they had. My hair was disorderly, I still had to comb it, and I felt dirty because I suddenly realized I hadn't even showered yet. Not that it mattered since this was a dream, but this was a very vivid dream. I would wash up a little in a minute that was, if I was able to find the bathroom.

I groaned as I walked back to the closet that held the shoes, I still had no idea of what kind of shoes I was supposed to wear with this outfit that didn't feel right to me. I decided to go with one of the light blue, almost white, high heeled shoes. I had no idea which brand they were, nor cared.

I walked out of the room, I couldn't even begin thinking my room, and things were weird enough as they were. 'Maybe I am dead and in hell?' I wondered as I startled when I realized I was standing in the hallway. It was so long, I had never been in a house of this size, except, no I couldn't bring myself to even think their name, and it was too painful. Even in this dream, I clearly felt the pain of the recent loss I had suffered.

There were at least 5 more rooms on this floor, because apparently there was a third floor too, since a staircase was at the end of the hallway. There was a staircase at the middle of the hall too, leading downstairs. The hallway was white, as were the doors, it was strikingly blinding. I opened the first door closest to the bedroom I came from, it was the bathroom. I was relieved that I had found it this quickly; I felt no desire to sneak a peek of all the other rooms.

I walked inside the bathroom, which was complimented with blue tiles on the walls as well as on the floor. The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom, which was still larger than almost any bathroom I had ever seen, with only a few exceptions I didn't want to think of. There was a large bath and shower there, along with a toilet, off course.

At the center of the right side of the bathroom, there was a sink and mirror. I turned on the water and let it rinse my hands. The water felt unnaturally cold for a dream as I brought it to my face and washed it, trying to appear saner. 'An impossible task' my brain told me, I was exasperated, why did this have to happen to me?

I briskly tried to neaten my hair by pulling the comb that had been lying on the sink, through it various time. I was content enough with the outcome and headed downstairs, unsure of the next direction I had to take in the huge house.

As I slowly walked down the stairs, step by step, carefully so I wouldn't trip in these shoes, my mind was racing over more possibilities of how I ended up here.

'Not a dream... too vivid. Hell? No, not enough pain. Hell wouldn't distract me from him. What else is there then? Have I really gone nuts? I'm able to think, so my brain is clearly still working. Or maybe I really have gone insane and my brain is playing tricks on me, making me believe I am myself, but in truth, my self had disappeared. My brain has shut down and is filling it up with this make belief world to fill up the emptiness. Is that possible?'

I hadn't even realized I had reached a flat surface until I heard Renee cough. She was standing before me; she had that same annoyed look upon her face. I pulled myself together so I could answer her if she asked me something. I had decided that, whatever it was that was happening, I would play along. I had nothing left to loose.

"You'll have to eat in the car, or we'll be late," Renee said, her tone overflowing with vexation. Food, she was talking about food, I couldn't even imagine eating anything. My stomach was so twisted up in holes and knots, barely holding together because of the hole he had caused just hours ago, though it seemed more like a lifetime than hours.

"I-I'm not that hungry. I think I'll skip breakfast today." I said, besides choking on my first word, the rest of the sentence had come out rather fluently. She eyed me curiously, making the moment between us extremely awkward. After what seemed like ages, she grabbed a black, leather briefcase and headed for the door, which was about 15 steps farther than where I was standing.

She had her hand on the doorknob, ready to turn it and open the door to provide me with some fresh air, and then she stopped in her tracks and turned around to face me again. I was standing mere inches from her now, "Where's your backpack? Your books?" she questioned me, completely taking me off guard. I hadn't given a single thought to school books; I had been too busy contemplating what was happening to me.

When I didn't answer her immediately, I heard a low grumble form in her throat. If the situation hadn't been so horrific, I would have laughed at the attempt Renee had made, but I didn't. "Fine, go without them then, mess up your life even more, see if I still give a crap," Renee said as she turned back to the door, opened it again and walked outside, to the black Mercedes standing on the driveway.

