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Heaven Help Us

This is the sequel to 'Maybe...Just Maybe'. Bella and Edward thought that their lives finally calmed down and that they could live happily ever after. But they're not out of the woods yet...When Alice has a vision concerning some vampires that live up in Volterra, Bella and Edward enlist the help of some old friends and a few new ones. But this isn't going to be an easy fight to win... CHAPTER 7 IS NOW UP!!!!!


3. Trance

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Jacob and I exchanged polite nods, neither one of us really wanting to open old wounds. He walked over to Sam and stood behind him, shielding himself from Edward’s piercing gaze. I nudged Edward’s stomach very hard and smiled an apology to Jacob. Jacob didn’t meet my gaze. I wondered silently what made Edward so possessive. Well, a little peek in Edward’s mind would clear that up…

I can tell that dog still wants her. Look at the way he’s staring. No chance Black…No chance at all…

I rolled my eyes. I saw how Jacob was staring at me. His eyes were full of remorse. Probably about me. No, defiantly about me. I suddenly realized how self-centered that sounded. I mean, Jacob could be sad about something else. Maybe…he crashed his Rabbit. Yah, that’s probably it. Please let it be it.

Just to be sure I checked his mind.

Why am I not over Bella? It’s been a year! I have a girl friend and everything! If I can even call her that. She’s always complaining about how distant I am. God, I’m pathetic…

I frowned involuntarily. I sighed and stepped away from Edward. I didn’t want to torture Jacob more then I had to. And I didn’t have to do anything of the sort. I decided to talk to him later that night.

As I was contemplating my former best friend’s mental status, the werewolves sat down on the complete opposite side of the room. Old habits don’t die hard, I guess. We weren’t all ‘Friends ‘till the End’ but we had a mutual understanding, or at least I thought so.

I could tell from every werewolf’s thoughts that Beck gave them the whole one-of-them-saved-one-of-your-lives guilt trip. I felt bad for dragging werewolves that defiantly had lives to run across the whole country to help out someone they didn’t even like that much to begin with. They all still didn’t forgive me for abandoning my human life in a split second. And I didn’t blame them. I didn’t even want to imagine the rampage Jacob created when he found out that I disappeared out of the blue. I shuddered involuntarily and received a glance of worry from Edward who was standing a few feet away. I shot him reassuring smile, but I wasn’t sure if he bought it.

Meanwhile, there was a small show-down between the opposite species. Vampires and werewolves were narrowing eyes threateningly at each other while thinking very ugly comments in their heads, and I will not repeat any of them. Beck seemed to sense the tension in the room. Her face reflected her nervousness. She was obviously having second thoughts about hauling the werewolves over to help.

“Okay, we all know why we are here, right?” Beck asked calmly, trying to break the ice.

“No,” Paul grumbled. Beck shot him a nasty glare and he quickly closed his mouth.

“We are all here to help fight off the Volturi!” Beck said cheerfully, trying to lift the sunken mood. Her face fell when she didn’t get a very positive reaction. She rubbed her temples frustrated. “Sometimes I wonder why I even try,” she muttered to herself. We all just sat there as Beck desperately tried to work through our less-then-willing attitudes.

“Just let them leave, Beck,” Edward grumbled. “They aren’t going to help us.” He narrowed his eyes at them as if to say ‘I doubt any of you can anyway’. The werewolves reacted as if what Edward did wasn’t any better then tattooing ‘Looser’ on all of their foreheads. They all jumped up and started to seethe.

“I bet we can beat up more vampire as then you can any day!” Paul challenged. Needless to say, that caused every vampire in the room to jump up off the couches and start to yell insults back at the werewolves.

“I bet your life on it dog!’

“I would say the same if you had a life!” And he didn’t mean this in the whole ‘Get a life!’ sort of sense.

“You shouldn’t be talking, mutt! I bet you chase squirrels all day!” Emmett yelled back. He obviously didn’t get the deeper meaning of the insult.

“I bet that I have ten times the more brawn as you!”

