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Run, Rabbitt

54 years post the events of Breaking Dawn, making the year 2064. Pandemic Hits: N1H5 strain of flu. 1 third of the world's population are either dead or dying from the disease. One of the other 1 thirds are in hiding; the streets of the world's capitals deserted apart from those who need supplies and the odd rangler. Not to mention those vampires who roam the streets at night thinking and treating every waking hour as though it were dinner time.That's where the last third are going. Their going missing. It's a race against time- Or should I say fate- for Kaitlyn Mellar. She has to find her family, and she has to find them now.

Disclaimer: Loosely based on aspects of The Host, I Am Legend and Doomsday. The ideas and film credits and book credits go to the authors and screenplay writers of those movies and books. I in no way am taking any credit for their brilliant minds, I just like the idea of mankind creating a disease and the Cullens living through it. All of their characters belong to them, and my characters belong to me. Also loosely based on Swine Flu, not no one really owns that :/ Thanks for stopping by and reading!

1. Take what you need, not what you want.

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Run, Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Run. Run. Run.

Don’t let the farmer have his

Fun. Fun. Fun.

Run, Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Run. Run. Run.

Don’t let the farmer have his



Fun .


Is a butterfly still a butterfly, without its wings? Is a man still a man, without his legs? Is a lion still a lion, without its roar? Is a woman still a woman, without a womb? Is a vampire still a vampire without its fangs?

Is a girl still a girl, without her family?


“CARLISLE!” The scream alerted me to the fact that all must not be well in this household of mine; it was so quiet just a moment before, they were sitting with her of course, helping her through the night as best they could. I had gone downstairs to get another hot water bottle, she had seemed a little cold. As I waited for the technology to hum awake, the scream had had me sprinting up the stairs, taking them five at a time. I rushed into the room we had given her, it was the Twilight hour outside, the moon a glowing orb lighting this dark planet once more.

“Carlisle, help! She won’t stop writhering! She could-” But whatever Alice may have thought the girl beneath her could have done, it dried on her lips as a scream bubbled through the sleeping girls lips, a terrified scream. One that curdled the long forgotten blood in our veins. She screamed again, only pausing for breaths. It pained my ears, to hear this fragile creature scream this way, to be so terrified of a dream- a memory that couldn’t hurt her anymore.

“Hold her arms down!” Emmett was shouting to a stunned Edward. He shook his head, as if trying to clear his thoughts- his memories- and ran to the aid of his brother, Jasper followed; pinning her legs down to the bed. She’d break her bones if they hadn’t restrained her, she was flailing and thrashing and withering in pain at the same time. A memory, that’s all it was. A Goddamned memory that scolded her this way. My eyes blazed as I walked forward, moving a shocked Rosalie and Bella out of my way, Esme was standing behind Emmett, clinging onto one of her hands. I took the mini-flashlight from my pocket, manoeuvring myself around Alice who was holding her head still. Taking her face in my hands, I pulled open her lids, shining the light into them, the eyes behind them light danced with fear, darting backwards and forwards; they did not respond to the light.

“Kate? Kate can you hear me?” I asked calmly, over her screaming and silent whimpers. “KAITLYN?!” I shouted more loudly this time, hoping for a form of response. A fluttering of eyelids, a muttered ‘piss off’ would even suffice. Just something- anything to tell me that the human race wasn’t going to die with this little creature, she didn’t have a cure, no, she couldn’t save them all from that disease. But she was what they once where, before greed and crime corrupted their souls. She was the goodness in them; her frightened childlike nature gave them a reason. Her determination and willingness gave them hope. And her personality and trust gave them a light at the end of a dark tunnel, and I’d be damned if I was the one who let it go out.