I was frozen to the ground as I tried to make sense of her harsh words. At first, I had thought this Renee didn't like me, I had been wrong, she hated me. I felt my eyes sting, tears were forming, about to fall down at any second. I shook my head forcefully, I couldn't cry, I wouldn't, this was not real. Besides, even if she did hate me, it didn't matter any more, nothing mattered anymore without him; I began to realize that more as the seconds passed by.

The sound of a car horn brought me back to reality. I blinked my eyes, hoping no tears would fall down and ran outside, slamming the door shut behind me. I quickly threw a few glances to both sides of the street, which were filled with beautiful large houses and villas; I clearly wasn't in Forks anymore. Suddenly, I felt like Dorothy, she hadn't been in Kansas anymore either, Toto.

I got in the car, put on my seatbelt and closed my eyes as Renee pulled out of the driveway, a long driveway, it seemed. Everything about this weird world was tormenting me, punishing me for some reason. And everything, the fancy car, the fancy house, the fancy clothing, everything reminded me of him and his family. I must have done something horrible in a past life to have deserved something like this.

I felt Renee sneaking glances at me as she drove, I didn't see it, but I felt the heat of her eyes on me. I knew she was watching me.

"You're not wearing any make-up," Renee said. It wasn't a question, but a statement. For the first time since I heard her voice, her tone was a mixture of curiosity, concern and wonder. I responded automatically as I would have done in a normal situation. "I don't wear make-up." Renee snickered at my answer; obviously it was not something I would have normally said to her in this world.

She didn't say anything else to me during the remainder of the ride. I had closed my eyes again, blocking out the entire world. I didn't want to see where I was, I only hoped, if I squeezed my eyes tight enough, I would be in Forks again when I opened them. Or, I would still be in this car, in this bizarre world, possibly doomed to repeat this day over and over again.

I felt the car come to a hold no more than 20 minutes into the ride. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a high school even bigger than the one I had attended in Phoenix. A sign in front of the school read L.A. Public High School. So, I was in L.A., this definitely removed any remaining possibility of this being a dream. Because, I had never been in L.A., so I had no clue as to what it looked like, and now I was staring at an L.A. high school, it was so unreal.

I looked over at Renee, who was tapping her feet on the floor of the car, clearly wanting me out of it in a hurry. I opened the door, but waited for a second as I thought of something. If this didn't stop any time soon, I would have to know how to get 'home'. "Are you picking me up after school?" I asked, in a polite, shy tone. Evidently, I had startled her, I wondered if it was the tone in my voice or the question that had caught her off guard.

"You're getting a ride from Jessica, remember?" she said, she was a bit friendlier than she had been all morning. I nodded in response and got out of the car. As soon as I had closed the door, she had sped away.

As I looked towards the school, I saw Jessica and Lauren headed my way, calling out my name (or what they used as my name), waving in the process.

"Hey, Izzy, you look stunning, as usual," Jessica said as she gave me a peck on both my cheeks, Lauren followed her lead.

"Love the shoes, Gucci, right? New?" Lauren said as she eyed my shoes with admiration and jealousy showing on her face. I just nodded; I had no idea what she was talking about. Playing along was getting very difficult and tiresome.

Jessica and Lauren were looking from my clothes, to their own clothes, to my face, as if they were pleading for my approval. Not that they needed it, they weren't even supposed to like me very much, at least, Lauren wasn't. Jessica had been very friendly to me since I'd gotten to Forks, though she had gotten a bit jealous when I started dating... no one, no one at all.

I grimaced, preparing to give them a nice compliment. Being nice wasn't problematic for me, giving nice comments about clothes I knew nothing about, that was a problem, "And you two look absolutely fabulous, much better than me," I said as I forced myself to keep smiling. For a second, I thought I had said the wrong thing, because their mouths had fallen open in shock and disbelief, but then they smiled a huge smile at me, clearly delighted by my comment.

"Come on, let’s head to the girls room for a quick make-up check before class," Jessica said as she turned around, rather gracefully, but was stopped by Lauren, who spun her back around. Lauren was looking at me in terror.

