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Falling Stars

This is my version for the sequal to Breaking Dawn.Bella,the cullans,and Jacob,of course leave Forks to go to Dartmouth University.Bella's eyes are now golden and has a bathroom stacked with brown eye contacts for her collage year.This is Bellas first time with so many humans.But the question is are they all human? Bella meets unexpected guests.Who could it be?A fight breaks out between the cullens and the Volturi.Who will rise to the challenge?and who will fall?Read to know the answers.Bella also discovers new powers what are they? Last chapter is up!!!!Come on people please review. over 2000 reads and only 17 reviews. REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3: Human Company.

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Chapter 3

Human Company

As we got up to go to school, I kissed Renesmee who were in my arms and gave her to Jacob. Soon after Edward and I got into my Lamborghini and Alice and Jasper went into their Porsche. We were at school in less than 25 minutes due to Edwards driving which was more than 150mph.The scenery was amazing, so green, so...nature, I guess that's how I would put it. When we arrived at school it was packed with students. It was only 7:50am and my class started at 9:00am and Edward's class started at 8:30.As we got out of the car, it was yesterday all over again. People were staring again and wouldn't look away.

"Hey, Jasper and I are going to the Coffee shack in the lobby .Do you guys want to come?" Alice asked.

"Um, sure. It beats staying out here with people staring at you 24/7." I said and pulled Edwards hand with me while I walked behind Alice and Jasper.

As we walked into the coffee shack, people looked directly our way and stared once more. Alice got an empty table and we sat down. So far it was 8:10

"So Bella” Alice said with a smile.” I see you like your new clothing” I was wearing a black halter top dress that reached to my knees, high heels with straps that go around my ankle, and my black purse that Esme gave to me.

"Well, I just want to make you happy.” Knowing fully well that I actually started to like these clothes.

"She also took a liking to black.” Jasper said with humor.

"So far that's the only color I’ve seen her in.” Edward said smiling his crooked smile at me.

"Go ahead make fun.” I said sarcastically.

"Bella no one's making fun, you’re beautiful.” Edward said hugging me with one hand.

'"I know that” Just then Edward looked at his watch.

"I’m sorry Sweet, I have to go to class.” Edward said apologizing.

"So soon?" I said horror stroked.

"Its already 8:40.Im going to miss my first class.” I hadn't even realized it was that late.

"Okay, see you later."

"Ill see you after class.” He said and bent down to kiss me for what felt like an eternity. Then He walked out the doors and headed for class. I had 20 minutes left.

"Bella. Jasper and I have to leave. Our class starts in a few minutes.” Alice said

"What!” I said freaking out. I didn't want to roam around the school all by myself for 20 minutes.

"I’m so sorry Bella.” Alice said trying to apologize. Just then my body relaxed and had a soothing feeling go through me. Jasper was making me feel calm.

"Me to Bella.” Jasper said

"It's okay. I’m sure I’ll find something to do.” I said.

When Jasper and Alice left, the soothing feeling left with them and I started to worry. How could they leave me all alone to defend for myself. So, I did what anyone else would do in my shoe, I went outside to walk around. As I walked around the campus I looked at my phone to see what time it was. Weird it was only 8:50,only ten minutes had passed. Just then a male figure approached me.

As I looked at him, he had black short spiky hair, was 6'3",Used an overdose of cologne, wore a black tank top with gray words that said Dartmouth University, and bottoms that were also gray.

"Hi, my names Dylan.” He said giving me his hand to shake.

"Hi, my names Bella.” Shaking his hand. I only had five more minutes.

"Um, so you're new here right?"

"Yes. Actually my boyfriend, his sister, and his sisters fiancé go to this school with me." I said casually. Even though Edward was my husband, we thought it would be easier to tell people that he was my boyfriend. I mean I am only 18.

"That’s cool. Well me and some of my friends are inviting mostly everyone for a party at our dorms. Would you like to come?"

"Actually I have to do something." I said thinking about Renesmee. "But I’ll check to make sure."

"That would be great. Here’s my number to call me if you need directions."'He said while pulling out a paper with his name and number already written on it.

"Thanks. I’ll call to see.” I said while taking the paper from his hands. For some reason this guy gave me the creeps, but I had no reason why. He just had something about him that pulled him away from the others. As I looked at my watch I only had about a minute to get to class.

"I’m sorry I have to get to class.” I said and stated to walk away.

"You'll call right?” He yelled after me.

"Sure.” I yelled behind me and left.

When I entered my class I saw Tiffany calling me over. As I walked towards her everybody was staring at me again. I mean come on how long is this going to last.

"Hey Bella.” Tiffany said with a smile.” I saved you a seat.” Pulling out a seat next to her.

"Thanks, I thought I was going to have to sit by myself."

"You, by yourself? That wouldn't even happen.” She said looking at everyone who were staring at me. I looked at them to.

"I guess your right.” I said laughing. Just then Dylan walked into class.

Hey Bella!” He yelled across the room. I couldn't believe this guy was in my class.

"Bella, you know him?” She whispered

"No, not really. I met him this morning.” I whispered back.

"I never knew you were in my class.” Dylan said smiling.

"Yeah, I didn't either.” Just then the teacher came in.

"Take your seats please everyone.” She said loudly. Dylan sat in the chair next to me.” You’ll be learning about the symptoms of different illnesses." As an hour of class dragged on I listened and remembered everything that Mrs. Stevens had said. When the bell finally rang to leave I said goodbye to Tiffany and walked/ran to the front door. As I was about to step into the hallway Edward grabbed me and kissed me. His cool, sweet breath on my face. When he finally let go of me my whole class was watching. If I could blush my face would be tomato red. As Edward and I were leaving Dylan stepped in front of me. Edward was tensing up on my side.

"Hey Bella.” Dylan said, like there wasn’t anyone standing next to me.” So are you coming to my party?” He asked looking at Edward with a smirk.

"Um, actually I have no clue.” I said looking at Edward too, who was not very happy as he read Dylan’s mind. "Edward, do you want to go?” Edward looked at me with an expression that said no.

"I don’t think we can go. We have to do something tonight.” He said, both of us thinking of Renesmee.

"Right.” I said to Edward.” Sorry I guess we cant go. Maybe next time.” I said talking to Dylan.

"It's okay. Next time for sure.” He said and walked away.

As the day dragged on I wanted to go home and see Renesmee. Since school started I've barely ever see her and I’ve missed her dearly. Then when I thought it was never going to end, school finally ended. I was so happy. As we got home and walked into the door everyone was already there, including Alice and Jasper.

"Bella we need to tell you something.” Carlisle said with worry.