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Arizona Revisited

What if Bella moved back to Arizona to move on with her life? What if Alice sees a vision that takes her beloved away from her for all eternity? What if an unlikely enemy is creating an army, and the only thing stopping the impending doom is...a dress?? What if everything changes drastically and our favorite characters are thrown together to fix it? What happens then? I guess we'll find out... Its finished, but if you want a sequel, you have to request one :)


9. Chapter 9- APOV, EPOV, APOV

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Dammit! Why does Bella have to be so difficult…? The only words that had been going through my head since thescuffle earlier. After Edwards’s episode, Bella had asked me to take her home so that she could grab something to wear, claiming she had a business-like outfit somewhere. She had insisted Edward stay behind to work on the plan. The minute she knew we were far enough away from Edward so that he couldn’t hear my thoughts, Bella began her assault.

“Alice, I’m still going to help, I don’t care what he says. You need me.” Bella stated simply.

“Bella, no. Were not putting you in unnecessary danger. If they believe that we can make it with out your help, and they do, then we won’t have you there.” I said.

“You can’t fool me Alice. I know you just said ‘if they believe,’ you didn’t say that you did. Now you’re going to tell me the truth… Will the plan work if I’m not there?”

“No.” I said, defeated.

“I knew it. Why..?”

“I love you Bella, I don’t want you to die either. I know that jeopardizes Jasper, but we can always try and run and hide. With our abilities, we may have a chance…” I trailed off, not sounding too convinced.

“I won’t let you do that. No matter what, you have to make them believe I won’t die if I go. You have to!” Bella begged.

Now back to present time, we were only moments away from putting our plan to action. Edward wouldn’t let Bella out of his grasp, and at the moment were staring at each other as if it would be the last time. Carlisle and Esme were holding each other on the couch, just simply cuddling together. I don’t want to even think about what Rose and Emmett were doing, even though I could hear them, ugh. And my Jasper was sitting at a bar stool near the mini kitchenette probably blaming himself for all of this. I tried to console him throughout this entire trip, but he had hardly spoken to me, it’s as if he was lost in his own little world. It kind of scared me, not know what he was thinking about.

They all thought the plan would work though; I didn’t need Edward’s ability to know that. I had made them believe that the plan was fool proof, that everything would go according to plan. Little do they know that they won’t even need to use it…


It was only 30 minutes away from the dress swap and everyone was quietly waiting, with the exception of Emmett and Rosalie. I held onto Bella, memorizing every plane of her body, her face, her smell, her hair, everything. I knew everyone else was doing the same. Even though we were all confident that we would succeed, we couldn’t help but be on edge.

Alice has assured us all that the plan would work, that there was no danger left, that we had perfected it. Any way that they could move and decide, we always had the perfect counter to it.

There was nothing to worry about.

“Okay guys, I’m going to go hide the dress like we all talked about. When I give the signal, everyone to their respective places ok. Wait for my call.” Alice said as she grabbed the garment bag and walked out of the room.

We had all decided that Alice was to hide the dress, and stay within a short distance to it, and if anyone got near her she was to call one of us. When it was in a safe place, she was to call Bella, so that Bella can head over to the meeting place we had set up. Then when the other Vamps have their directions, I am to go in and make sure Bella gets out safe and unscathed. Then Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper will catch up with them as Esme and Carlisle meet up with Alice. From there, we are going to interrogate until we get the info we need. It was a pretty good plan.

Now we just wait for Alice call…


“It’s very nice to see you Alice. It seems you have agreed to out exchange?”

“Yes.” I said as I walked to my fate.