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Heaven Help Us

This is the sequel to 'Maybe...Just Maybe'. Bella and Edward thought that their lives finally calmed down and that they could live happily ever after. But they're not out of the woods yet...When Alice has a vision concerning some vampires that live up in Volterra, Bella and Edward enlist the help of some old friends and a few new ones. But this isn't going to be an easy fight to win... CHAPTER 7 IS NOW UP!!!!!


7. Banishing

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We reappeared in my living room. The shock on my face was evident and I fell to the floor in pain. My heart seemed to be wrenching it’s self out of my chest and the sobs in my throat hurt. All the furniture, paintings, everything was the same as how I left it. The house held so many memories, it hurt to try to remember them. All the memories I tried to repress so I wouldn’t break down came rushing back up to the surface. And all because I was standing in my, no my former, living room. I was back in Forks, and it tore me up inside.

Beck stood behind me, watching my reaction. Anger boiled up in me. Why did she take me here? What on Earth possessed her to remind me of the past I painfully left behind? It was only a few years since I last saw Forks, and Charlie’s house, but it hurt to remember. I couldn’t greet Charlie as he comes home from work. I couldn’t make dinner for him. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even let him know I was still alive. As I looked around the house one question came to mind: How could I have left this all behind? How? My mother, my father, my friends, my house, my job, the werewolves, my truck…My truck! Left all abandoned on some small road in the middle of nowhere! I loved that truck! How could I have just abandoned it! I wished desperately that I could have cried. To show some physical sign that I was sad. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t keep my self from being kidnapped, I couldn’t stop myself from giving up everything, I couldn’t stop myself from hurting everyone that I loved. I was useless.

It’s funny how one decision could change an entire future. How just one action could hurt so many lives. What if I just stayed in Phoenix? What if I didn’t move to Forks? The Volturi wouldn’t have gone after the Cullens. Cerberus probably wouldn’t have escaped. Renee and Charlie wouldn’t have lost a daughter. Jake wouldn’t of been hurt. I wouldn’t have betrayed anyone. And what about the good things that came out of my decision to move to Forks. I met Edward. I got closer to Charlie, even though I practically stabbed him in the back by running away. So that one didn’t count. So I met Edward…Was that the only good thing that came out of my decision to move to Forks. But that wasn’t good for him. Sure he fell in love with me. But he would have met a vampire that he would fall in love with in time. So, my moving to Forks was bad for everyone. The person I tried to help my getting out of her way, I just ended up hurting. Why couldn’t I do anything right?

My fist hit the floor, creating a small crater in the middle of Charlie’s floor. I screamed in frustration and pulled at my hair.

“Bella?” Beck asked weakly. I shook my head, not wanting to talk. “Bella, calm down,” she ordered me.

“How can I calm down, Beck?” I asked her icily. Beck looked surprised at my harsh tone. “What did you expect when you brought me here?” Anger was seething in me by then.

“It was an accident!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know where to take you! An image of this house flashed through my head and then we were here!” she said, pointing to the floor.

“It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or not!” I screamed. “I messed up everyone’s lives!” I exclaimed. “What good did I do coming to Forks anyway?” I covered my face with my hands. Beck sighed and sat down next to me.

“You did a lot of good, Bella,” she said softly.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically.

“Yes,” she said stubbornly. “You met Edward,” she offered.

“But I got him mixed up with the Volturi,” I countered.

“You got close to Charlie,” she said.

“Before I crushed him by running away.”

“You gave your mother some alone time with her husband.”

“That’s what caused all of this!”

“You’re right, it’s all your fault.” I whipped my head around to see that Beck wasn’t there any longer. Instead, I was. My mind was in a scramble. How could I be sitting next to myself? The other me turned towards me coldly. “How could you have done that to the people you love?” she asked, her tone filled with hate. I just stared back at Bella2.

“Wh-who are you?” I asked, my voice shaking. She snorted.

“I’m Bella, who are you?” she said, glaring at me.

“I’m Bella!” I yelled, starting to panic. Was I going crazy?

“Then I guess I’m you, then,” she said while inspecting her fingernails. She suddenly looked at me like she couldn’t wait to take a swing at me. “How could you? After what everyone has done for you, too! You betrayed them!”

