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when the world came crushing down

edward gets killed by the volturi in order to protect alice. but the question is: what will bella do? i think we all have a pretty good idea.... but would she take it that far? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

yes... yes she would. thanks to my beta alice_1901

hey guys! review please! that would be just apples and peaches! now before you begin, please understand there will not be a sequal... unless you ask me, AND if i get 50 reviews!!!

2. arguments

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I have been spending the last two hours being restrained by Emmett against the wall, only to prevent my grand escape. Every one else has been some what lifeless. Except for me and Esme that is.

I don’t understand how this was such a shock for me. Renesmee and Jacob have been married for a full 470 years, but I was still startled when Jacob came walking through the door. Still young from not being able to age.

“ hey guys? How’s it going?… what’s with the long faces?” he said after a while.

“ Jacob!” screamed Renesmee as she began to sob.

“ what’s wrong?! What happened?”

“Edward has, well he has been killed by the Volturi.” said Carlisle, finally speaking up for the first time in the past 2 hours.

“ what?!?” Jacob and Edward had grown very close since Renesmee came into the picture.

“ yes, its true!” cried Renesmee.

“ how’s… how’s Bella doing?” Jacob said, speaking of me as if I were not right next to him.

“ Emmett has been keeping a hold on her so she doesn’t try to run away to go off on herself… again.” said Carlisle, speaking yet again in a quiet tone.

“ again Bella?” he scolded me.

“ when we told her she just gave us all a kiss and got up and ran away as fast as she could to Forks airport! Luckily Emmett caught her before she was able to run to far.”

“ why did she run?” asked Jacob.

“ what would you do if something were to happen to Nessie?”

“that’s… different.”

“ WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK ITS SO DIFFERENT FROM THERE OWN MISERY? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND! WHAT WE HAD WAS SPEACIAL! AND NOW… its gone…” I exploded on him with such force he began to back away from me.

“ its different because, well, there’s just something about imprinting that,” I interrupted him before he could finish.

“shut up! Just shut up Jacob! I care about him just as much as you do for my daughter! Stop trying to down that just because we didn’t have some freakish voodoo BS that you have going on!”

“I…” was all he said.

“ NOT ANOTHER WORD!” I screamed.

At this point Jacob had enough. He got up and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

“ oh god…” I know I’m being horrible… but that’s understandable right?

“mom, maybe you should just go to the Volturi so you don’t have to take it out on every one else!” Renesmee? How could she say that?

“RENESMEE! You knock that off right now! Bella is in pain. You take that back this instant!” shouted Esme in my defense.

“I’m… I am so sorry mom!” she was sobbing into my shirt by now.

“I’m sorry to Renesmee, I’m sorry to.” I really was sorry. Sorry about hurting my family, sorry about yelling. But most of all, I’m sorry about what I was going to do to them the moment Emmett lets go.