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when the world came crushing down

edward gets killed by the volturi in order to protect alice. but the question is: what will bella do? i think we all have a pretty good idea.... but would she take it that far? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

yes... yes she would. thanks to my beta alice_1901

hey guys! review please! that would be just apples and peaches! now before you begin, please understand there will not be a sequal... unless you ask me, AND if i get 50 reviews!!!

8. hasty decision

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Renesmee was two months, two weeks along… for her that’s about 8 months and three weeks. We were expecting Jackie soon… very soon. But the moment we saw a pool of water under my daughter in the kitchen, we all went into complete, and total shock.

“ the baby is coming the baby is coming! Carlisle, quick, do something! Anything! Help me! Please!” Renesmee was panicking, while I was at loss of words.

“ Jasper, Emmett, help me pick her up and take here into the bedroom! Rosalie, Esme, you two get the supplies, Renesmee, you just need to stay calm for a moment ok?” Carlisle gave off his orders as fast as he could as Jasper and Emmett picked up Renesmee and took her upstairs.

There was no way I could watch this, even if my daughter wanted me to. I had been through an almost the same situation, but with Edward by my side. I would never be able to help her through this, without him helping me as well. So I just slowly walked over to the living room couch, in a daze. I was now at loss of feeling, among my loss for words. It was like the part of me that held all emotion, pain, happiness, anything, had completely died out along with Edward… Edward…

I slowly turned my head, and saw Edward, his head leaning against a pillow, a look of worry on his face.

“what’s wrong?” I asked him.

“ I feel like when you were having Renesmee, and I worry for her.”

“ I’m worried too. What if something goes wrong? What if I’m not there for her when she needs me the most?”

don’t worry love, I feel the same way each and every day… every single retched day…”

“what do you mean?” I shook my head along with these words.

“ when I was… killed, everyday I would watch over you and the family. I feel as if all of this misery, Jacobs death, Renesmee’s baby, you trying to Kill your self, I feel as if I should be there for all of you. But I’m not… that’s the hardest part.” he answered sorrowfully.“ I understand, but I still worry… as you do too I’m sure.”

Then I heard a piercing scream from up stairs… followed by another… and another… they just kept coming… the baby was almost here.

I looked at Edward with concern in my eyes, his face reflected this… emotion.

“ you know Edward, ever since you… were killed, I don’t feel emotion, except for when you are here as a hallucination. Like the hole in my chest took my heart with it, theoretically speaking of coarse.” I said in a matter-of-factly tone.

A look of pain spread across his face.

“ you know I had to Bells, if I hadn’t they would have taken Alice. I cant risk member of my family for my own life. If it weren’t for me Alice would have been in the volturi’s clutches.”

“ I hate them! I hate them for taking you away from me! I hate them for there threats, for there lies, for the pain they have caused our family!i would love to go to Volttera and burn them each individually, because they took what was most important to me, away from me…” and with those words a scream, other then from Renesmee, came. It was a sound of a baby girl. I dashed up stairs while my hallucination of Edward followed.

“ Carlisle what’s going on?” I asked.

“ the baby is here but-” then Renesmee passed out, nearly dead, on the floor. Her breathing slowed, her heart rate with it… my little girl was dying.

I looked to Edward, and his face held a look of pain, agony, and hopelessness. He just stared, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. He was completely, and totally helpless… but I wasn’t.

“ would it help if I… changed her?” I asked Carlisle. I made this decision quickly, as one second lost, could mean life or death.

“ she will die if we don’t do something… we have to try! I don’t know how venom will affect her, but its worth a shot…”

I looked to Edward, searching for approval. He slowly, and solemnly nodded his head in agreement.

Then, with a sudden burst of determination, I bent over my daughters neck, slowly at first, but then decided that it would be best to do this quickly. So I placed my lips onto her neck, and bit as hard as I could. I retracted my head as fast as I could to help resist the temptation of her blood.

Her eyes opened with fear as she screamed, and thrashed violently . The transformation is starting…


The next three days were very difficult for me. Edward had disappeared. So I was alone in the world watching my daughter with the constant question nagging at me: what have I done?

Its very possible that she will not survive the transformation, yet also possible that she could come out of it stronger then ever… neither was for sure.

I was staring at Renesmee, but then I heard her heart accelerate, faster and faster… the transformation was almost complete. When I heard her heart stopped I turned to see what she had become. My heart felt as if should skip a beat, even though there were no beats to skip.

When her heart stopped, she took one finale breath, and gestured toward me, making the most of her last breath.

“ m-mom, I j-just need-d you t-to take c-care of the b-baby for me o-ok? P-please?”

“ I, I will find a way tom make sure she’s safe…” I said.

“ p-please d-d-don’t k-kill yourself, m-my b-baby needs you.” she replied as she choked back a sob.

“ ok” I whispered when I realized that all hope was lost.

“ p-please b-be yourself a-again m-mommy. Y-you a-act l-lifeless e-ever since d-dad… d-d-died.”

“ I’ll try my hardest Nessie, I love you.” I told her.

“ I l-love y-you too m-mom.” and with this last quivering word her head sank into the pillow and my baby died. My baby… the one I held close as a young girl, the one who brought so much joy into my life… gone.

Then the same, nagging question entered into my head once more.

What have I done?