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Arizona Revisited

What if Bella moved back to Arizona to move on with her life? What if Alice sees a vision that takes her beloved away from her for all eternity? What if an unlikely enemy is creating an army, and the only thing stopping the impending doom is...a dress?? What if everything changes drastically and our favorite characters are thrown together to fix it? What happens then? I guess we'll find out... Its finished, but if you want a sequel, you have to request one :)


4. Chapter 4- BPOV and APOV

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I walked hesitantly into the lobby of the hotel I was told they would be in, holding the garment bag with the beautiful dress.

When I had regained my sanity after I fainted, I gathered as much information from the woman who had the photo of Jasper. She told me a company had just hired her to find this exact dress for a private auction they planned to have. I asked her what they looked like, giving the excuse that they might have worked with us before. She described Alice and Rosalie. I had felt my heart speed up and the hole on my stomach open up. It was painful to know that they were so close. But I continued to feed that pain with I asked the shopper if I could deliver it for her, using the excuse that we were old friends. She obliged after some more convincing.

And that’s how I ended up in their lobby awaiting them to pick up the dress. After I asked the receptionist to let them know the dress was here, I waited in front of the elevator for Alice, wondering if she had seen me coming…


Thank goodness Edward was out getting a quick hunt in with Jasper when I the vision of Bella in the lobby holding a Garment bag, no doubt including the dress we needed. She wasn’t here yet, but she would be soon. I didn’t dare tell anyone what I saw, although I’m sure Jasper would be able to tell that something was up when they came back. But maybe not... Jasper was very stressed out with the Maria issue, so he may not feel how excited i was about our soon to be revealed reunion. I couldn't believe that Bella, my best friend and sister was in Tucson! Why wasn't she in Jacksonville?? Oh well, I was still ecstatic to see her. Unfortunatly, my selfishness won me over. Despite the horros we were facing, I was jubilant at the fact that Bella was here! Then I realized the irony…Bella was here, in Tucson, where an army of vampires were about to run rampant. Of all the places in the world, she was here! The luck this girl had. Uh oh, Edwards on his way back, I better concentrate on something else…

“I checked reception on the way up and they informed me that no one has come by yet. I told you not to pay the shopper before the job was done.” Edward scolded as he walked in. His patience has clearly diminished.

“Don’t worry, it will be here.” I said a little too smugly. I concentrated even harder trying to remember all the species of cacti that are abundant here.

“Cactus shopping are we? I didn’t know you had a fascination with the southwest?” Edward said skeptically, his eyebrow raised.

“When in Rome,” I answered curtly, gesturing to the very tacky décor around me. I heard Emmett and Rosalie chuckle at my short comment.


“Hello?” answered Carlisle. “Its here? Ok, we’ll send someone down.”

“Edward, make yourself useful and get the dress please. I could do without your cynicism for a minute.” I said.

“Sure. Your thoughts were killing me anyway.”

“Thank you!” I called as he walked to his fate. Hehehehe