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Falling Stars

This is my version for the sequal to Breaking Dawn.Bella,the cullans,and Jacob,of course leave Forks to go to Dartmouth University.Bella's eyes are now golden and has a bathroom stacked with brown eye contacts for her collage year.This is Bellas first time with so many humans.But the question is are they all human? Bella meets unexpected guests.Who could it be?A fight breaks out between the cullens and the Volturi.Who will rise to the challenge?and who will fall?Read to know the answers.Bella also discovers new powers what are they? Last chapter is up!!!!Come on people please review. over 2000 reads and only 17 reviews. REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


8. Chapter 8: Near

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Chapter 8

"Near"- Dylan's POV

As I saw Bella run down the stairs chasing her boyfriend Edward, her scent came near me and my heart skipped a beat. As she finally saw me and looked up her beautiful eyes bore into mine. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

“Hi Bella.” I said trying to be smooth.

“Hi Dylan. What are you doing here.” She asked me sounding confused. When she said my name I couldn’t breath.

She didn’t smell like a vampire, like the first time I met her. Oh the first time.

She was walking around a little timid but just fine. As she turned my way, her face was such a beauty. The world fell out of place and it was just her and me. My mind was spinning around and around in circles and the only person I saw was her. She was the love of my life. She was mine.

Oh I almost forgot where I was.

"I just came by to say hi." I said trying to sound impressive. Her boyfriend wasn’t thrilled that I was here. He kept growling at me, like he knew what I was thinking. As I looked at him he was glaring at me.

"Bella, Dylan is a child of the moon. He is a brother of Crashing Sun." Carlisle said

“That would explain the smell." I Bella said as she started laughing.

"You don’t smell bad either. You actually really good like flowers. When I first met you, you smelled of vampire." I said confused. She really did smell wonderful.

"Well actually Dylan. Bella has the power to smell and eat like the human she used to be. she can fall asleep and she can shield our minds. " Bella’s loser boyfriend said. Grabbing her and pulling her closer to him. How dare he touch her. She was my love, my beautiful, my life not his. But I kept cool, keeping the anger locked up.

"Wow Bella you really are something else. Hey you never did call me back. What happened?" I asked really wanting to know.

"I've been kind of busy." She said in her beautiful voice. Through her lips that made me want to kiss them.

"Well I’m having a party and you can invite your friends. If you want?" I said smiling, even though I wished she wouldn‘t. I wanted it to be just her and me. When I looked at her boyfriend he gave me a warning through his eyes. I got the message but I wasn’t going to give her up that easily. So I did what I always do, I changed the subject. "Okay back to business. Crashing Sun or Sun for short sent me here to talk about out territories. He wants to combine our territories just so that we have a bigger range sound good?"

"Yes, very much. Please visit soon and send my Greetings to Sun." Carlisle said

"By all means of course." I said "Well Ill see you guys tomorrow then. Goodbye Bella." Shooting a smile at her. I bet if she could blush she would be red. My heart stopped for a second as I imagined her face, blushing. Oh how I yearned for her.

"Bye" she said.

As I walked to my car, Ha’a, my wolf brother was sitting in the passenger seat. He had brown hair and was Hawaiian. His life ended at age 18 when he went to Montana and went on a hike in the mountains where a diseased wolf bit him. He eventually found our 30 strong pack and joined. As centuries went he stayed loyal and didn’t leave with the others. He was 6 foot 2 inches, but in his wolf form reached 7 feet where I reached 7 ½. I was the beta wolf.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Sun needs to talk to you. Its very important.” He said with horror in his eyes.

“What’s happening!” I yelled at him freaking out.

“The volturi have found us.” He said almost inaudible.

What? How could they find us. There is no way possible. We were careful. We haven’t killed a vampire for 20 years. No! NO! They cant just kill us, we have done nothing wrong.

“Their near.” Ha’a said expressionless.