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Falling Stars

This is my version for the sequal to Breaking Dawn.Bella,the cullans,and Jacob,of course leave Forks to go to Dartmouth University.Bella's eyes are now golden and has a bathroom stacked with brown eye contacts for her collage year.This is Bellas first time with so many humans.But the question is are they all human? Bella meets unexpected guests.Who could it be?A fight breaks out between the cullens and the Volturi.Who will rise to the challenge?and who will fall?Read to know the answers.Bella also discovers new powers what are they? Last chapter is up!!!!Come on people please review. over 2000 reads and only 17 reviews. REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


11. Chapter 11: Killing Spree

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We were in the open field. The very field that almost killed me and the same field in which we all came together once before to fight for my beloved daughter not even 5 months ago. We were all positioned like last time but with extra dogs. I counted at least 40 shape shifters and 11 extra dogs. I stretched my shield farther than I had ever done before and protected everyone. I could feel them in my shield, just a bright light combined with many others. Renesmee was of course at la push with 6 others, so that made me feel better. We were waiting for the volturi. Luring them to this very spot.

“Alice how much time?” I asked looking towards Alice. I eyes glazed over.

“2 more minutes and by the looks of it they brought reinforcements.” Alice said calmly. i turned to look at everyone. They were all saying their farewells together. Jacob stood next to me giving a wolfy smile and a barky laugh telling me it would be alright. I gave the wolf Jacob a big hug and he licked me in response. It was disgusting there was so much slobber.

“Jacob!” I yelled at him but he just laughed his barky laugh once more. I turned towards Edward who was on my other side and locked gazes with me. He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him, kissing my forehead.

“1 more minute!” Alice yelled out to everyone.

“No matter what happens Bella I will always love you. You are my life and I will never let you die. I wont let that happen. My love stay safe and don’t get in the way,” Edward said.

“I love you truly I do, but if you think I’m going to just watch you better think again.” I said and kissed him for what felt like a eternity. The moon was shining bright. It was a full moon. Just then a pitch black wolf came to me. I didn’t need help to know who this was, it was Dylan. He was bigger than Jacob about 8 feet tall while Jacob was only about 7 feet or so. He flashed me a wolf smile. I looked at Edward and he just nodded at Dylan. Dylan then turned forward and took a protective stance in front of me.

“5 more seconds!” Alice yelled and then they were here. There were about a hundred of them. I felt pressure on my shield and tightened it around everybody. When they saw what was before them a look of shock and disbelief shot across their faces. Then Aro, Marcus, Caius, and their special guard stood in front of everybody. Jane and Alec were still trying to use their powers against my shield. They were surprised to see how many dogs we had. We outnumbered them by only a little. Most of the vampires turned a looked at me with longing in their eyes. I might say so myself but I did smell pretty darn delicious. This power did have an effect after all.

“Well well look what we have here.” Aro said.

“We are only here because of you.” Carlisle said

“My dear old friend-” Aro started but was interrupted

“We are no longer friends, Aro. That ended the last time we saw each other.” Carlisle said calmly

“I see.” Aro said quiet disappointed. “We are so sorry we have to do this but we must do what we must do.”

And with that the fighting began. Demetri, Felix, Jane, and Alec came towards me. Edward jumped on Demetri, Jacob took Alec, Dylan took Felix, and I took Jane. Jane and I were circling each other like wolves ready to fight. She lunged towards me but I jumped over her and grabbed her before she turned around and sank my teeth into her. She screamed out in pain as I tore her left arm off and flew it somewhere in between the fighting. She came towards me again with anger this time and almost sank her teeth into me but dodged it at the last minute. I ran towards her and ripped her right arm off. She screamed in pain once more. I needed to finish this once and for all. A fire was already going and I saw Edwards rip demetris head off and through it in the fire. I jumped on Jane, my legs holding on to her as I grabbed her head and tore it off her head and threw it in the fire. I then threw the rest of her body in the fire. Alec glared at me with pain in his eyes until Jacob tore his head off and threw him in the fire. I then saw Carlisle fighting with Aro, Esme, Rosalie and Emmet fighting with Marcus and his two guards. Then I saw Alice and jasper fighting with Caius and his three guards. They were outnumbered so I ran to help them. In a mere second I killed two of the guards. Alice and jasper looked amazed but kept on fighting. I looked around and saw that everyone had their own vampire to slay. Then when I thought everything was going well I heard a pained howl. It pierced my ears. I looked to see who it was but as I looked up a fist was coming straight towards my face. I ducked missing it by less then one inch. As I looked to see who it was, I saw that it was Heidi. She glowed with pure hatred. She tried once again to punch me but I was to fast for her. I jumped on her and tore her limbs from her body. She screamed and screamed and just wouldn’t shut up. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ripped her head off and threw it in the fire. I looked once more from where the howl came from and saw something I never thought I would ever see. It was heartbreaking to see him like that on the ground almost lifeless, only twitching from the pain he has suffered.

It was…was… Jacob. My best friend Jacob. Lying on the ground looking lifeless. Whoever had done this would pay. Just then I saw three vampires laughing and kicking Jacob. The anger rose from me. How dare they do this to Jacob. I wanted nothing more to blow them up and make them catch on fire and forever be locked up in hell. I concentrated very hard and the next thing I know they are all in ashes. I looked towards Carlisle and saw that he was still fighting Aro. I concentrated once more on making Aro burn in flames. Next thing I saw was Aro standing in bewilderment and look at me as his body was engulfed in flames and soon turned into ashes. I looked around once more and saw that everybody was putting pieces of their vampires in the fires. We had won and we had overcome. We had challenged the volturi and won. We were victorious. I looked around again looking to see if everyone was here. As I looked I saw that someone was missing.