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The Changing: A Different World

After Edward leaves Bella in the forest in New Moon, she falls asleep after trying to find him and wakes up in a room. She doesn't recognize where she is, and when she finds out, she thinks she has gone mental. She is in a completely different world, yet, with the same people she knew in Forks. Including a certain family she once thought to be part of. The changing Banner made by the amazingly talented Anne Cullen, thanks!

Well, I really like this story. I think it's my best yet. And I think you'll like it. Disclaimer : Sadly, I own nothing, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer and everyone who helped created the wonderfull Twilight Saga. But thank you to Stephenie for letting us use our imagination and "abuse" your characters some for our own entertainment. And also a big thanks to my friend and personal beta devilsgenie, who has been wonderful and very patient with me. So, thank you very very much!

2. Chapter 2: Down The Abyss

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Chapter 2: Down The Abyss

"I...d-don't....smell....blood..." I uttered, I was making no sense at all. My head continued to spin, my heartbeat out of control, my stomach forming knots, twisting and turning. Eventually everything went black before my eyes as I felt my knees cave in. The last thing I remembered were someone's arms against my back, preventing me from falling to the ground once more.

* * *

Lost 'til you're found
Swim 'til you drown
Know that we all fall down
Love 'til you hate, Jump till you break
Know that we all fall down.

All Fall Down by One Republic


Bella POV

The beginning of a migrane was starting to form behind my right eye as I lay in the beautiful four-poster bed that supposedly was mine. I scoffed at the thought of this bed being mine or even this room - it was unreal, beyond comprehension.

My eyes were closed, trying to ignore the tingling sensation I felt on my palms and knees - I couldn't think of it, it reminded me too much of the events of a few hours ago. However, even though I tried to ignore the pained, stinging sensation on my skin caused by the fall, I couldn't stop my thoughts from going back to that moment. He had seemed so angry with me, he loathed me - and I had no idea why. So, I kept going back to that moment, trying to find something I did wrong, but time after time, I came up blank.

The arms I felt against my back lifted me up and began walking. The movement was making me motion-sick. Luckily I hadn't eaten anything that morning, or I would've spiewed it all over this person. I knew who was carrying me, but I couldn't bring myself to think it was true.

Everything that had happened so far, had been a figmant of my imagination. The strange house - The precarious photographs - Renee here with me, in L.A. - vampires turning human - his marvellous green emerald eyes - his hatefull death glare, it was all so demoralizing, too unrealistic. Yet, somehow, it had happened, it was happening as he carried me somewhere in his arms.

I kept my eyes closed as I clung on to his body. I had no intention of opening them as he walked, for fear I would throw up on him. Nor did I plan on opening them as long as he was with me; I felt no desire to witness his aversion once more. Though I wanted nothing more to see that angelic face again, I knew it wasn't really him. It was merely a mirrage of the person I really wanted to be with.

I hadn't even noticed the movement had stopped until I felt something hard and cold against my back. He had placed me on some sort of table, I guessed. Still, I did not open my eyes, afraid to find those heavenly eyes interlocking with mine once again. I lay perfectly still as I heard a door open and close, then open and close again. No one spoke for a while; it was unnerving.

"Isabella? Can you hear me?" I heard a soft, velvet, male voice ask. I recognized it almost as fast as I had recognized his voice. Again, I told myself I was imagining things - I was hearing voices I wanted to hear, but who were long gone.

I felt something cold against my sking, something made out of metal and which had a round shape - it was small. A stethoscope, maybe? My curiousity at the foreign object won over my resolve of keeping my eyes shut, so, reluctantly, I opened them. And indeed, I had been right, it was a stethoscope that I felt against my skin. That wasn't the only thing I had been right about, however - I had also been accurate about the origin of the voice - the person belonging to it. It was Dr. Carlisle Cullen, also different than in my world.

