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Arizona Revisited

What if Bella moved back to Arizona to move on with her life? What if Alice sees a vision that takes her beloved away from her for all eternity? What if an unlikely enemy is creating an army, and the only thing stopping the impending doom is...a dress?? What if everything changes drastically and our favorite characters are thrown together to fix it? What happens then? I guess we'll find out... Its finished, but if you want a sequel, you have to request one :)


8. Chapter 8- EPOV

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She was hiding something. They both were…

I knew by the way I would catch Bella biting her lip when she thought no one was looking, or the way she would suddenly tear up then pretend the tears were due to allergies, that something was wrong. It also didn’t help that Alice’s thoughts were guarded. She was allowing me to see what she wanted me to see, that everything would go fine, but I knew better than to believe that. Something was wrong and neither one was telling what it was. It was slowly driving me mad, the suspense of it all. I needed to find out, before something bad really did happen.

I ran through all the possibilities of how I could gather the truth from one of them, but each time, Alice would just glare at me.

“Stop trying Edward, you know I’ll always stop you.” Alice said, with a hint of remorse in her voice. She should be remorseful! It’s her fault that Bella wants to risk her life and help. No one should have ever asked for her help.

I sat with my arms folded, looking like a child that didn’t get his way.

“Maybe we should just tell him Alice. Either way, I’m still going through with it.” Bella told Alice.

“I knew you two were hiding something! What is it, tell me Alice?!” I yelled at her. I felt two strong arms wrap around me and knew instantly that Emmett was trying to keep me tame. I felt a wave of calm spread over me from Jasper, but I shook it off, not wanting to be calm right now.

“Calm down Edward, please what is going on Alice?” Esme asked us both.

“They’re hiding something, both of them! Ask them, all of you; ask them what they’re hiding!!!!” I yelled to my family, who had all gathered looking between me and Alice and Bella.

Bella started, “Well, we all knew there was a risk going into this, so it should be of no surprise that Alice may have warned me of a few potentially dangerous possibilities.”

“What kind of potentially dangerous possibilities?” Asked Carlisle.

“Well, I…um…I may possibly….um well I may possibly not make…make it through….if you know what I mean….Its not definite, but every once in awhile, Alice sees a vision that ends with me dying. She warned me so that I knew just how dangerous this was, she even told me she wouldn’t allow me to help anymore, but I told her she didn’t have a choice and that I was staying. Besides, Alice’s visions are subjective, it could possibly not happen!” Bella explained.

The room fell silent. Everyone was looking at Bella open mouthed, utter surprise on their faces, except Alice and I. I looked her straight in the eyes, and saw the hurt and sorrow that filled her face. She didn’t want this just as much as I didn’t, but she replayed the images of her trying to talk Bella out of it, and I understood that Bella could not be swayed. Just then, she slipped, and I saw all the possible ways Bella could, and would die.

It felt as it my insides were shredding apart. I saw her dead lifeless body on the floor of a hallway in a deserted office building. I saw her somewhere in a desert, drained of all her blood, laying on the floor. I say her beautiful, delicate neck, broken in the lobby of the café she was to go to. I saw her dangling from the grasp of Maria’s hand as she choked the life out of my Bella. At that last vision, all hell broke loose.

I will kill Maria!

Not only did Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Carlisle all try to restrain me, but even my mother had to help calm me. But nothing worked. All I saw was Maria holding Bella’s limp body and the rage and animal surfaced. I wanted, needed her dead! Even though she hadn’t killed Bella yet, even the sheer possibility that she could kill her tore me to shreds.

“Edward, CALM DOWN!” Carlisle was urging me. I could not hear reason; I only tried to get out of their bonds so that I could find Maria and make Bella safe.

“Edward you need to calm down...” I heard Bella whisper. I had forgotten that my love was in the room during my fit, and I searched wildly for her loving brown eyes. Suddenly I found them; they were across the room slowly making their way to me. I noticed that everyone’s grip became more solid, securing me.

“Bella, stay over there! He’s not stable right now.” Alice yelled at her.

“He won’t hurt me Alice, obviously he’s not listening to you, but maybe I can get through to him.” Bella answered back. “Edward… Please Edward, calm down… I need you…. I want you to calm down, please... Please Edward, calm down, for me?”

Ahhh, this woman would be the death of me, but I felt my body relax, and I felt the monster inside of me retreat back into its lair. I was calming down; I needed to calm down, for Bella’s sake. She slowly made her way over to me, placing one hand on my cheek, I leaned into her touch. As much as I wanted to run out and take care of the Maria matter myself, I knew that I couldn’t just leave Bella here by herself.

“We’ll work this all out Edward, I promise. We’ll all go over everything again and make sure that Alice’s vision of me dead goes away okay? We’ll work this all out.” Bella whispered into my chest as she wrapped her arms around me. I barely noticed that I wasn’t being restrained anymore; the only thing that mattered was that I had Bella right in my arms.

“We will work on any possibility to make the vision leave, if there is any hint that Bella won’t make it, she’s not going in. Got it?” I looked around the room and locked eyes with every single one of them. “Bella, I won’t lose you. I know that you say you’re going to help either way, but unless you stop dying in Alice’s vision, you won’t be there. There is no negotiation.”

She looked at me, obviously deciding whether to fight me, but she backed down. She probably thought not to push me considering what she just witnessed. Everyone consented to my rules, either because they were afraid of my wrath, but more so because they all loved Bella and none of them wanted to see her dead, including Rosalie. We’ll keep her safe Edward. Rosalie thought to me as I cradled Bella in my arms.

Just 3 more hours before all of our fates are decided…