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when the world came crushing down

edward gets killed by the volturi in order to protect alice. but the question is: what will bella do? i think we all have a pretty good idea.... but would she take it that far? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

yes... yes she would. thanks to my beta alice_1901

hey guys! review please! that would be just apples and peaches! now before you begin, please understand there will not be a sequal... unless you ask me, AND if i get 50 reviews!!!

9. escape

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“ how’s Nessie doing?” said Carlisle as everyone entered the room. I only continued to sob uncontrollably as my response. A look of realization swept across all of there faces except one. Jasper.

“ what wrong with her Bella?” Jasper said in a quiet tone.

“ Jasper… she’s dead.” spoke Rosalie. Everyone with the exception of her began to sob.

“ I can’t keep doing this! I just can’t! before, the only thing stopping me from going to Volttera was Renesmee! But now, she’s part of the reason I need to go…” I whispered. “ just do me a favor and put me out of my misery.”

“ Bella… please. We love you.” said Rosalie. “ all of us.” Rosalie doesn’t love me, She is just saying that so I don’t go. Because if I were to go Emmett would be upset all the time.

“ no… you don’t.” with that I got up, and began my run to forks airport… no one was trying to stop me. Maybe because they knew would be better off dead. Like Edward. Like Renesmee.

How could this happen? How could the world be so cruel as to take some one so sweet and innocent? I feel as if my heart hadn’t only broken, but had exploded. The walls that hold back all pain that have been continuously breaking, had caught fire and burned. Just like hope to do.

By this time I was at the airport. This time, I would take care of business. Nothing here to stop me now.


I stepped of the plane onto Italy soil. I was here. Just two more hours of living until I could finally approach my end.

I needed a car. Just like last time I was in Italy…

The pilot came on over the intercom, announcing, first in French, then in English, our imminent landing. The seat belt lights dinged and flashed.

“ how far is it from Florence to Volterra?”

“ that depends how fast you drive… Bella?”


She eyed me speculatively. “ how strongly are you apposed to grand theft auto?”

I sighed. I hated stealing, especially because of how much money the Cullen family had. But I had to. So I walked up to the first car I saw, broke the glass, and to my astonishment the keys were already in the ignition. I could have easily started it myself but this works fine too. So I turned on the car and took off full speed to Volterra.


I was now only about 100 yards from the dark ally that lead to the sewer under the Vloturi’s “castle” so to speak. Last time I was hear all I could think of was saving a life, but now I was here to take it.

I slowly approached the dark ally way, then descended down through the sewer system that Edward, Alice, and I had walked along 501 years ago… I took one left turn and then came across a wooden door that lead to the Volturi’s lobby.

“ hello, what can I do for you today?” spoke Gianna. Apparently the Volturi decided to keep her after all.

“ I would like a word with… Jane.” I knew if I asked for Aro he would not grant me my wish… he would just take me prisoner.

“ sure, just let me call for her.” she picked up a black phone, dialed a few numbers, and when the person who I suspect was Jane answered picked up the line she spoke a few words in Italian then hung up.

“ she is on her way and will be here in no more then three minutes.”

Three minutes. Three minutes until my life would end. Three minutes until I could be with Renesmee, Edward, and Jacob… just three more minutes.

“ well… Bella. What seems to bring you here.” Jane chuckled darkly.

Some one was following behind her. Mi couldn’t make out the figure at first but then the bronze haired boy came into view. Edward. The hallucination of him must have come to see me off.

“ Jane, this may sound strange, but I need you to kill me…” I spoke softly.

She gave a small laugh. “ my pleasure.”

“ no!!!” cried Edward. Jane turned. How could Jane have known that my hallucination was there?

“ no, Bella don’t do this!”

“ silence!” Cried Jane… Jane talking back to my imagination?

Jane shrugged this off and leaped toward me, teeth bared and arms wide open.

What happened next was probably the single best thing that has ever happened to me. Edward met Jane in mid air and they both came crashing down to the floor. Edward was alive. But how? At the moment I could care less… I just needed to get out of here.

“ EDWARD!” I screamed as I saw him tear Jane limb from limb, take out a match, and light her remains on fire.

“ Bella, lets get out of here before any one knows you’re here besides Gianna.”

I nodded quickly and we began, hand in hand, away from the Volturi.


By now we were driving, both wearing the biggest smiles imaginable on our faces. Edward was alive. Despite all that has happened in the past three months, Edward was alive.

“ how?” I asked him.

“ how what?

“ how are you alive?”

“ what do you mean?”

“ I was sitting under the oak tree, and I was informed you were dead. Killed by the Volturi to protect Alice. So the question is how are you alive? Rosalie even had proof. She had your wedding ring.”

“ the Volturi came across me about three months ago asking to hand over Alice. When I said no they took me captive, and made me one of them. They tried to make it look like they killed me by ripping apart and burning the pieces of a local vampire. They took my wedding ring and placed it among the ashes and wrote a small note stating what happened to make it look like murder. I was devastated. Only because I knew what this would do to you. In truth, I actually expected your visit to the Volturi. But I never expected out reunion to be so smooth and to actually escape.”

“ Edward… a lot happened while you were gone.”

“ such as?”

“ Renesmee got pregnant with Jaspers baby, Jasper and Jacob got in a huge fight and Jacob was killed, When Renesmee had the baby something went wrong and we needed to try to change her. But the venom doesn’t work on a ½ human ½ vampire, so… Edward, our baby is dead.” this all came out in a rush and with sobs.

“ Renesmee? She’s gone…” he said, and an actual tear fell down his cheek.

“ Edward, how are you crying? Were vampires… we cant cry.”

“ It hurts that much…” then all tears began to spill over for him. I opened my mind so he could hear my thoughts. I showed him the past few months, in vivid detail. He began to sob even more.

“ I’m sorry you had to go through this with out me…”

“ I’m just glad to have you back… come on, lets go home.” I said as we pulled into the airport.


The whole plain ride back to Forks I never let go of Edward. I would never let him go again. Because he was with me… and here to stay.