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when the world came crushing down

edward gets killed by the volturi in order to protect alice. but the question is: what will bella do? i think we all have a pretty good idea.... but would she take it that far? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

yes... yes she would. thanks to my beta alice_1901

hey guys! review please! that would be just apples and peaches! now before you begin, please understand there will not be a sequal... unless you ask me, AND if i get 50 reviews!!!

6. leaving

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“ Alice… I..” said Jasper nervously.

“ would someone care to explain as to why Jacob is dead all over the floor? And why Jaspers ear seems to be disconnected.” said Alice, her voice slightly shaking…

“uh, Alice, we all need to talk to you… privately…” said Renesmee in a awkward tone.

“what’s this all about?” said Alice, her voice shaking yet again.

“ just come with us… we will explain.” I said in a dead tone, which, in these days, was the only tone I could manage to conjure up. Dead. Like Edward…

“ok…” then she followed us into the house… this was not going to be easy. But then again, not painful either.

After about 5 minutes of running we approached the house.

“Alice, take a seat please” said Renesmee.

Alice sat, and gestured us to begin with our story. So Jasper started at the very beginning, under the oak tree…


“ YOU CHEATED ON ME!” cried Alice in an agony that was so pure, and true, I sent shivers down my spine, and pain washed through my sole just for her.

“ Alice it was nothing I swear! You know I will only love you!” retorted Jasper.

“mmhmm sure! that’s exactly what you told me when you came back from Maria! When is it going to end for you Jasper? When are you going to learn?”

“ Alice, you mean everything to me! Everything! You don’t understand how much I love you! I will never ev-” then Alice interrupted.


“but Alice! Its all true! I really do love you!”

“ to hell you do!”

“so what are you going to do? So I cheated… you still love me don’t you?” Alice took a while in this one.

“ Jasper, I love you… but I just cant take this anymore. I cant take coming home all the time to find out that you cheated on me… I just cant take the pain.”

“YOU DON’T KNOW PAIN!” screamed Renesmee and me at the same time.

They all turned to us, alarmed. We have both been so quiet during the argument. Eventually they just carried on with what they were doing and pretended like we weren’t there,

“Alice, please. don’t do this to me. I need you.”

“ Jasper… I just can’t…”

“ so what? You don’t… want me?” a pain washed through my heart as the hurt of those words sank in. those were the exact same words when Edward left me.

“ bella, I don’t want you to come with me.” he spoke these words slowly and precisely.

“ you…don’t…want me?” I tried out the words, confused ny the way they sounded, in that order.


“don’t… don’t do this.” he just stared at me. And I could see from his eyes he already had.

“ your not good for me Bella…”

“ if… that’s what you want.”

And then I was taken away from my flashback when I heard the single most cruel word in my life.

“no” jasper began to sob…

“ Alice no! I love you! don’t do this to me! don’t leave me!”

“ I’m afraid I have to… Jasper. I will always love you.” and then she turned around, and left the house. She took Jaspers heart with her.