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Breathe, For Love Tomorrow

Alright, while my muse works on Hero of War and I wait for an update from my co-author, I thought I would throw this up. Original characters, but the main book canons are all here and they are all very in character, if I do say so myself. Read and Review for more - I need it more then you know! "Another set of passing feet – it happened often in a hospital – but this one too quick and smooth, not touching the ground enough between strides. A smell, a sweet and musky smell that made her lips twitch at the corners in a small smile. Then, a cool hand on the metal of the outside handle and the opening of the door. "

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3. it's strange was desire will make foolish people do

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There was a gentle knock on the door, and the nurse’s soft voice. “Dr.Cullen? The blood samples you wanted – I have them here.”
“Ah, thank you, Ophelia.” Carlisle smiled, and stood, long strides taking him to her side in a moment. A small vile of blood passed from her warm hands to his own cold fingers and he gave her a reassuring nod and smile before closing the door behind her. He’d already seen the blood tests and he already knew that there was nothing wrong with his newest and by far most mysterious patient. He had checked the hemoglobin, the blood cells and the iron compounds and there was nothing clinically wrong with Lucy Winters. Unless of course you counted the odd strain, almost like a liquid thread, that was entwined in her blood. Of course, it was odd for a doctor to want to privately run secondary tests but due to the fact that Carlisle was one of the best doctors there, no one hesitated to help him. He turned off the main light and flipped the switch on his desk lamp, pulling it a little closer to the microscope that he had situated in front of him.

Carlisle Cullen wasn’t the type to take part in after hours rendezvous with a patients blood sample but he had to be sure of what he was seeing – or maybe, what he wasn’t. He would have just done it at home, but his morals kept him from taking a patients blood off hospital property and besides he didn’t need to bring some human’s blood into the home and aggravate his newest son. So, carefully allowing a small drop to fall onto the glass slide, he slid it under the lens. He didn’t need to zoom it in any farther or look at it through the eye piece for more then a moment – almost as soon as his eye touched the eyepiece he retracted it. Yes, he had been right. There was something – though, if you asked him what he couldn’t have told you. It was almost invisible – no human would have seen it and no human microscope would have picked it up. But it was there and disturbingly beautiful. It seemed to wind and weave its way between the blood cells and it almost shimmered.

“How very odd…” he murmured, more to break the silence, even if it was only the sound of his own voice. He slid back in the chair, his brow furrowed and his lips pressed together in a gentle frown. His gaze traveled to the small medical fridge in the corner. Jacob Black’s blood was in there – he had studied the different strain when he had treated Jacob after the battle with Victoria. He kept it on hand, incase he ever needed to know something about werewolf blood and how to treat them. If the wolves were ever hurt and came here, he would need to know what to give them, wouldn’t he? He wondered for a fleeting second if her blood was possibly like that of the wolves and in a flash he had retrieved the vile from the fridge and was back in his seat. Another drop on a fresh slide, and another half second glance through the eye pieces. No, she wasn’t a wolf. He replaced the vile and returned to his seat. The tension in the air, his need to know – it was palpable. There was a reason she had come to him, a reason she had allowed him to take blood. But why? Could she…. No. But then, perhaps. A half vampire? Rumors had been whispered in shadows and it would explain her rapid heartbeat and warm skin.

Well, he thought, he could check the vampire part of it anyway, couldn’t he? He lifted a long finger to his lips and pulling them back to expose his teeth, he nicked the pad of his finger with his razor sharp teeth. He almost flinched – the venom seeped into the cut even as it healed and he knew it would scar. Oh well, it wouldn’t be noticeable and things had to be done for science. He allowed a drop of his own oddly cool blood to drop onto the slide and inhaled deeply. If this didn’t work, if he didn’t learn anything from this last comparison, then he would be at a loss. He wanted to know, needed to know – not only the doctor in him but the vampire in him too. He needed to know what she was, who she was. His golden eyes found the eyepiece and he almost choked on the air that was expelled too quickly from his throat. The microscope’s frame whined and gave under his sudden grip, becoming instantly distorted as if it had been made of sticks and mud. The blood sample shattered accordingly and he stared wide eyed at the place where it had been, unable to believe it, unable to understand and to comprehend.

It wasn’t possible and yet, even with the proof scattered on the top of his desk, he didn’t need to see it again to know he wasn’t wrong. Another knock brought him back to reality.

“Dr.Cullen, is everything alright?”