His hair was the same blond tincture, but it was less shiny than it had been in my own world. His eyes were different as well - they were an enchanting, baby blue colour, matching the shade of his hair perfectly. He still had that movie star appearance, however, he looked younger, somehow. In my world, he had been bitten when he was 23, but he could pull it off to look a little older, if he wanted to. Now, he really looked young, without his inhuman beauty. He was still as beautiful as ever, just as he had been, just different.

His hands were warm as well, I felt it as he examined me further with his stethoscope. He probably hadn't noticed I had opened my eyes yet. I wanted to speak, to say something, anything; but the detection that Carlisle too was human left me feeling exasperated. Nothing about this world had anything in common with my real world.

"Isabella, are you lucid?" Carlisle asked, most likely hoping for an answer this time. I figured I couldn't keep my mouth shut forever, or he could put me in the luny bin or something, which was the last thing I needed, so I answered, "Yes, I am," I said in a small, timid voice tone. I had to focus very hard to prevent the tears I felt coming from shedding.

A wide grin formed on Carlisle's face as the corners of his mouth twitched up at the sound of my voice. He then took another medical instrumant - it looked like a tiny flashlight - and shone the light in my eyes, checking my pupils. When he seemed content, he put it away and I sat up straight, finally. My neck was starting to hurt from lifting it up for such a long period of time.

"Hello, Isabella. I'm Carlisle, you had quite a fall," Carlisle said.

"Yeah, I'm really clumsy," I replied, by which Carlisle eyes me curiously, he didn't seem to agree. Evidently that was one more thing that was different in this world, my inabilaty to walk a mile without falling down. It seemed as if I weren't clumsy at all in this world, which would explain the closet full of high heeled shoes.

"Well, I had to stitch up one deep cut in your left knee, taped up your other knee and put bandages around your hands. The office called your mother - she'll be here shortly to pick you up. You need your rest." Carlisle said, adding no further comment to my answer about my clumsyness. I was thankfull for that, he seemed to be as compasionate as ever.

"Okay, thank you," I replied, as I looked at my knees and hands. My knees were taped up and my palms were covered in bandages. I sighed, it had been a while since I had such a fall, well, that is if you don't count that time at the ballet studio with James. I shook my head, I couldn't think of that now. I could clearly feel where he had stitched up the cut in my knee, the area surrounding it was completely numb.

That all happened a little over 3 hours ago. Shortly after my conversation with Carlisle, my mother had come to retrieve me, as if I were some sort of helpless little puppy dog. She kept saying the same thing over and over again in the beginning. "Thank you so much for taking care of my little girl, Dr. Cullen." Carlisle had continuesly told her to call him by his first name, not his last. She didn't oblidge, though. She had seemed so worried, very different from the way she acted that morning. Even during the drive home, she kept asking me how I was, if I was okay, if I hurt a lot. I told her not to worry, I was fine. I would've told her I was used to it, but gathering from the reaction I got from Carlisle when I said something similair, I didn't think she would've let it go as easily as him. I wasn't clumsy Bella here, I was high heeled shoes wearing Izzy.

I had refused to eat, I couldn't stomach food today. As soon as we had gotten to this Renee's home, I had practicaly run upstairs and locked myself in this room, letting myself become consumed by my thoughts.

Renee hadn't gone back to work, she wanted to stay home to make sure I didn't faint again or anything worse. She had frequently called out to me from the bottom of the stairs to ask me if I were hungry, I had politely declined every offer. She hadn't come up to the room yet, thankfully, I don't think I could've stomached another conversation with another person I knew, yet didn't know at all.

Around 12_pm someone knocked on the door of the room I was laying in. I didn't reply to the sound, I simply wished it would go away. If I was stuck in this world, I didn't want to be surrouned by familiar people that were all strangers to me here. I'd rather be left alone if that were the case. I wasn't even here a whole day, and yet, I could feel the life slip from me with each passing minute. I didn't want to live here, I wanted to live in my own world. My own screwed up, wreck of a world. At least there I knew what to expect. Even though he wasn't in my world anymore, at least I would have the memories there, memories that were real. None of these so called memories anyone had of me were real, they were all fake. Something my brain imagined, perhaps. I didn't know what was happening, nor cared anymore. I just hoped, if I wished hard enough, I would be back in Forks again.

