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101 Things To Do At Walmart

We all know Emmett has crazy ideas and does wacky things. But what happens when he gets the famous "101 Things To Do At Walmart" chain letter? Who gets sucked into his latest scheme with him? Told in Emmett's POV. Characters are vampires in this story just to make things interesting. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, just the plot of this story**


1. Prologue

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I was checking my email at approximatly 11:00 P.M. on a Friday night when I found the best chain letter email EVER.

"101 Fun Things to Do at Wal-mart," the subject line read.

I simply could not pass this up. It was too good not to do. Hmm, but who would do it with me?

"Rose!" I said just a bit louder than a normal-toned voice.

She came bounding into our room not two seconds later, wearing an annoyed look on her face and looking as beautiful as usual.

"What, Emmett?" she practically growled. "I was watching America's Next Top Model when you interupted!"

"I'm sorry. Look at the email I got!" I said excitedly.

She peered over my shoulder and then really did growl this time. "Emmett Cullen, you made me miss the show I was watching to show me a freaking chain letter email?!"

Whoops. My bad. She was livid now. Perhaps a little sucking up would help.

"Rosie, baby, I'm sorry," I said, getting up to kiss her. She was a stubborn one, but she could never resist when I touched her.

"Fine, your forgiven," she sighed as I kissed her neck.

"Does that mean you'll go to Walmart with me tonight to try this list out?"

She spun out of my arms and glared at me. "No way in hell will I put one foot in that ungodly convienent store," she said, wrinkling her nose.

"Please?" I asked, giving her my best puppy dog face.

Yeah, she wasn't really buying it.

"No, Emmett, I'm putting my foot down this time. Go get Edward and Jasper to go with you." And she left the room.

"Hmph, fine, be that way, Miss I'm-too-good-for-my-big-lovable-boyfriend-who-just-wants-to-spend-a-little-quality-time-with-his-girlfriend," I muttered to myself.

"I can hear you! And going to Walmart is so not what I call quality time!" Rosalie yelled up at me.

"Jasper!" I shouted. He joined me in the room soon after.

"Emmett, no need to shout. What is it?" he asked me.

"Will you go to Walmart with me tonight to complete this insanely cool list?" I asked as I held up the list of things to do.

He looked at it for a moment before bursting out laughing. "Sure Emmett, call Edward. He can leave Bella for a couple of hours."

I dialed Edward's number and he picked up on the first ring. "Emmett?"

"Yeah, Edward, do you wanna come to Walmart with me and Jasper to complete the 101 Things to Do at Walmart chain email?" I said, getting right to the point.

"I don't know...I mean, I'm with Bella..." he hesitated.

"Oh please Edward, she's not going anywhere and you'd be back before she woke up!" I was getting frusterated.


"Edward it's not a choice! Meet us there in 10," I commanded, and hung up the phone.

Ten Minutes Later...

We were gathered at the front doors of the local Walmart, list in hand.

I looked at each one of my brothers and said, "Alright, my brothers, let's do this thing. We'll go down in history."

We high-fived each other and walked through the automatic doors of the holy convienent store, meeting our destiny.