“Of course, I’m just getting ready to leave. You should go home too – we mustn’t keep you from your family and I am sure your children are waiting to see you.” He said idly, automatically professional and the calm façade somehow extended to his voice. However, if she opened the door, she would see how not alright everything was. But, she didn’t. Instead she thanked him and once he heard her leave and her car start in the parking lot, he shoved the shattered shards of the bloody slides and the remains of what was once a rather expensive microscope into the trash bin. He shrugged off his coat, grabbed her folder and shoved it into his briefcase before taking off. He drove much to fast. He was usually so careful – not to draw attention, not to cause alarm among the humans. But he couldn’t think about that now – he couldn’t think about anything but what he had seen. His mind was calculating ages and years and places and trying to remember, trying to force old memories to take shape and mean something again.

Human memories, so long ago, so far away and yet now, they were the only memories that seemed to matter. They mattered suddenly, even though they hadn’t for over 200 years, because some part of his human past had made its way into his present life. However impossible, however shocking, it was true. He had seen the results and more then that, he had seen it in her face. In her voice, in her mannerisms and her brilliant blue eyes. Somehow, Carlisle Cullen, without even knowing it, without even imagining it to be possible, had become a father and that girl – that feisty, beautiful, independent girl he had met only last week was his daughter, heartbeat and all. He had a daughter and what was more, she wasn’t human. She wasn’t all human anyway, but she wasn’t vampire or wolf either. And then there was the maternal instinct that he had for all his adopted children – he needed to know where she was staying, if she was okay, how she had found him and why she had found him now, so suddenly. However much he wanted to drive into town and ask around, he forced himself to keep driving until he pulled into the driveway.

He needed to be logical, he needed to be rational and deal with this in the correct order even if he wanted desperately to find this young woman he knew to be his own. He heard Edward’s voice as he opened the door, his son standing there, looking expectant.

“Carlisle, is that even possible?” his voice was abrupt, his brow furrowed as he responded to Carlisle’s unspoken internal monologue. It took the doctor a moment, as he hung up his jacket, to realize that his son had read his thoughts. He finally mustered a nod, rested his hand on Edward’s shoulder.
“I do believe it is. I don’t see how it can be, but I can’t deny it. I’ve seen it for myself, and now you have too. I don’t see how there could be any other explanation, my son.” He explained, his voice low and quick. He glanced past Edward, to the seemingly very normal and human scene that was taking place in the spacious living room. Rosalie and Emmett were snuggled on the couch and Alice was peering over Jasper’s shoulder while he sketched and they exchanged a few teasing words. Edward took a step back from the door way, his face curious and concerned. Then, Esme’s face came into view behind him – her beautiful heart shaped face and golden eyes and chocolate brown hair.

“Welcome home, my love.” She sang happily, tenderly hugging her husband and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. Jasper said something to Alice, hurried and sudden. Alice nodded and frowned. She looked up, cocking her head.

“What’s wrong, Carlisle? Is everything okay?”

One hand wrapped around Esme’s waist, Carlisle cleared his throat, and they moved from the foyer into the living room. Alice turned off the TV, much to Emmett’s dismay and once Carlisle had everyone’s attention, he fought to find the words. Rosalie and Emmett sat up to face him and Jasper lay down his sketch, turning to look at Carlisle over the back of the armchair. Edward leaned up against the doorframe – the only other person in the room who knew what was going on. Carlisle wasn’t even sure if he knew what was going on – he still couldn’t believe something like this had happened. However, it had, somehow, and they had every right to know. Esme looked up at him with adoring, trusting eyes, one hand resting on his chest and the other around his waist. He gazed at her for a moment, before he spoke.
“I think we need to have another family meeting.”

Rosalie groaned dramatically, her voice shrill. “I am not moving again!”
Edward shot her a withering look and she glared right back, her face defiant, her arms crossed. Emmett just sat there, looking rather amused at the exchange. Somehow, without any physical violence, they ended up sitting at Esme’s prized antique dining room table – Carlisle at the head, hands pressed together as he did his best to explain.
“And that… is the current situation.” He finished, his voice strong and yet somehow cautious of their reactions. They reacted better then he assumed they would. In fact, no one spoke. Not a word. A shocked look seemed unanimous among everyone except Edward who tapped his fingers idly on the wood top and shot his father a sympathetic smile. Then, a huge smirk broke out on Emmett’s face.

“Am I the only one who is really not surprised Carlisle got some before he died?” Rosalie smacked him (resounding in the quiet house like a lightening strike hitting a tree) and Esme shot him a meaningful look. He shut up. If Carlisle had been capable of blushing, he would have. Leave it to Emmett to say something like that at exactly the wrong time.