I heard the knock once more and sighed. 'Why won't you go away?!' I thought angrily as the knock against the wooden door sounded in my ears. Then, as abruptly as it had started, it stopped. I was relieved that whoever it was had decided to go away, but my relief quickly dissipated when that person opened the door. I glanced at it, expecting to see Renee, but instead, I saw Charlie.

I was shocked by his appearance, he was the most different of all the people I had encountered so far. He was wearing a black suit, which fitted him well. He didn't look one bit awkward in it, he seemed perfectly at easy, actually. He still had all his hair, the brown colour matching the brown shade of his eyes, which I had enhirited from him. He looked worried, yet, he looked healthier than ever. There was a sparkle in his eyes I had hardly ever seen, it made him look years youngers than he was.

Yet, no matter how good he looked, he wasn't my Charlie. And that feeling hit me hard, just as it had when I had seen Renee for the first time. And Carlisle and even Jessica and Lauren, and not to mention him.

I showed no sign of feelings towards him, I was pretty sure that for once, my facial expression was unreadable - it was blank. Charlie frowned when I didn't say anything to awknowledge his presence, but he didn't let it stop him from approaching me. This was something my Charlie wouldn't have done.

He sat down next to me on the bed, swinging his legs on it in the proces. For a long time, neither of us spoke. I was resolved on remaining quiet, Charlie wasn't. After what seemed like an eternity, he spoke, "So, I heard you had quite a fall today, Izzy," he said, I wasn't planning on responding, but the word just escaped my lips. "Bella." I said, sounding firm for the first time that day. I hated being called Izzy, I wasn't Izzy, so they shouldn't call me that either. If I couldn't have my world, I could at least have my own name. Charlie raised his eyebrows in confusion, which made him look slightly more like my Charlie.

"What?" He asked, not sure what else to say.

"I want to be called Bella, not Izzy," I said, suprised at how sollid my voice sounded. I had expected it to crack or something, but it didn't. I saw Charlie's mouth fall open in shock, he clearly hadn't expected that, but he swiftly regained his previous, calm expression.

"Alright... Bella. What brought on this sudden name change?" He asked, cautious, staring at my still unreadable expression. I sighed, I had no idea how to answer that question. I couldn't exactly tell him the truth, or it would most deffinately mean the luny bin, but I could lie either, I was a terrible liar. So I decided to go with a half-truth. "I just preffer Bella over Izzy, that's all. I think it suits me better," I said, hoping he wouldn't see I wasn't completely honest with him. He suprised me by simply nodding.

"If Bella is what you like, than Bella it is," He said, I hadn't expected him to surrender so easily - I was appreciative for that.

Then there was silence again, I wondered why he had ever come to this room if all he wanted to do was sit with me in awkward silence. Eventually, he spoke again, and just like earlier, I didn't expect what was coming. This Charlie was so different from mine, first, he was much more observant, and second, he didn't seem so quiet as my Charlie.

"What's wrong Iz- I mean Bella? You seem so different today, a complete different person from yesterday or any day for that matter. What changed?"

What was I to say to that? Off course I seemed different from yesterday, that's because I wasn't even here yesterday. I wanted to say I seemed so different to him because I wasn't really his daughter, but I refrained myself from doing so. I honestly didn't know the right answer to that question. I couldn't even really answer it for myself. 'What did change? He left me, then I was here. How did that happen? Is this really all in my imagination, because I'm less convinced of that every passing second. Or did someone do this to me? Is that possible? It could be possible, right? If vampires exist, that other creatures exist too? Creatures that could've done this to me?' I was completely obsorbed in my thoughts, I forgot all about Charlie's presence next to me.

