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Arizona Revisited

What if Bella moved back to Arizona to move on with her life? What if Alice sees a vision that takes her beloved away from her for all eternity? What if an unlikely enemy is creating an army, and the only thing stopping the impending doom is...a dress?? What if everything changes drastically and our favorite characters are thrown together to fix it? What happens then? I guess we'll find out... Its finished, but if you want a sequel, you have to request one :)


1. Chapter 1- BPOV

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“Excuse me!”

“Oh! I’m sorry, is this all for you today?”


“Okay…” I replied as I began entering the woman’s purchases into the register.

As she stalked off and out the door, I turned back to the object that held my attention just minutes before. It was a beautiful white dress with lace details throughout, a delicately pleated front, and a line of silk covered buttons from the nape of the neck down to the lower back. It was the type of dress you would see your great-great-grandmother wearing on her wedding day. It had the most alluring scent, not one you would expect on a dress no doubt 100-150 years old. Most items of this age smelled like mothballs and my grandmother’s closet, but this dress was similar to breathing in cinnamon, caramel, a hint of chai, and sunshine (if that were possible). And it was in perfect condition! We had just gotten it this morning, a treasure found by Sue, my shop manager, at an auction earlier this week. It was beautiful…

I decided that it belonged in the shop window, where it could get the admiration it deserved. I offset it by creating a more modern look in the opposite display, something I pictured Alice would put together… such as the shoes I put on display, brought in by a snobby sorority girl this morning. She felt the need to mention that they are the ‘it’ shoes of the season, as if that would make them more valuable (she brought them to a thrift store, how much did she think she’d get for them?). She left very disappointed. Alice would probably already have these…and in 7 colors knowing her! I thought to myself absently. Stop it! I scolded myself. It will do you no good to dwell on the past.

On the walk home, I thought about my life. Life for me has settled into what every teenager’s life should be…Normal. It is very different to the ‘dangerous’ one I lived 6 months ago that was taken from me. After ‘they’ left, I guess you could describe me as catatonic. I didn’t eat, sleep, or talk. I did absolutely nothing. I just wanted to be swallowed up and never have to feel again. It was as if my whole world was shattered, because it was. My life had left me, and I was lifeless. After about 3 weeks of nothing, Charlie couldn’t handle it anymore, and I don’t blame him. So he and Renee talked about it and felt it would be better if I were to move back home. I figured they would decide on Jacksonville, Florida, but Phil got traded to the Sidewinders, so ‘home’ was going to be Tucson, Arizona.

At first, I fought them. I couldn’t leave Forks. I didn’t want to leave ‘him’ behind, even though ‘he’ didn’t want me anymore. Everything in Forks reminded me of the Cullen’s, and I couldn’t leave them. I thought that if I left, it would be as if they never existed, except in my mind. Funny how that was the last promise ‘he’ ever made me…

But then something changed. I realized that I didn’t want to be weak and suffer anymore. I wanted to be free of his hold. Of course I knew that I would take him back in a heartbeat, no questions asked, if he were to ever come back. But I held no interest for him, so I knew he never would. I would always love him and his family, and I would never forget them, but I couldn’t let them hold me back, especially since I obviously didn’t hold them back from their ‘distractions’.

So that’s what I decided to do, was distract myself. The next morning, before Charlie had woken up, I had my bags packed and by the door. I was in the process of gathering what few possessions I wanted to take with me, when Charlie came into me room and looked at me completely dumbfounded. I specifically remember that conversation…

“Bella? You …you were cata…catatonic!?” Charlie stuttered.

“Yea…I snapped out of it.” I answered simply.

“Snapped?? Like a healthy snap or an ‘I should call a special doctor’ kind of snap

I rolled my eyes.

“Dad, I’m okay, really. I’ve thought about it and I think you guys were right about Tucson. Besides, I do miss the sun.” I said trying to convince him.

Obviously my excuse worked, because 6 months later, I’m working in a thrift shop in the 4th avenues area in Tucson, Arizona after school. I enrolled at Tucson High School, huge compared to Forks High, but tiny compared to my school in Scottsdale. It was walking distance to the thrift store I worked at, and to the house Phil bought for my mom. It was a beautiful house with a small porch, bay windows, 2 stories high, a tiny backyard and an even small front. It was one of the rare houses in Tucson that didn’t have a southwestern feel to it, which is quite abundant in a town so close to the Mexico border. It could definitely use a new paint job, but then again, so could all the houses in the neighborhood. The university wasn’t far off, so it was never quiet, always bustling. It made it hard to find any quiet time. But then again, it helped to keep my mind from wandering to certain people.

I tried to keep myself occupied at all times. I took extra classes to ensure that I graduated on time. I had a job after school, which is where I spent most of my time when I wasn’t with my mom or doing homework. So my life eventually turned into a predictable monotony.

But with my luck, or lack thereof, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened, and boy did it happen.

It all started when a girl about my age came into the thrift store asking if we had a dress that was similar to the one in the photo she held. It was a photo of a couple in the late 1800’s. I glanced at the photo and instantly recognized the dress to the one in the window display. But that wasn’t the only thing that I recognized. I saw a stunningly beautiful pale face staring up at me…then I fainted.