“Well! I had to!” I said, starting to hyperventilate. The other me rolled her eyes.

“Oh yah, true love,” she said sarcastically. “Well, I have news for you!” she hissed. “There’s no room in the world for selfish people like you!” she exclaimed. “Why did you even move to Forks anyway? Do you know how many lives you ruined?” she started to loom over me. I placed my head between my knees and covered my ears with my hands.

“Shut up,” I whispered.

“I’m only saying the truth,” she said, her topaz eyes glaring at me. “And you know it! Don’t lie to me!” she yelled. “You are thinking the same thing! ‘Why did I have to ruin everyone’s lives?’. ‘Why am I so selfish?’. Those thoughts are in your head right now! Well, answer them! Why are you so selfish! Why do you hurt everyone you love! Why can’t you just undo everything you ever done? Everyone would be so much better off if you were never born!” I shook my head and pressed my hands against my ears harder. “You can’t ignore me out, Bella! I’m a part of you!” I looked up at her, hate filling my gaze.

“How are you a part of me?” I asked, my breathing heavy. The…girl rolled her eyes.

“Are you saying that you never had these thoughts in your head? You brought the Volturi and Cerberus to the Cullens. You broke your mother’s and father’s heart. You betrayed your best friend. What good have you ever done?” I squeezed my eyes shut. She stood up and planted herself in front of me. She laughed like she pitied me. “Just give up now, Bella. You aren’t going to be able to save them.”

“Yes, I can!” I said, my voice not as confident as I would have hoped. She laughed again.

“Sure, Bella, you keep thinking that. Every second you sit here, the Cullens are in greater danger.”

“How do you even know if they are in danger?” I countered. The last time I saw them, Cerberus was stalking towards them. They might have escaped.

“They didn’t escape, Bella,” she said in a monotone. “The Volturi got them. Using Cerberus as a distraction was a good idea,” she said, her tone filled with wonderment. I shook my head again. She turned her attention back to me. “You are worthless, Bella,” she said. “You can’t do anything right. The world would be better off with out you.”

Fury bubbled up inside of me. Who was this person and why did she think she could tell me what I was or not? If she was a part of me, then that was going to change. I stood up slowly, my eyes meeting hers halfway through. She had a shocked expression on her face.

“I don’t think I’m the worthless one,” I said, my voice filled with confidence that I didn’t know I had. I stepped closer to her. “I’m not worthless and even if I was, I wouldn’t wallow!” I shoved her away from me. “You are not a part of me!” I screamed.

“Then why am I still here?” she screamed back. I lost it then. My fist made contact with her jaw before I had the chance to stop it. She disappeared before she hit the floor. I looked around me, hoping that the house wasn’t trashed. In shock I realized there was no trace of the fight or that I was even there. The hole in the floor was gone. I looked into a mirror over the mantle place, horrified at what I might see. My mouth dropped open when I did see. It was me, before I was a vampire anyway. Average, imperfect me. A smile crept onto my face. Filled with new determination and confidence I marched over to a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a pen and paper.


I know years have passed since I talked to you, but I want you to know that I will always be your daughter. I left for reasons I can’t express to you, but believe me, I am happy now. I can’t tell you where I was or where I will be, but Charlie, I promise you that I still love you, that I have always loved you, that I will keep on loving you and nothing will ever change that. You are my father, now and forever. Don’t worry about me, move on. I just wanted to tell you that I am alive and well. Enjoy your life and don’t stay caught up in the past. Enjoy the ‘now‘. That’s what I’m doing. I can’t promise you that we will ever meet again, but I can promise you this: I will never forget you and you will always be dear to me.


Your Daughter, Bella Swan

PS. Don’t order pizza too much, it’s not healthy for you

I opened the front door and taped the note on the outside of the door. There Charlie was sure to find it. I sighed and took one last look at the house that held so many memories. I turned around and sprinted into the forest, my hands clenched into fists. I didn’t know exactly where I was going and how I was going to rescue the Cullens, but I did know one thing.

Even though I look different, I will always be that frail, clumsy human that fell down the stairs. I will always be the girl who defied nature and common sense and fell in love with a vampire. I will always be the human who left everything behind to find true happiness. No matter what anyone says, I will always be Bella Swan. And somehow, that gives me the strength to do what I will have to do next.

To be continued in volume three...