Two Years previous

“My fellow Americans, and fellow humans of this earth…” The president began, speaking to the Three hundred and five million homes in America, and the other 5.9 billion around the world that were switched onto his anticipated broadcast. Sweat drenched his features as he announced the inevitable news, “The World Health Organization has raised the threat level of the N1H5 strain of flu to level six. This is highest it can possibly go. I am sorry, so sorry that we have not been able to develop a drug yet. So sorry that many will have to die before we can fix our wrongs.” He took a large gulp of air, trying to calm his nerves, as he said what the population of the world, wanted to hear least: “This is a world wide pandemic, hundreds of millions are feared to die and hundreds of thousands have already- even in this short space of time.”

He took a sip of water from his glass, sitting it down with deliberate slowness to prolong yet the news he did not wish to utter to himself. “We ask that no one go into a panic. The Secretary of Defence warns you to stay in your homes as the infected are contagious, and will unknowingly pass it on to you. Some have become violent in their last hours, blaming the ones around them for their predicament.” His eyes blazed as he said his last sentence. “Stay in your homes.” He whispered, as he shook his head sadly; it was almost as if he was giving up. If the president of the United States was giving up, what hope did the rest of the world have to survive? The most influential leader was scared- you could see it in the way the sweat drenched his arms, his head and the tip of his nose, how his eyes darted form left to right, never quite staying on the live camera before him, broadcasting his final post to the whole world. Now and only now, did he look up. But it was a face of such a tortured soul that many turned away from their television screens, not wanting his pain-filled eyes to imprint themselves into their memories, to the backs of their eyelids to forever stay. “Stay in your homes.” He repeated, louder this time “And may God save us all.”

May God save us all. That was the last thing the president would say to his world. The last broadcast to that old world. May God save us all. Save us from what? From who? The disease that plagued the earth was man-made, for all the years of pollution the world scientists had taken for granted, they never once though to as themselves if their were any gases coming in through that hole in the O-Zone layer. When they had found out, it was already too late, Ecologists living out in Greenland were the first die. No one would have noticed if one of the dying men wasn’t smart enough to keep a journal as one by one his friend died. And living in today’s society the journal had been electronic, easily sent back home; where it was received with shock at the sores and mutilation the men had sustained, trying to save the planet they called home.

Of course, the government had tried to cover it up; a few said that this was absolute proof that the events of almost a century ago in Roswell were a cover-up, and future events after it were true- no one paid them much attention though, there were more pressing issues at hand. Yes, the government had tried to cover it up, but they had a leak, and within a couple of hours pictures and journal entries from the men were blasted over the world’s TV screens, on their papers through their radio’s- at the readers discretion of course, our world still held a few morals. That had been only two weeks prior to the Presidents post.

At first the world leaders put it down to an anomaly- an anomaly that could be contained, there was no need for mass panic, no need for new drugs to be developed, to be mass produced. Within 5 days three people in Australia had suffered and died, seemingly from the same thing the men in Greenland had died from. Through years of pollution a small crack had fissured over Perth and surrounding cities. Whatever was killing them was moving fast, finding ways through the earth’s protective layer and moving below it; infecting those within its grasp. A week later and thousands had died around the globe. Masks were distributed and the new ‘Emit Flu’ drug had been distributed across the world. Those who could not get the drug, used masks until aid could be dropped in from the UN. Thousands were dying each day now, and moving out of your house was impossible within a full body suit, or, knowing exactly where the disease was.

The only people to know that were government officials, or family’s of government officials that is.

“Mummy…? Are we going to die?” Kaitlyn Mellar had never called her adoptive mother ‘mummy’ before. It had always been ‘Julie’ or ‘Mum’- never mummy. The sound of it on her daughter’s lips almost brought a tear to her eye. Who cared if it was war, and conflict and death that brought her to say it- her daughter was finally hers. In that one moment- through death and destruction and famine, Julie Mellar was finally happy. It would be short lived, but at least she had lived it.