"Iz- ...Bella?" he questioned me, I startled from my thoughts and glanced at his face, worry written all over it. Since I had no real answer to his question, but I couldn't lie either, I just decided to blurt out whatever came to mind first. Everything that didn't involve me being commited to the insane assylum.

"Let's just say I had this weird dream in which I was a complete different person, a person I liked more and decided to be who I really am and stop hiding behind my petty façade and make-up." Charlie looked shocked by what I said, clearly it wasn't something the 'old' me would have said. 'Am I really so dense in this world?' I watched as Charlie's expression changed from shock, to wonder, then finally to contentment. He was glad? That was strange, but I would take what I could. For as long as I was stuck here, wheverever here might be.

"I think that's very wise of you, Isabella. I'm sure it will please your mother as much as it pleases me. We've been waiting for this change for a long time, and I'm thrilled you've finally reached it," Charlie said, then leaned in and kissed the top of my head. I shivered, not because I was cold or scared, but because I wasn't used to such a physical contact from him. He gave me one last smile before stepping out of the bed and then out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts once again.

Again, I found my self running through every possible scenario of what might've happened. A lot of the scenario's seemed so ludicrous that I quickly forgot about them. In the end, I was left with 3 possibilities.

OPTION 1: This was a dream, a nightmare. I was stuck in my sleep because this world appealed to me more than the world where I had nothing at all. Then again, this world didn't do anything to appeal to me, except for the fact that he was here. But then, it wasn't really him. So, maybe I just dreamed this world up to compensate for what happened in the real world. To shy away from the impending pain I was sure to feel upon waking.

That was the least likely option, it felt too vivid to be a dream or nightmare. However, it was a plausible scenario, so I thought it over very carefully.

OPTION 2: This was not a dream, nor nightmare. I have simply gone insane - my brain shut down. And the little amount of braincells that still worked made up this make-belief world to compensate for the lack of everything else. I was stuck in my subconsious state until one day my heart would heal and my brain would sense that healing and begin to repair itself too.

This seemed a more likely scenario than the first; it explained why everything felt so real. Though, it was a rather depressing scenario, because, if it was true, it meant I really had lost my mind. But at least it gave me hope that I wouldn't be stuck here forever.

OPTION 3: I'm not dreaming nor have I gone insane, it has nothing to do with something I did. Something or someone did this to me for some reason. If vampires existed in my world, it was conceivable that other mythical creatures existed too. I had no idea who or what would want to do this to me - I had no idea who I could've enraged so much. But if some creature really did do this to me, it meant I could find a way out. I could do some investigating and force whoever did this to me to take me back to my own world. If someone did do this to me, than this wasn't a figment of my imagination, but an alternate reality of some sort.

This was my favorite scenario, not because it was such a delightful one, but because this one meant I had not gone insane; I had just been brought here by someone or something. It was rather unnerving to think that someone would go to such lengths to get rid of me, but I couldn't let myself be ratled by that - I needed to focus. If this was what happened, I could find a way out. I would find a way out and nothing would be able to stop me.

So, after deliberating for a while I came to a decision; I chose option 3. I wasn't sure if it was because I'd liked that option the most or if it was because it seemed like the most sane one - well, as sane as can be in my situation. Anyways, that was the option I chose, so that was the scenario I'd stick with. As a result I would now have to do everything in my power to find a way out. All the while trying not to fall apart as everything in this world reminded me of him.

Hitherto I had been able to bury the pain deep inside myself, as deep as possible. Nevertheless, I knew it would break out soon and overwhelm me completely. Until then, I was able to think as clearly as possible in my situation.

I was so consumed by my thoughts I never heard the knock on my door or the sound of it opening and closing. I became aware of someone's presence nearby when that person coughed. I sat up straight from the enormous bed I was laying in and stared at Renee - I couldn't call her my mother, she wasn't, not really.