"Izzy! You're not wearing any make-up!" she exclaimed, now Jessica examined my face too, her eyes filled with atrocity instead of simple terror. I had apparently scared Lauren half to death and pissed Jessica off by not wearing any make-up. It was as if I had offended them by doing so.

"I was in a hurry today; I overslept and even forgot all my books. I have to go, I have to go by the office first, and I’ll meet up with you later," I said, rapidly walking away from them before they could give me any more of their shock filled, insulted stares.

I had forgotten about the high heels I was wearing or about the fact that I was so clumsy, that, when the heel of my shoe got caught between one of the tiles, I was completely taken off guard as I fell.

I hit the stone cold ground with a loud smack, tearing the palms of my hands open and scraping my knees in the process. I immediately smelled the blood the second it had began flowing, making me light headed and ill. I felt the blush on my cheeks appear as they showed my embarrassment. I didn't look up at the students, nor did I make an effort to erect my posture, knowing the blood would make me faint at any second.

"Fall down, Swan?" I heard a familiar, soft male voice say in a mocking tone. I recognized the voice in an instant, but I knew I had to be wrong. I was wrong. It couldn't be him. Not here, not now. My breathing became more rapid and heavier as the seconds passed. Finally, I forced myself to look up. I gasped for air, still trying to ignore the scent of the blood, trying to keep my calm, but to no success.

It was Edward, it really was, only, it wasn't. His skin was darker, not as pale as it used to be. His eyes, his eyes were the dark green tint he had when he had been human, the eyes I had always longed to see once. I felt my heart break, the hole in my stomach growing bigger as I stared at his expression. It was one of hatred, cockiness and arrogance. I had never seen him look at me like that, not even when he had left me.

"What?!" he said, clearly uncomfortable by the way I was staring at him, as if he were a ghost. But I couldn't help myself; I couldn't take my eyes of his eyes. I tried to form some kind of thought, but the hole in my chest, the increasing of my breath and the smell of my blood was making me dizzy, turning my brain into jello. I finally managed to choke out one word, one world only.

"E-Edward?" I choked out, his expression turned from one of hatred, to unease, to utter and complete shock. He pursed his lips together and frowned, clearly assessing the situation. I felt my cheeks getting warmer, I was sure I was still getting paler by the second, I wasn't blushing. I brushed my hand against my cheek, probably leaving blood behind on it, and felt the warmth, wetness of my tears.

He seemed to be having a fierce discussion with himself in his head, clearly trying to decide whether or not to help me. Hmmm, a year and a half ago he saved me from getting crushed by a van, now he wasn't even sure if he wanted to help me get up. Now I was sure of where I was. 'I'm in hell.' Yes, this was definitely hell. I closed my eyes and was vaguely aware of the crowd getting closer to me, people were laughing, some expressing their worries, but by the sound of it, most of the students were glad I was hurt.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a warm hand grab mine and pull me up without putting any effort to it. I opened my eyes; I was staring into Edward's face again, still holding his warm hand. His hot breath on my face was making me dizzy, even dizzier than I already was. Then, it dawned on me. Edward's hands were warm, his breath was warm, his eyes were green and his hair seemed slightly different too. He was still as handsome as ever, only, different, more human. And it hit me, he was human, not a vampire.

"You look like you're about to faint," he said, questioning my appearance, which I assumed, was pretty awful at the time. I saw the revulsion in his eyes as he glanced at my hand still holding onto his. I quickly dropped my hand to my side, defeated by the way he looked at me.

"What?" he asked again, the dislike still sounding through his voice, but somewhere in there I thought I detected a flicker of concern. It didn't last long however. It was all getting to be too much for me, this crazy world, whatever it was, Edward vampire, Edward human, Edward gone, Edward here, the hole in my stomach unsure whether to stay or not, the blood tickling all my senses, making me ill. I began to babble.

"I...d-don't....smell....blood..." I uttered, I was making no sense at all. My head continued to spin, my heartbeat out of control, my stomach forming knots, twisting and turning. Eventually everything went black before my eyes as I felt my knees cave in. The last thing I remembered were someone's arms against my back, preventing me from falling to the ground once more.