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Falling Stars

This is my version for the sequal to Breaking Dawn.Bella,the cullans,and Jacob,of course leave Forks to go to Dartmouth University.Bella's eyes are now golden and has a bathroom stacked with brown eye contacts for her collage year.This is Bellas first time with so many humans.But the question is are they all human? Bella meets unexpected guests.Who could it be?A fight breaks out between the cullens and the Volturi.Who will rise to the challenge?and who will fall?Read to know the answers.Bella also discovers new powers what are they? Last chapter is up!!!!Come on people please review. over 2000 reads and only 17 reviews. REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Chapter 6: New Powers

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Chapter 6:

New Powers

When I opened my eyes I saw that I was in my bed. I looked out the window and the sun was rising. Where was everyone. I listened and I heard 8 fast beating hearts and people shuffling around. As I listened more I jumped when I heard someone get up from the chair across the room. I looked and there was Edward.

"What happened" I said anxious.

"You blacked out." Edward said

"How long was I out?"

"Only about an hour or so." He said lying. I knew because it was in the afternoon that I was raced back home. Now the sun was rising once more.

"What’s wrong with me? When I threw up I wanted to eat eggs and not blood. Why is that?" I asked worried. "I mean eggs? That’s so dumb"

"Nothings wrong sweet. Carlisle said that you have another power, a power to eat anything you desire. If it is human food you want, you will have, if you want blood, you are able to eat blood. Its a very unique power."

"So you mean I can eat blood and human food?"

"Correct!" Carlisle said as he appeared in the doorway.

"But why?" My eyes turning green as I looked at the mirror.

"It seems Bella that you were made for this type of world. That you were created to be human, yet to be a vampire, and a mother. You are a first with more than one power. "He said proudly "You have the power to resist, Shield the ones you love, sleep peacefully, and now the power to eat human food or whatever you desire."

"She sure is something. "Edward said.

"Yes, she is. Well Bella since you rejected blood do you have anything in mind you will like to eat?" Carlisle said curious.

"Now that I think of it I would love to eat waffles with blood, kind of like syrup and eggs.” I said imagining what it would look like

"Okay why don’t we go to the kitchen?" Carlisle asked.

As soon as Carlisle said that I was already down stairs.

"Well it looks like she’s fine" Edward said chuckling.

When i looked around the kitchen Embry, Paul, Quil, Leah, Seth, Jacob, and Renesmee were eating eggs with bacon. As I smelt the kitchen it was like I was in haven. Since I was a vampire I always thought the food was disgusting. Now that I can actually eat it, the food smelled delicious. As I made myself a plate I made it overflow making a pyramid almost six inches high full of eggs and bacon. While I made my pyramid all eyes were on me.

"Bella, why are you eating human food?" Jacob asked puzzled.

"Oh, didn’t you hear I’m making a trap to lure a bear so I can jump it." I said sarcastically.

"Seriously?" He asked confused once more.

"No Jacob I’m just really hungry. I'll tell you after I’m done eating."

"Okay." He said while I dug into my plate taking big delicious bites of bacon and eggs together. As I ate the bacon my stomach didn’t testify but yearned for more. In less than 10 minutes I finished my food.

"Wow Bella you ate more than us." Quil said amazed. His eyes almost coming out of his sockets.

"What I was hungry." I said

"Okay Bella your finished now tell us how your able to eat human food." Jacob demanded.

"Well-"I started but was cut off by Carlisle

"She has a special power to eat whatever she desires. Im guessing she wants human food real bad." Carlisle said with a grin.

"Wow, that’s awesome Bella!" Seth congratulated me. He hugged me with one arm, since I was next to him.

"You want to know something else, you don’t smell like a vampire, but like how you used to before."

"What let me smell. "Paul and Embry said at the same time. As the smelled me their eyes lightened up.

"She does smell human." Embry said smiling.

"Yup no vampire smell there." Paul said.

"Your right." Carlisle said surprised also. "I never noticed until now. But your heart is still frozen Listen you cant hear a beat. Why is it that you smell like a human?" Carlisle asked himself.

"Why am I only getting these powers now?" I asked

"Well it takes time Bella." Carlisle replied.

"I knew that you were something else." Emmet said.” You always bring trouble." he said laughing. Rosalie hit him in the head.

"Bella, this is amazing and to think I thought you were giving everything up when you turned but actually gaining so much more in the process. I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous." Rosalie said a little unhappy that I got more powers than her.

"Thanks." I said in disbelief.

As the day wore on I forgot about school but then remembered it was Saturday. What a day. First I thought I was insane, found out it was a power that caused my eyes to change. I threw up and blacked out. What a day. Hopefully tomorrow wont be the same.

I looked out the window of my bedroom the sun disappeared in the mountains and the moon rose. As I looked at the moon my eyes got heavy and I drifted out to sleep.