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Arizona Revisited

What if Bella moved back to Arizona to move on with her life? What if Alice sees a vision that takes her beloved away from her for all eternity? What if an unlikely enemy is creating an army, and the only thing stopping the impending doom is...a dress?? What if everything changes drastically and our favorite characters are thrown together to fix it? What happens then? I guess we'll find out... Its finished, but if you want a sequel, you have to request one :)


6. Chapter 6- BPOV

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*** I looked into his eyes, which were black, and found the truth there. It wasn’t imaginary Edward, this was the real thing. The Edward that left me in the forest those months ago, saying he didn’t love me, was right before me. But I didn’t see hate there in his eyes, or want of distraction. I saw love, pure unadulterated love. And that love was for me. It was mine. In that moment I knew that he never meant what he had said in the forest, I knew it was only meant for my protection. I also knew that he loved me.

“I love you Bella,” he breathed.

“I know,” I said simply.***


“So…What just happened?” Emmett asked obviously confused.

“Um... I think they love each other…?” Jasper said, almost as a question. “It feels like love, but I’m sensing confusion and I can’t really tell if it coming from them or us.”

I had maneuvered myself so that I was now sitting next to Edward, rather than on top of him. I looked straight in to his eyes again, taking in all that had just registered in my brain. He loves me. The realization of this was creating fireworks in my chest. He had always told me that he loved me, but I never believed him, but this time, I came to the realization myself. I knew that he loved me. I confirmed it to myself. Its was an amazing experience to me. I turned to the rest of the Cullen’s and saw impatience and confusion on all their faces.

“Um… Hi again. So…first I guess I should tell you that I brought the dress you sent that shopper looking for. Second, when I saw the photo you gave her, I recognized jasper and decided to bring it myself in hopes of seeing Alice… Then in the lobby, Edward was there… and I fainted… and when I got up, I was really confused…then… well you saw us practically make out… and lets just say I finally realized that I’ve always been wrong.” I said half hurriedly and nervous.

“Wrong? About what? Me?” Edward asked, looking worried.

“No, not you, I promise. Just the fact that I never believed you really loved me, which is why it was so easy to believe you were leaving me those months ago. But seeing you now, and kissing you like that, then staring intently into your eyes, feeling completely connected to your thoughts, I just knew that I had always been wrong, and you do love me. I just have this gut feeling that I know I’m right, and I’m happy.” I explained as his face went from understanding to pure joy.

“I’ll always love you.” He whispered, kissing just below my jaw.

“Can someone please explain what the hell is going on here?!” An exasperated Emmett finally yelled.

“Bella brought the dress you idiot. And had an epiphany about loving Edward and we unfortunately had to witness it.” Rosalie hissed.

“Maybe we should bring Bella up to speed about Maria…” Alice suggested.


After they explained everything that was going on , I couldn’t help but be a little confused.

“So, what your saying is… Maria wants territory, as in land she can feed off of, and she wants Mexico and most of the southwest, including here? And you cant let theVolturri step in because they’ll kill Jasper because he used to help her. So… where does the dress come in again?” I asked.

“The dress is our ticket to get her. She wont start anything till she gets it, she’s very superstitious. So we just need to make it apparent that a private auctioneer, us, has it and wants to sell it which will lead her right into our palms. I’ve already seen that it will work, one way or another. Either she’ll come for it herself or she’ll send some one and we’ll follow them back to her.” Alice explained.

“But they’ll know you are all vampires!” I said. Just then I heard Edward growl.

“So that’s why you’ve been keeping your thoughts from me!” he spat out. “You will not do that to her! Do you realize the dangers that she would be in! NO!”

Realization dawned on my face. They wanted me to pretend be the auctioneer.

“You see Bella, we were going to hire someone to do it for us, but you already know what’s going on and plus, no one can read your mind, just in case they have a mind reader. I know its asking a lot from you to risk your life, but what would you do if this was for Edward.” Alice pleaded.

“NO! She will not partake in this.” Edward growled at her, as he was being restrained by Emmett.

“Please Bella? You’re he only one we can trust implicitly with this situation.” Alice begged.

“I’ll do it.” I said. I wanted to help them in anyway. I would ask this of her if Edward was in this situation, so I needed to help her too. Besides, I loved Jasper too, despite the incident last year, and if he was in trouble and I could help, then I would.

“I wont let you!” Edward stated.

“Who said I needed permission?” I said. He wasn’t going to like it, but I was doing this with or without his consent.