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First Sight

When The Cullens decide to re-start high school again, many people are dazzled by there amazing good looks. One person, Maria, thinks theres more than just good looks in the Cullen Family. Maria gets to close to finding out the truth, and the Cullens dissapear. But Maria , being a curious person, decides to follow them. Will Bella and co's secret be kept, or will be it destoryed by one curious teenager who can't keep her mouth shut?

Basically Bellla and the rest of the Cullens(Excluding Renesmee) decide to re-join school, but one girl gets a little over-excited, and almost finds out the truth. Since Edward can read minds, he decides it's best if the family leave forks, again. Chapters will be slowly written, I need time to think :)

1. The Cullens.

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I was eating my lunch. Well, not eating exactly. More picking at it. I wasn't very hungry, and lots of things were on my mind. I had a maths test due next period, and I was revising silently in my head. It wasn't the best option, but hey, when you've lost your book, what more can you do? I was also a little stressed by my friends. They talk alot, and they don't talk "boys" or "friends" for some strange reason,all they talk about is the wonderful world of Movies! Half the time I don't see the point in hanging out with them. But, then I come to my senses. They were my friends and I loved them in an girlish, unusual way.

I let my gaze wander from my half eaten cookie, to noticed six, beautiful figures, all walking simutaniously in pairs. The first two, looked the most prettiest. One of them, was a teenager, one who looked like he could be a senior, maybe an teacher. He had pale skin, and a lovely shade of bronze hair. It matched his beautiful topaz eyes, which seemed to shine in the dim light. I looked down at his clothes. He wore a light blue sweater, which clung onto his muscular chest. Beside him, holding his hand, was a girl, who also looked like she could be teacher material. She had the same colour of pale skin , and looked beautiful in a different way. wow. She wore a lovely, dimmed out light white top, with a few necklaces which hung from her pale neck. The girls name I didn't know, also had lovely hair. It was a deep shade of brown, which flowed gently half way down her back. She also wore some skinny jeans, which higlighted her legs. wow. They continued to walk to the table, at the back end of the cafetira, and sat down in the most gracious manner I've seen in my life. Not long after, the pair behind them also sat down. They were almost the same as the first pair, but they were again, a different beautiful.

One of them, a girl, had short , cropped hair. The tips of her hair flew in each direction, and she had a lighter shade of highlights in a few odd strands of her hair.Although the highlights were a-tad a mess, she still looked stunning.Again, she had eyes, more lighter than the boys eyes. She was still pale, like them all. She wore a blue top, which clung perfectly against her skin. On her neck, was a crest which tyed perfectly on a ribbon. The crest , which I couldn't see clearly, looked to have an animal of some sort on, with some blury text - which I couldn't see. I sighed in frustration , but didnt look away. Another .. boy was walking with her, in the same posture as the other pair - hand in hand. He had slightly messed up hair, which was a blondey brown. His expression was different from the others, more blank then anything. He wore a sweater like the other boy, but it was a deeper shade, and looked a little more snug on him.

And yet, although I'd be describing them almost all lunch, I was still not done. The man..(I couldn't say boy) was tall, musuclar and also looked like a teacher. He had cropped hair, which was a black colour. Also the same shade of eye colour as the boy, with a hint more darkness. He was brawny, and had an ivory jacket, with red stripes flowing down, which covered a dark blue sweater(What was it with these people and dark colours) He again, was pale. There was also another girl, walking quickly in her bright red higheels. She looked, amazing. Like every girl in the room(Except her friend) could take pity on her for being in the same school. She had blonde, flowing hair, which was a little longer than the first girl. She also wore a crest, which was probably a family one. It was less tightened around her neck, more freely like a necklace. She had a light pink , sleevless top, with small thin straps on. Over her shoulders, which she held with her pale fingers, was a dark black jacket. The colours went nicely.

They all joined each other, looking beautiful, but different. It was clear they were all together together. But, I couldn't look away. They weren't the people you could just shoot glances at and forget them. They will be remebered. The boy with bronze like hair, turned his head ever so slightly, to look at me. I sucked in a gasp.