She appeared conservative, as if she wasn't sure she should be here. I managed to give her a small, encouraging, fake smile. She seemed somewhat reassured by it and walked a little closer to me and the bed.

As I looked closely, I noticed she was holding a tray of food in her hands; I had been so focussed on her face I hadn't even noticed that. My stomach grumbled slightly at the sight of the food; an apple, some crackers with cheese, a cupcake and a glass of milk. I realized I needed food - better said, my body needed food. I had no appetite at all; but if I was going to find my way out of here, I'd need my strength; which required some food in my system.

"I thought I'd bring you some food since it's getting late and you haven't come downstairs to eat yet," Renee said, I wondered how late it was; it seemed only minutes ago that Charlie left the room. I glanced at the window and found - much to my shock - that it was already dark outside. "What time is it?" I asked Renee, not really paying any attention at her. I was too engaged with the darkness of the outside world to notice her. The darkness reminded me so much of my last moments in Forks, moments I couldn't think of, for my own sake, but couldn't shake either.

"It's 8 o'clock." I was shocked, I had been sitting on this bed since I had gotten back from school and the last time I payed any attention to the hour was when Charlie had come in, which had now been 8 hours ago. I had no idea time could move so fast, I was under the impression it was actually moving rather slowly - clearly I was wrong. "Oh." was the only sound I made, I had no idea what else to say. With my Renee, I knew exactly what the right thing was to say and what the wrong thing was; I didn't have that feeling with this Renee. She wasn't the one I loved; she wasn't the person I viewed as my best friend.

I was thinking too much - again - that I wasn't aware of the movements my body made. Unconsiously, I had lifted my hand up to brush some loose strains of hair out of my face; that's when the bad part came. "What is that?" Renee asked, I eyed her curiously; I wasn't aware she wasn't looking at my face, but at my hand - confusion filled her eyes. "What?" I asked, unsure of why she was looking so apprehensive.

She walked even closer to me now; she moved alongside the bed and sat down closely to where I was sitting, my back against the headboard. She didn't repeat her question, instead, she took my hand in hers and her fingers traced the crescentshaped scar on it that was just a few degrees colder than the rest of my skin.

I shuddered; it brought back memories I had long tried to forget, even before all this happened. Not to mention that it brought back all sorts of memories connected to him - I was still very carefull not to think his name, it was hard enough to think of him at all. I felt the hole in my stomach ache, the edges of it were pulling apart even further as I unintentionally began thinking of my better times with him.

I pulled my hand from my mother's and wrapped my arms around me shielding myself from even more pain than I felt at the moment. I had been so vigilant all day not to think of him, and now all I could do was think of my moments with him. Images of the restaurant in Port Angeles crept it's way up to the surface as I remembered my 'date' with him. He had saved my life and been so open about everything, it had been one of the best nights of my life. Then I pictured us in the meadow again, OUR meadow; how we just sat there, looking at each other, nothing more. It had been such a serene afternoon; I still couldn't believe I had actually been there with him. Our first kiss flashed before my eyes - our late night conversations in my bedroom - how he had saved me from the van - the dance he took me to against my will - our dates during the summer, the best summer of my life - how he always hummed me to sleep with the lullaby he had composed for me - the horific events on my birthday just days ago - and then us in the forest and how he told me he didn't want me and then left me all alone...

"Isabella?" Renee asked, I looked up at her face through watery eyes, I hadn't realized I had begun crying and slightly hyperventilating. I shook my head at her, jumped up from the bed, ran out the room, into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, slid myself down on the floor and sobbed uncontrollably. I had let the pain loose, it was even worse than this morning when I had simply thought of his name. Now that I had recalled all our moments together, it was too much. It felt as though my stomach was tearing me to pieces, ripping me apart as much as possible, leaving barely anything intact for me to survive.

