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Heaven Help Us

This is the sequel to 'Maybe...Just Maybe'. Bella and Edward thought that their lives finally calmed down and that they could live happily ever after. But they're not out of the woods yet...When Alice has a vision concerning some vampires that live up in Volterra, Bella and Edward enlist the help of some old friends and a few new ones. But this isn't going to be an easy fight to win... CHAPTER 7 IS NOW UP!!!!!


1. Another Beginning

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A soft breeze slightly ruffled my hair, making a few stray locks settle on my face. My eyes were closed, but my heightened senses told me that there was a presence near me, moving closer and closer. Birds sang their soft melodies and the trees lost their precious golden leaves. The grass was also of a similar color. A meadow of gold. My paradise.

A twig snapped and in response sparrows and morning doves scattered in all directions. A low curse interrupted natures song, creating a disturbance in the peace. With a inaudible sigh, I opened my eyes and slowly sat up. My auburn hair fell onto my shoulders, creating a veil of chocolate around my head. I heard him exhale, his eyes boring into mine, trying to ‘dazzle’ me as I used to call it. But I stared right back, my eyes wide with curiosity. In the end, I won. He mumbled a few complaints and strode over to where I was sitting. I smiled warmly as he sat down next to me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt the barley-existent kiss on my forehead that he gave me. I closed my eyes again and traced his forearm with my finger.

“To what do I owe this visit?” I asked teasingly, opening my eyes to see his reaction. He was looking away though, as if he was searching for and unknown object.

“I don’t know exactly,” he said slowly, turning his attention back to me. The looked on his face cause me to sit up strait and look at him attentively.

“What do you mean?” I asked worriedly. He just looked at me sadly, and brought me in closer. He started to stare into the forest again. I decided to use my power and look into his mind. I saw nothing. “I didn’t know that you can block your thoughts,” I said disappointed. He chuckled dryly at that,

“I’m not blocking my thoughts,” he explained. “I’m just not thinking,” he said instead. I looked at him inquisitively.

“Why?” I asked, not really expecting an answer.

“I don’t want you to worry,” he said quickly. That surprised me. I just assumed that he would lie.

“You would read my thoughts and tell that I was lying anyway,” he said, sensing my train of thought. I nodded and inhaled deeply, treasuring the smell of the flowers since they would be gone in a few weeks.

“What is worrying you?” I asked slowly, raising an eyebrow. I gazed into his eyes and he looked away quickly.

“I hate it when you do that,” he mumbled. I rolled my eyes.

“Now you know how humans feel,” I said jokingly. I entwined our hand, but he unraveled them. I looked at him hurt.

“I need to get down to business now, Bella,” he said, looking away from me. I turned my head away, not wanting to see his distant face. He sighed and turned his attention back to me again. But I didn’t look at him. “Bella,” he said a little frustrated. He rested his hand in my shoulder, but I shrugged it off. “I’m just trying to protect you,” he said defensively.

“How? By ignoring my questions and only giving me riddles?” I snapped. I didn’t know why I said that, and the look on his face only made me feel worse. “I-I’m sorry, Edward. I j-just-”

“No, you were telling me the truth,” he said sadly. He then looked at me with sad eyes. “I just don’t know what to do,” he said gloomy. I readily grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

“You can tell me anything, Edward,” I said reassuringly. He looked at me for a split second and then looked away. I never released my hold on his hand.

“Alice had a vision,” he said slowly, gauging my reaction. I looked at him confused.

“Alice always has visions,” I said puzzled. He groaned irritated.

“This one was…bad,” he said, hesitating on the right word. “Well, that is an understatement,” he muttered. I looked at him frustrated.

“Spit it out, Edward,” I said annoyed.

“It’s the Volturi,” Edward said quickly. I gasped. When I was human a few years back, Edward mentioned the Volturi. It was during a movie…I forgot which one, but he told me that they were the ‘police’ of the vampire world.

“What do they want?” I asked nervously. The look on Edward’s face started to scare me. I would have peaked into Edward’s mind, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to see what would happen.

“They want…” Edward said, unsure if he should continue. I nodded my head, trying to urge him on. “You,” he finally said. I stopped in mid nod.

“What?” I asked utterly confused. Edward groaned and clutched his head in his hands.