“No…No baby of course not. No one’s going to die in this family, not if I have to squeeze you both into my bosoms to prevent it.” Julie said shaking her head fiercely and holding out her arms for a hug. Kaitlyn didn’t move, she couldn’t rip her eyes away from the blank TV screen. The President’s podcast had finished, turning the screens of billions into a grey static. It was the finality of it all, May God save Us All? What hope did that give to a 14 year old girl?

“Mom, I hate to tell you, but that sentence was both wrong and disturbing.” Came an impassive voice from a leather recliner to the left of the stunned girl and her worried mother. Blonde hair and a handsome face emerged from it as a slim yet muscled boy jumped out of it, moving towards his sister and mother. It used to annoy him, how much his mother would try with Kaitlyn; she used to spend hours on end trying to get the girl to love her. He couldn’t have made the adoption process it any better- tripping her up whenever he could, gluing her hair to the wall, pranking her whenever he got the chance. It was a wonder why she liked him, even now. He had reached Kaitlyn, her tanned skin unmarred and smooth, laying a hand on her shoulder. She seemed to thaw out from the inside, relaxing her muscles under his touch.

“Connor…” His mum reprimanded him, shaking her head in the direction of Kaitlyn, she had never seen or heard about this until now, and the family had decided to keep it from her. She had a tendency to be immature about things, and they thought it best to keep it from her childish mind. Well, the cats out of the bag now…Connor thought helplessly. He was two years older than her, he’d turned sixteen 3 months before the pandemic. His golden flecked eyes moved to Kaitlyn’s face, concern creasing his features. If you had caught the two of them five years before, it would have been a different scene. He wouldn’t look down at her with the concern and love that he had now; it would have been looks of contempt and hate. But things and people change; and Connor Mellar had changed for the better.

Kaitlyn turned at his touch, pulling away from him with shock before realising it wasn’t a zombie form her dream, it was just him. Juts Connor. Just her brother. She moved towards her mother, taking Connor’s hand and pulling them all three into a hug. As much as Connor wouldn’t like to admit it, he needed the hug as well. At least he had a sibling to talk to now, his mum was always harried, scared out of her wits, and his father was always at work. Being an American Government Official, he was privy to work through the night to stop this…this…disease. He struggled to call it as a disease and not a culling machine.

Julie’s arms wrapped around her children’s frames, Kaitlyn’s small and dainty Connor’s more pronounced and manly. The decision to adopt a child had been a hard one, it wasn’t like Julie couldn’t have their own, but, you only have one life and she wanted to give a good one to a child that might not go far otherwise. It was John, her husbands, idea to adopt an English child. He had always loved their accents, and thought it’d be nice to help out another country. Kaitlyn had been 7 when they had adopted her, old enough to understand what was going on, and old enough to form and hold grudges at both of her adoptive parents for taking her out of the one place she knew to be home. She hadn’t lost her accent, although she slipped in and out of it often, reverting into an American one whenever the mood took her. Julie sometimes could never be sure if her daughter saw her as a mother, yes she called her mummy, but…Well, it didn’t mean she was happy…It didn’t mean that, after all these years, Kaitlyn may finally be settling in.

“Look, Daddy will be home soon…How about I make us some Mac ‘n cheese?” Julie asked planting a massively fake smile on her pretty face, pushing her children away from her frame and getting up from where she sat. She took a deep breath, turning from the phone she wished to use, just to see if her husband was okay or not.

“Okay…That’d be nice, thanks.” Kaitlyn replied almost absently, her eyes were glued to the TV again, watching the fuzzy static as the lines moved in weird shapes. Connor grinned up at his mother, showing off his perfectly white teeth. They knew somebody, who knew somebody who knew a Hollywood dentist. You can imagine how fast they jumped at the opportunity to send Connor there.

“Has their ever been a time when I wasn’t hungry, mom?” His asked, his accent shaping the English spelling of ‘mum’ to ‘mom’; curving his lips into the appropriate shape.

