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Heaven Help Us

This is the sequel to 'Maybe...Just Maybe'. Bella and Edward thought that their lives finally calmed down and that they could live happily ever after. But they're not out of the woods yet...When Alice has a vision concerning some vampires that live up in Volterra, Bella and Edward enlist the help of some old friends and a few new ones. But this isn't going to be an easy fight to win... CHAPTER 7 IS NOW UP!!!!!


5. Beck?

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I didn’t have to read their minds to know what everyone was thinking. A few years earlier I never even knew that vampires and werewolves existed. But I was one. And then I found out that Heaven, Hell and a giant three headed dog that could kill angels existed. It was a little too much. I felt myself swaying and I fell to the floor. It would have been more dramatic if I went unconscious, but of course vampires can’t do that. So I was forced to deal with the embarrassment as I dusted myself off.

“This is getting harder then I ever expected,” Beck muttered to herself. She then looked around the room with a sad look on her face. She looked down as her eyes landed on the werewolves. “I’m so sorry,” she said guiltily, looking at the ground. “I dragged you half way across the country to help out your sworn enemies,” she looked up at them then. “If you want to leave, you right ahead. I don’t think I can keep you here any longer,” she said and walked over to the door. The werewolves looked at each other, unsure of what to do. “Heaven won’t be at your throats either,” she added quickly. The werewolves nodded and started to file out the door. As Jacob left, he turned around and nodded a farewell. I looked away, glad for once that I couldn’t cry. The door slammed shut and Beck sat down on one of the newly empty seats.

“What did you do that for?” Rosalie asked annoyed. We all looked at her confused. “What? Now we have no backup,” she said and rolled her eyes. Beck ran her hand through her hair.

“This isn’t their problem,” Beck said, obviously on her last nerve. “How can I send them to their deaths when it’s not their problem to solve?” Beck raised and eyebrow, challenging everyone. No one responded. “The Volturi will be easy to take care of,” Beck explained. “But now we have a giant angel killing dog on our hands.”

“Are you sure that this dog is so powerful?” Emmett asked. “I mean, come on. It would be so no fair if you are maimed for all eternity.”

“Well, you know what? Life isn’t fair!” Beck screeched. “If it was then maybe I could do this job with out risking anyone’s life!” She stomped out of the room then, and disappeared into the forest. It was quiet for a few minutes.

“We’d she go?” Alice asked shakily. We all shrugged. With out Beck, or even the werewolves, the house all of a sudden seemed very empty.

“What should we do?” Jasper asked worried. We were sitting there for an hour, not knowing what to do. Due to Cerberus being out in the forest somewhere, we all didn’t dare to leave the house to look for Beck. Where could Beck have gone, that would take up more then an hour of her time?

“What if she got hurt?” I asked anxiously. I started to play with the bottom of my hair.

“Come on! What could hurt an angel?” Emmett asked. “Except for a giant dog,” he added in quickly, forgetting about the biggest problem . My mind instantly thought back to the last thing Beck said. ‘Well, you know what? Life isn’t fair! If it was then maybe I could do this job with out risking anyone’s life!’ Then she stomped out of the house and into the…forest. I clapped my hand over my mouth and started at the ground in horror.

“What is it, Bella?” Edward asked anxiously. I shook my head.

“She went into the forest, Edward,” I said, moving my head so that I was looking in his eyes. He didn’t seem to get what I was saying at first, but then his eyes widened. Everyone in the room was staring at us curiously.

“She ran into the forest where Cerberus is,” Edward explained. Everyone seemed to catch on.

“Beck wouldn’t do that,” Alice said definite. “She probably just ran into the forest to get some peace and quiet.”

“Couldn’t she just have disappeared into thin air instead of running away?” Emmett countered.

“She doesn’t want to leave us alone just incase the Volturi comes,“ Alice said. Emmett opened his but then closed it quickly.

“Then why is she still gone?” I whispered, looking out the window. “It’s been an hour already, and Beck doesn’t stay angry for that long.”

“Believe what you want, Bella,” Alice said. “I’m not going to break into hysterics until I know that Beck has gone to her death.” Alice leaned back and examined her finger nails.

Tension was high in the room and I sat up strait, staring at the door, waiting anxiously for Beck to walk through it. So when someone knocked on the door, I didn’t hesitate in sprinting over to it and yanking it open. My joy was short lived because Beck didn’t stand on the other side. And I then realized that Beck wouldn’t knock either.

“You seemed very happy to see us,” a man with long black hair and pale skin said. He was surrounded by fifteen other vampires, all with blood red eyes. My mouth dropped open. Whoops…I thought bitterly. “I guess you are Bella, then,” he said enthusiastically. My mind was blank as to what I should say. Carlisle ran next to me and pushed me back into the house. “Carlisle!” the vampire yelled in delight. He then turned around to face his companions. “Isn’t this wonderful! It’s our dear old friend Carlisle!”

“How are you, Aro?” Carlisle asked, obviously not as ecstatic.

“I’m doing fine!” he yelled again. “I see you built up a family!” Aro stepped around Carlisle and into the house. He looked at every one of us. “A clan of eight! Now isn’t that unusual!” Carlisle looked at the other vampires stepping around him uncomfortably.

“Aro,” Carlisle began nervously. “I would rather that you tell your…friends to step outside.” Aro snapped his head in Carlisle’s direction. “Because of the floors. Esme is very protective of the house. She put so much work into it.” Esme looked upset that Carlisle used her as an excuse. Aro just laughed and smacked Carlisle’s back ‘friendly’. But Carlisle looked at Aro in fright as the gesture. I was confused for a moment, but when all of Carlisle’s memories rushed through my head, I figured out Aro’s power. Aro whipped his head around to look at me.

“So you know why we came,” Aro said, some enthusiasm still in his voice. Carlisle nodded. “Do you want to come with us, Bella?” Aro asked me. I quickly shook my head. Aro sighed. “Very well,” he said. He then looked at Carlisle. “I don’t want to hurt you or your family, old friend,” Aro began. “But we will get Bella to join us one way or another,” he said before walking out the door. The room was still for a few moments, all of us trying to get our thoughts together.

“They didn’t fight us,” Emmett said in amazement.

“But they’re going to,” Edward said solemnly.

“But they don’t want to hurt Carlisle,” Alice said quickly. “Or at least Aro doesn’t want to.” She looked around the room. “Maybe we can use that to our advantage.”

“Aro will do anything,” Carlisle said with a sigh. “Even if we are or were good friends, he won’t hesitate in doing…what is necessary.”

“Beck didn’t come back,” I whispered with my realization. “The reason she came down here was to help us with them. Either she gave up or something really bad happened,” I said, with thoughts of Beck meeting Cerberus filling my mind.

“We can’t only worry about Beck right now,” Edward said angrily. “She can take care of herself. We have the Volturi to worry about…” My family talked on about how we could defeat the Volturi and my mind wandered. I looked out the window and studied the forest. Nothing moved while darkness covered the landscape. I was still looking at the window as three pairs of eyes came into view, glowing in the darkness. They were as big as plates and were coming closer.

I jumped up and screamed, running to the far wall. My family all looked out of the window in horror. Everyone was focusing on the six orbs coming closer and closer to our house. I hardly even realized when a few pairs of stone hard hands covered my mouth and pulled me away from my family and out of the house.