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Crimson Red

Bella is the new in Forks. She seems to know about the Cullens. But is she hiding secrets of her own?


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

When lunchtime came around I had heard lots of gossip concerning me. Many of the rumors were utterly ridiculous! Jessica, the girl from my Spanish and math classes, walked with me to the cafeteria. She led me to her table and introduced me to everybody there, Mike, Ben, Tyler, Angela and Lauren. We had just sat down when the Cullens entered the cafeteria and stopped at our table. Everyone at the table gaped open mouthed while the rest of the cafeteria stopped all conversation and stared. Apparently this was not normal behavior.
"Hey, Elizabeth," Alice started, "why don't you sit with us at our table today?"
"Why not?" I replied with a smile. Alice and I would be great friends.
"Yay!!!" Alice squealed.
"As if you didn't already know what her answer was going to be," Jasper muttered at volume normal human ears couldn't hear.
Now what was that all about I wondered to myself. I got up and followed the Cullens to a table the farthest from any other in the room. After they sat down with their trays I sat in the only empty chair left. With just my luck, it placed me in between Edward and Emmett who currently had Rosalie in his lap.
"So, Elizabeth, what brings you to little old Forks, Washington?" Emmett asked conversationally.
"Ummm, my mother remarried and I decided to come back to my birthplace to give the newlyweds some time to be....well... newlyweds," I gave a small shutter to accentuate my answer. "Since I am an emancipated minor, I am able to reside by myself," I said with a relatively sad smile.
"You could come and live with us," Rosalie offered examining her perfectly manicured nails.
With that, the rest of the Cullens stared at Rosalie, their mouths hanging open.
"What!" Rosalie hissed. “I am trying to be nice to Elizabeth and besides I like her. I also happen to think that we'll all be great friends."
"Thank you so much for the offer Rosalie. I am happy that you are all so hospitable and acceptive of me. But it isn't really smart for someone like me to be living in the same house as a bunch of vampires.” As soon as those words left my mouth I instantly wanted to grab them and stuff them back where they came from. But it was too late; the Cullens were frozen after hearing that I knew what they were.
“What are you talking about?” Edward hissed. “Have you lost your mind? Vampires don’t exist. They are mythical creatures made up in story books to scare little children. “
“Edward, she knows, we may as well talk to her about it,” Alice put in quickly.
“How do you know?” Jasper asked me in her serious, quite voice.
“It’s sort of a long story and now is not really the time to be explaining it. Maybe we can meet after school away from prying eyes and ears. Then I will explain what is going on with the best of my abilities,” I offered trying to stay their anger.
“I think that’s the best idea,” Emmett said.
“I can not believe that we are going to trust this human? How do we know that she isn’t one of the Volturi plotting against us?” Rosalie asked glaring.