Julie laughed, the first genuine laugh that night, “Through wind and rain…disease or no disease…I can always count on you to clear everyone’s plate of their Mac ‘n cheese” She smiled again, turning around to walk into the kitchen, clattering pots and pans together to get to the spatula she needed. Their home was situation in the Middle of Washington DC, near to the White House. They needed to be that close for John’s job as Assistant to the secretary of Defence. With his higher position in live, they were, of course well off. Never having to go without...well, anything. But they were good people and gave generously to charity, earning the respect of many people.

Kaitlyn still hadn’t moved from where she had sat down in place of her mother on the crème sofa that sat in front of the Plasma TV. Connor frowned, she was so dramatic sometimes, and with a role of his eyes he sat down next to her, draping an arm around her shoulders. He sighed, nudging hr shoulder with his, it was a bit of difficulty, seeing as he was at least a good foot and a half taller than her. She rolled her eyes heavenwards, sighed and pushed his arm off her.

“I know what you’re going to say.” She said plainly, glaring at him from where she sat, she drew her legs up onto the sofa, folding them beneath her. Her tanned skin was permanent; it wasn’t like she had sat out in the sun for a month just to get the perfect tan, no. She was born with it and she had to admit to herself sometimes, that she liked her complexion. Her hair was another matter entirely, she didn’t remember her parents, but her father had had blonde hair, her mother had her skin complexion. And being her, she had taken her father’s blonde locks. At first, she had cursed him, it wasn’t the best shade to go with her skin, but as she got older and her skin seemed to pale in colour year by year the blonde hair began to suit her and she let it grow, rather than styling it into a pageboy look every chance she got. She stuck it behind her ear now, pushing it out of her face, as it made her skin sweat.

“And what is it that I’m going to say?” Connor asked, coolly eyeing his sister was emotionless eyes. He hated to admit it, but she was very handsome. Gorgeous would probably be a much better word for it. If she wasn’t his sister- he stopped that train of thought before it went any further. Just because you haven't thought of her as family until 6 months ago and more improtantly:We may not be linked by blood but dear god man, she’s your sister! He chided himself, suppressing a grimace. He looked into her eyes, they were so weird, multicoloured almost, and he could sit there for forever and a day counting the different colours in her eyes. He almost felt jealous but then remembered his own eyes, they were golden yes…But how many shades of gold can you fit into one eye? A million and one, Kaitlyn had always told him in one of her better moods.

’Kaitlyn, suck it up, we’re not going to die. Wanna come play some Mario Kart Superior’ ” She said in what was a very good impression of him, he almost laughed out loud, it was like talking to himself. He grinned, his hand twitching to ruffle her hair, but kept it at his side, previous thoughts stopping him in his tracks.

“With that pitiful impression aside, yes, that’s probably what I would say, but you forgot my signature flick of my head…Like this.” He said, giving an impatient flick of his head, moving his golden hair out of his eyes. It was almost the same shade as Kaitlyn’s, but his was lighter, hers held strands of light brown where his was pure and golden, truly an angels locks, his mother had said once. He sobered up, his face loosing its smile, “Katie, look…” He saw her eyebrow’s furrow, he had never called her Katie before, she was so used to him hating her she didn’t really understand how to react to it, so she just sat there looking confused, “What mom said was right…No one’s going to die, dad got us stacks and stacks of that Emit Flu, and were all taking them.” She started to protest but e stuck a finger to her lips, silencing her at once, “Dad got the liquid kind for you so you wouldn’t realise we had put it in there.” Her frown deepened, but she couldn’t help but feel a little happy, Julie and John just kept trying with her, and she didn’t exactly make it any easier on him…Maybe she’d call him daddy tonight, that might make him smile just like Julie had.

“But…But Connor you heard what the President said…Millions are going to die…Hundreds of thousands have already what if-” He hushed her again, a little impatiently, pushing his finger with a little bit more force to her plump lips.

