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Crimson Red

Bella is the new in Forks. She seems to know about the Cullens. But is she hiding secrets of her own?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter Two
Friends and Meetings

After Emmett placed me on the ground I looked over to where he was motioning with his head. There I saw the most beautiful creature on the planet. He had longish bronze colored hair that looked like he had just rolled out of bed, his gold eyes glowed, his nose was angular and straight, and he had the fullest lips I had ever seen on a man before. My breath seemed to catch in my throat. He waltzed over to us and held out is hand to me.

“Hi, I’m Edward,” he said in a voice in like velvet.

“Elizabeth,” I offered while trying to not hyperventilate. Suddenly I was angry. Why was I acting like a total moron? He is just a guy. “A hot, vampire, guy”, my mind said. Shut it! I growled. “I’m just saying…” Besides, having a motorcycle and all and being what I was, no guy should ever have that amount of power over me.

With that, I quickly let go of his hand and stepped away, clearing my throat. The blond vampire, Jasper was staring at me with confusion on his face. I forced a small smile on my lips and turned towards Alice.

“Alice, didn’t both you and Emmett say something about another va…I mean family member? A Rosalie I think you said,” I asked, blushing deeply at realizing that I almost said vampire. Duh, you’re not supposed to know about them. If they realize you know about them, they’re gonna want to know about you!

“Uhh…yeah, it was Rosalie,” Alice replied slightly confused.

“What was Rosalie?” a beautiful voice like bells chimed.

I looked over to the direction the voice came from and saw a tall vampire with long blond hair that cascaded down her back in waves. She had the looks and body that any model would kill for. Also, it made my self-esteem plummet down to almost nothing. I could safely assume that this was Rosalie, Emmett’s girlfriend and Jasper “Hale’s” “twin sister”, she and Jasper could pass for twins with their hair, skin, and eye color.

She looked at me through narrowed eyes for a second and threw her arms around Emmett’s thick, muscular neck. I stared at her for a second with the same look she was giving me. We stood like this for about ten seconds before she cracked a smile and looked at me with reluctant admiration.

Letting out the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding I realized that I must have passed her test just like I had passed Emmett’s “test”.

“Well, I seem to have met all of your family except for the parents. Anyhoo, it was nice meeting you but I got to get inside and started heading to class. After all, this being my first day, I’ll need some extra time to find my way around,” I told them. With that I waved and turned and walked inside the first building where my first class was.


“Well, that went well. I wonder why I can’t “see” her future. When I try to look it’s a total blank,” I wondered, pouting slightly. “Even though I can’t “see” her, I think that we are going to be great friends!”

“That was definitely weird. When Elizabeth first saw Edward she was nearly drooling. After they shook hands, she got angry all of a sudden. She’s the only creature, besides you, Edward, that I’ve “felt” switch emotions so quickly. And such different emotions,” Jasper commented.

“She’ll be a great younger sister. Did you see her drive up on that motorcycle?! Wow, what a hot…” Emmett said before Rosalie cut him off.

“Watch it Em, before I decide I don’t like the new girl. After all, you are mine! And no one, not even a pretty new girl, can hold a candle to me!” Rosalie ranted.

“Don’t sweat it Babe. I was going to say hot machine, before you interrupted me. And no one can hold a candle to you. Besides I don’t find the new girl at all attractive. My tastes run towards hot, leggy, blondes. You’re the only girl for me and you know that,” Emmett placated her. He drew her closer to him and placed a passionate kiss on her upturned, open lips.

Eww. I don’t like to see my brother and sister shoving each other’s tongues down each other’s throats.

“Like Alice can’t see her future, I can’t read her mind,” Edward blurted out.

I giggled in my head. He most likely said that to put an end to whatever was running through our siblings heads. Which was a good thing, not just for my innocent eyes, but my poor Jazz was started to get a but angsty with the lust rolling off of Rose and Em. Wait, you can’t read her mind? I mentally asked him, almost “yelling.”

“Yes, I did,” Edward answered me out loud.

Emmett and Rosalie resurfaced with nearly identical shocked faces. I’m sure mine and Jazz’s faces mirrored theirs. Just like there never being a person or vampire whose future I couldn’t see, there was never a person or vampire whose mind Edward couldn’t read.

“What?” Jazz exclaimed. “You can’t read her mind? At all?”

“Totally awesome dude!! Maybe she could give me pointers on how to keep Edward outta my head! She must be pretty powerful to be able to block out Edward!” Emmett roared in appreciation.

“How is that possible? Edward’s never been able to not read someone’s mind,” Rosalie mused.