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banner by me banner by me Rosalie finally gets the revenge she deserves against the men who left her to die...


1. Pathetic

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Chapter Notes: I decided to put this fic up here mostly because there's not a lot of Rosalie stories out there and because I haven't yet explored around with Rose. So here's my first shot in the mind of Rosalie. There will be more details in the second chapter, when she finally get Royce in her clutches. Enjoy!

Predator-Chapter 1: Pathetic

By: Eternitys_Charm

I was thinking this was way too easy; they were all just practically giving themselves to me. I laughed darkly in the trees’ shadows.

I remembered the two victims I had had the previous days. They were pathetically easy to kill. The fright of just seeing me was almost enough to finish them.

The wind blew strongly, covering my loud laugh of satisfaction.

There were only three of them tonight at the bar. I saw them exit the bar sluggishly, arms around one another’s shoulders laughing drunkenly. Royce hiccupped, “see you ‘morrow mates.” And went off his way opposite of his friends.

“‘Night Royce.” One said in a slur.

The two men soon separated as one of them went his own way at the next corner. I decided which one to take this night.

“ ‘areful tonight Christopher,” one man said to the other half drunk, “don’t want ‘o wind up like poor Bill and Donovan now do we?”

His friend responded with a wave of his hand in dismissal, “those two were not’ing but idiots, John. S’rry to say so but they was missing some nuts and bolts.” He garbled pointing at his head.

You are, too. I wanted to say to his statement.

John nodded and went on his way. I found out John was only to stay that night in town and would leave by noon. I had to pick him, he would not escape from me.

I followed close behind, unseen in the dark shadows. No one was out at 2 a.m. in the morning in this town, especially it being a weekday. So the streets were lonely to my liking.


I followed until we were in the outskirts of town; it was great he was staying so far from anything. It was pitiful, seeing him so drunk and weak. Killing him almost seemed cruel. Almost.

John hiccupped and stopped, bending his body over the curb to vomit. I made a face but took the liberty of this moment to appear in front of him.

Once he was done he lifted his head, finally noticing something was in front of him. He jumped back a little, but when he saw the dress he relaxed. “Why, I’m sorry little lady. I had not seen you there.” He apologized with drool dipping from the side of his mouth. Repulsive. “What are you doing out at this time of night?”

I walked forward, letting the streetlamp illuminate me. He then realized what was in front of him and staggered back tripping on his clumsy feet onto his back.

I smiled wickedly at him, “hello, John.”

He screamed, “Rosalie!” And I laughed maniacally.

My instincts took over then but I knew not to spill any blood. I was going to make this plain and simple, like with the other two. But noticeable, so no one would think he died accidentally because he was so foolishly drunk.

John tried as he could to pry me off of him. He threw his hands and feet around effortlessly and terrified. But none of his pitiful screams or pleas would cause me to stop. I was enjoying it too much.

I could only picture the satisfaction I would have when Royce would be in that position. It would be too easy, predator vs. prey.


The way Royce and Christopher mourned for their long lost friend – drink.

I could hear them inside the bar, “we take double shots for John!” Royce shouted. Their glasses clinked together and with a loud “cheers” they gulped down the alcohol.

From what I could tell, each men had at least one girl with them. “Oh Royce,” one said pathetically, with a moan-type voice, “ I’m so sorry. First Rosalie and now three of your friends. You must be hurting so much!” She kissed him.

I felt repulsed, not because she kissed him but because of the act she was pulling trying to sound so genuine.

“I know.” Royce said with the same false tone she had, “I’m still holding up, though. That’s how strong I am.”

“Oh yes!” The girl moaned with an overly flirty giggle.

I rolled my eyes and waited patiently outside the bar.

Kneeling between a few bushes I planned the way I could kill Christopher without anyone noticing. Since Royce probably figured out one by one his friends were dying until finally reaching him, he insisted to Christopher to take a cab to his home. It would be more difficult to lure his friend away.

But not impossible, knowing his friend wasn’t the brightest man in the world –drunk or not— he was always a sucker for a good ‘ol damsel in distress.

I was positive he would enjoy finding a weak woman calling for help.

“Oh Royce!” The pathetic girl in the bar shouted with pleasure, bringing me out of my train of thought.

I couldn’t help but get a tad jealous as I heard their lips smacking together.

“Oh, Elizabeth.” He moaned against her lips.

Elizabeth? My stomach churned with disgust. I remembered seeing Elizabeth around town, she was lower class so I only saw her a few times and I dared not talk to her. I remembered she was known for her prostitution and being able to pleasure her men splendidly. Even if her looks weren’t so beautiful, she always made her men happy one way or another.

It was not long after 11 pm that Royce and Christopher and their whores decided to call it a night.

Each man took his own cab home. The women remained in the bar, now with other drunken men.

I ran a few miles forward, unseen. And waited until Christopher’s cab arrived near me. I located my hat on my head, just barely over my eyes to cover up my identity. I could hear the cab coming up the road.

Right when it’s lights were turning the corner I collapsed in front of it, pretending I had tripped.

“Oh!” I yelped in fright. I breathed heavily, faking it a little too well.

The cab stopped inches away from me and Christopher jolted out of the car.

I grabbed my ankle, “ooh.” I protested at the imaginary pain.

“Madam, are you okay?” he asked sounding more alert than drunk. I thought maybe it was just because they hadn’t stayed up half the night drinking.

I continued my charade, “ooh, no. I need help.” I said.

“Here,” he said offering me his hand. I took his hand in mine, wearing gloves he didn’t feel the coldness of my skin.

“Thank you.” I said shyly hiding my face in the shadows of my hat.

Still politely he asked, “do you need a ride?”

I denied it, “no thank you, I think I just need to walk off this ankle.”

I half thought he was going to say “suit yourself” and climb into the cab on his own. But by the way he was staring at me, looking at my curves in the dress I had newly worn; I knew he would follow.

“Need help getting to your home, miss?” He asked. I knew he was only being courteous so he could land a hot girl and even lay it on her, I never once saw him be this nice to a girl unless he wanted something in return.

“Oh, yes, thank you.” I sighed holding onto his arm.

My prey was oh-so easy to catch.

End Notes: I decided to start witht he murder of these two men because if I started with the first one and then all the way to Royce it would have been a long story and a boring one, in my opinion.