“Kaitlyn, the more you worry, the more mom worries, will you stop, please? Just STOP.” He was getting frustrated now; he jumped up from her, yanking his finger back, roughly. He began pacing, shaking his head back and forth with a little bit too much force, and he’d have a neck ache in the morning. “You don’t think do you? Always worrying, always going on about something!” He knelt in front of her, taking her small shoulders in his large hands; her were eyes wide with surprise and- to add to his guilt- a little bit of fear. “Can you not just believe me? Just trust me? Please?

She sat there, for a moment, his hands flexing and un-flexing around her shoulders, hers arms were going to hurt when she would lift them up. She stared into his eyes, searching for something, anything, she didn’t know what. “I trust you.” She whispered finally casting her eyes downwards, “I’m just scared…I- Look never mind, I’m just scared.” She muttered, this was probably the deepest conversation they had had in a good while. It felt good to tell Connor everything, as big of a bad mood he was in, it felt good. He sighed pulling her into a hug; she could be so impossibly innocent sometimes. And he could be so impossibly…Brutal. She tried to struggle free at first, not wanting his hug, being mad at him, but she gave up after a minute or so, hugging him back forcibly, her small hands clinging to the material of his shirt.

Julie sucked in a breath walking into the kitchen, ready to shout their names for food, but what she saw had had letting it all out in a whisper. Her two children, being siblings, finally. They were Hugging. She almost laughed, they never hugged, sure they acted like siblings sometimes, but…She put a hand to her mouth, after so much bad news, how could she be so happy in one night? Connor looked up, a blush creeping to his cheeks. She cleared her throat. “Dinner’s ready guys I don’t think we can wait for your father, I’ll put his in the oven and he can-”

“I’ll have it now, actually.” Came a strong voice from the hallway, the door opened and John Mellar walked into the room. You could see where Connor had gotten his good looks from, with blonde hair filled with salt and pepper strands he was in his early 40’s and he looked good. Julie sighed with relief, she stood up tall, as though a weight had been lifted form her shoulders. With broad shoulders and an easy smile, it’s pretty simple how Kaitlyn had liked him first, much to the grievance to Julie.

Connor eyes softened, the creases around his golden orbs softening out with the release of tension. “Could you maybe not scare the shit out of us?” Connor asked, getting up from where had had kneeling in front of Kaitlyn, to sit down in the leather recliner which he had claimed was his chair. The family abide by his rules, no one sat in it apart from him. Ever. Well, maybe only John, but that’s because he always uses the excuse that he bought it so he’ll sit in it.

“Could you maybe not use that language in this house?” John asked, but he was smiling and Connor knew he had already been forgiven. Julie was wringing her fingers together nervously; John had come in with a suitcase, where had he gotten it? Was he leaving them? No, he couldn’t be so cruel…Why would he leave them now? When they needed him the most?

“Are you-Are you going somewhere?” Julie asked, barely concealing the strain in her voice. John’s eyes tightened minutely, one because of the thought of his wife ever thinking he’d leave her in a time like this, or ever more importantly, and two, because of the next words that escaped his mouth:

“No, we all are. We’re moving closer to the white house to secure bunks there. We’ll be moved again to protected conservation areas.” He sighed at their shocked faces. “Come on Julie, it’s the only way I know how to protect you all. Do this for me? Let me keep you all safe.” Kaitlyn was already in, she’d do whatever John would tell her to do. Connor was sceptical, conservation groups? Why hadn’t the president said that in his post? Julie, was struggling with this information, she couldn’t just get up and move…This was her home…Her life…Home is where the heart is, they say, and her heart was tied to that house. She couldn’t just leave al her memories to waste, when she voiced her opinion though, her husband was already shaking his head.

“Julie…If you had to choose between surviving, and living with the fact that you could have saved your family, saved yourself…What would you choose? Come on Jules, we have to go.” He paused as he watched her make up her mind; she would go with them. “Take what you need,” He said softly, “Not what you want.”