I lay down on the cold floor, my skin welcoming the cold feel to it - it brought me closer to the cold touch I had loved so much at one time and had now lost. I could hear a faint voice in the background - Renee's voice - but I didn't register what she said, I was too far off. I was drowning in my sorrow, drowning so fast and hard that I had trouble breathing. I heard a strange sound in the room, almost like a scream; it startled me when I realized the cries were coming from me. Though, it didn't surprised me, I expected something like this would happen the very moment he abandoned me. I had simply been too numb at first and then too shocked by today's events for me to break down like this. Now that everything did seep through, I couldn't go back to that state of numbness of earlier. I was stuck in this period of sobs and cries. I had no other choice but to face up to all the pain I was feeling; to face up to how miserable I was.

Seconds - minutes - maybe hours passed as I lay there on the floor, unable to stop the tears streaming down my face and the cries from escaping my mouth. Eventually, my cries lestened as well as my tears, until I was finaly still. I didn't stand up, I didn't move a muscle, I just continued to lay there, immobile. I was tired, my eyelids drooping, yet I fought against my sleep. Last time I fell asleep, I woke up in a strange world, I didn't want to go through that again. Though I knew if I slept I would probably awaken on this same bathroom floor that belonged to strangers who looked like my parents and sounded like them but weren't them.

Unfortunately, sleep won over my will to stay awake, and eventually, I did fall asleep. It wasn't a peacefull sleep, not at all. It couldn't even clarify as a normal nightmare; it was more than that, it was hell. I had fallen asleep and fallen straight into the very pits of hell.

I had no sense to where I was; it was dark, yet light. It was as if I was surrounded by fire, strange, beautifull, blue fire. It surrounded me, suffocated me; my mind told to me run; it screamed at me - but run was one thing I could not do. I was frozen in place, terrified of what was to come. The fire was too beautiful - too enchanting to comfort me. The beauty seemed out of place, as if it was placed there to misguide me; make me feel safe when I actually was anything but that.

My eyes had trouble adjusting to the scenary, they were utterly and entirely focussed on the fire, if that was even what it was.

"Where am I?!" I heard myself scream, I was suprised by the sound of my own voice. It was so unexpected, as if it was someone else's scream I heard, yet I knew it was my own; it had to be, I was the only one there.


No one spoke the word, but, somehow, it flashed before my eyes again and again in all sorts of bright colours - taunting me, laughing at me. My body started to tremble, I wanted nothing more than to get out of there, even if it meant I had to return to a world that didn't belong to me.

"Answer me!!!" I cried out to no one in perticular, I didn't even know why I did that, I just did. No one answered, there was nothing but complete silence. Then, out of the blue, I heard someone laugh. It was a high pitched, ridiculing, abhorrent laugh. It send shivers up my spine and my trembling body begain to shake even harder. My legs couldn't keep upright any longer, my knees buckled in and I fell to the ground.

Terror overcame me as I realized I was still falling, I hadn't hit the floor, I hadn't even been standing on one. I was falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. Terrified, I began screaming, waiting for the bonecrushing crash to come - it never came.

Abrupty, I awoke, screaming - my eyelids popped up, wide with fright - and I gasped. Sweat was dripping from my forehead, my breathing uneven and too quick. Though logic told me it was merely a dream, nothing to be afraid of, something other inside me told me it was more than a dream - more than a nightmare or even hell. Something told me what I had just experiences had actually happened to me.

I was anxious about the possibility I was right and it really did happen. I tried to calm myself down, but couldn't. I couldn't even stand up, it was like I was glued to the cold, hardened floor. I curled my body up in a ball, wrapped my arms around my legs and returned back to my earlier crying. Something was happening to me, something bad, and yet, all I wanted, all I needed was for him to be with me, comfort me and tell me everything would be okay. If that would happen, I would be okay, I would be able to handle it. But that was never going to happen and I knew it, so I wasn't okay. Nothing was okay as I sobbed into my lap. Nothing would ever be okay again.