“There was another part of the vision, too, but it was too blurry. There was a girl in a white dress and some dark smudges…” Edward trailed off, obviously annoyed. I took his hands in mine and looked into his eyes.

“Edward, why do they want me?” I asked as calmly as I could. His frown just turned into a hard line.

“Every so often, they like to see what vampires are up to. You know, what they are doing and…if any rules are broken,” Edward said cautiously. I nodded urgently. “And they found out about you,” he said, looking at me quickly. “They like your power, Bella and the fact that other vampire’s powers don’t work against you just makes them want you more,” he said, starting to loose control of his composure. His eyes were wild with fright. “They are planning on taking you, Bella. And they won’t stop until they have you,” he said, clutching my arm. I just stared at him and smiled. I patted his arm.

“Edward, no one is going to take me away from you,” I said, not believing that anything could tear me away from him. “You are forgetting that I’m a vampire now,” I said, rolling my eyes. Edward sighed and looked at me apologetically.

“I’m sorry, Bella. I just panicked,” he said ashamed. He looked at the ground, not meeting my eyes. A sudden breeze made the air more chilled then usual, but I didn’t feel a very noticeable difference. I stood up and looked around the meadow. I felt a disturbance, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I looked around, a little frightened.

“Edward, we’re not alone,” I said, worried. Edward jumped up and joined my side. I closed my eyes, trying to hear the thoughts of the intruder. I could tell from Edward’s thoughts that he was doing the same.

“Bella, I’m not hearing anything,” Edward said, immediately cautious. I nodded.

“Me neither,” I whispered, opening my eyes again. I scanned the area, but I still saw nothing. I saw Edward start to back away.

“Maybe we should leave, Bella,” he said urgently. I nodded. The last time Edward couldn’t read someone’s thoughts, I came along. And I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle a delicious smelling human any where around me. We both started to run, when a soft voice caught my attention. I whipped my head around, despite all my instincts that told me not to.

I was experiencing deja-vu, but I couldn’t remember why. It was like some of my memory was blocked off from me, and in no way on my own could I recover it. It was quite frustrating.

But no one was there. I furrowed my eye brows in frustration. I squinted my eyes, guessing that I wasn’t looking hard enough.

“Bella, come on,” Edward’s earnest voice pleaded. I shook my head and turned my heels and ran away with him. As the wind flew into my face, all I could think about was the voice. It was just so familiar. I knew that it would bug me for the rest of eternity. I had to find out where it came from.

We settled into a slow jog, for a vampire at least, as we neared the house. We weren’t in Denali any longer. We were in a small town of in Maine with a forest nearby. We of course lived on the complete out skirts of town. No body came anywhere near our house. Their instincts told them what mine obviously did not. I smiled to my self. I wondered if they were any better since I was a vampire.

We walked through the house and into the living room. Everyone was seated there, and I immediately sensed the tension in the room, thanks to Jasper’s power. I sat down on a free chair, with Edward standing next to me. It felt like he was my body guard or something. Well, then he was a very handsome body guard…

“We all know why we are here, right?” Carlisle asked, forcing me out of my…less then appropriate thoughts. Everyone nodded. Carlisle looked down at his feet then back up to everyone else. “Alice’s vision was…less then decent. We have to figure out a plan if me want to repel the Volturi,” Carlisle stated, putting on a very stern face.

Why not just let them have her?…Rosalie thought. I sighed. I thought that after a few years she would warm up to me. But she didn’t.

“We can fight them,” Emmett said confidently. I rolled my eyes.

“Do you even know how dangerous they are?” Edward asked frustrated.

“They’re just some old fruity vampires in cloaks,” Emmett said calmly. Edward was about to make a very rude comment, but I put my hand on his shoulder. He closed his mouth a little irritated.

Before anyone else could talk, there was a quiet knock on the door. Everyone looked at Edward, Alice and I to see if the intruder was safe. We all shrugged. No thoughts came from the doorway. Carlisle took a deep breath and stood up to open the door. As soon as he did, a girl in a pink dress with golden curls stood there.

“I know you don’t remember me, Bella, but I’m here to help you,” she said. I looked at her curiously. Her voice was the same one that I heard in the meadow. The girl held out her hand to Carlisle. “Hello, my name is Beck.”