And so it went on for a few minutes. Beck kept on pacing around the room screaming out warnings to everyone in the room. Even I got caught up in the moment. Even though I am a ‘Dog Lover’, as Emmett liked to call me, there was still a hatred in me for the worthless, vile-I had to stop! I liked the werewolves! They saved me numerous times! Or I thought they did…I couldn’t remember. Or maybe I just didn’t want to remember. I was a horrible friend to Jacob.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Beck’s voice rang off the walls and into my overly sensitive ears. Everyone froze in place, not even daring to move. Beck was fuming. It would have been appropriate for fire to come out of her nose and mouth. Like in the cartoons. “I’M TIRED OF ALL OF YOU ACTING LIKE CHILDREN! STOP FIGHTING AND LET ME SAVE YOUR BUTTS!” Beck’s aversion to cursing kind of subdued the effect of her rage, but we all were still quivering in our skins. After Beck saw that we were all orderly and inaudible, she lowered her voice. “Now, let’s get down to business,” she said calmly as if nothing happened at all. That’s what never failed to surprise me about Beck, her whole cheery outlook on life. Even in the less…appropriate of situations.

“What (cough) do you want us to do?” Carlisle said a little embarrassed. Beck smiled at this point.

“Well, for one thing, I would prefer it if nothing like this every happens again,” Beck said very intimidating. We all nodded feverishly. “Good,” she said beaming. “First we need to find out when the Volturi are going to arrive here,” Beck said happily despite the situation. She looked at Alice. Alice then closed her eyes and searched through her visions. The frown on her face became apparent. I didn’t even want to borrow her power. I left the vision stuff to Alice.

“I…can’t see anything,” Alice said nervously. She glanced at me quickly. I double checked her visions. I furrowed me eyes in confusion.

“I can’t see either-” I started to say before I was lost in a vision.

The walls all around me were black around me. There was nothing in the room, or I thought it was a room, to illuminate my surroundings. I heard my name being called in the distance. I turned around quickly, but I saw nobody. I heard nothing. I heard my name again. It sounded closer. I snapped my head around to where the voice came from. Once again, nothing. I heard it again. The voice sounded like it was mocking me. I didn’t even bother to turn around.

“Hello, Bella,” a voice said right behind me. I shrieked and turned around quickly. The darkness was suddenly gone. A figure stood in front of me. She wore all black and there was an apparent smirk on her face. She looked familiar. I searched my memory quickly. I sorted through many useless memories, useless for the moment at least, until I found the one that I was looking for. Just like she was in front of me, but she was wearing all white the last time I saw her, was the former Head Angel. As realization spread across my face, she laughed. A hard and unpleasant laugh that made me want to cover my ears. But for some reason I couldn’t will my arms to move.

“How?” I managed to squeak out. That just made her laugh some more.

“I was fired Bella. And all because of you, and Beck. And now,” she said stepping on closer, “I can get my revenge,” she whispered. I started to open my mouth to speak but she cut me off. “Tisk tisk, Bella,” she chuckled. “It’s to early in the game to reveal everything to you. And anyway,” she said before turning around and starting to walk away. The room became progressively dimmer. The only light that remained was around the former Head Angel. She then glanced back at me to finish her sentence. “And anyway, it’s not like you will remember any of this when you wake up.” Then she was gone, along with the light. As darkness consumed me, I wondered what she meant by ‘you will remember any of this when you wake up’. I stopped wondering when I faded out of my vision/trance.

“Bella! Bella can you hear me!” I heard a distant voice call. I opened my eyes slowly, letting the sunlight leak through gradually. When my eyes were open fully, I saw a crowed of people around me. “Bella,” Edward said relived. I shook my head, trying to erase the fuzziness. I looked over at Alice who was looking at me worried. Everyone, excluding the werewolves except for Jacob, mirrored her expression.

“Bella, what happened?” Carlisle asked confused. I furrowed my brow in frustration.

“I…don’t know,” I said truthfully. Edward sighed and stood up.

“Come on, we still have to figure out a plan,” Beck announced. Everyone agreed and started to make their way back to their seats. I stood up and walked over to where Edward was standing. But as I was walking away, I swear I could have heard a snicker come from behind me. As I turned around, nothing was there. I dismissed the sound as a delusion. But that seemed to make the ‘voice’ laugh harder.