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A New Way

Edward never came back. Bella dies but meets new friends in heaven. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON"T KNOW. READ TO FIND OUT!!A New Waybanner by the lovely cocoa-luvah. thanks so much

my first story comment, rate, enjoy! Please and thank you to thouse who will comment, rate,and enjoy.( comments do not have to be nice, in fact it could help me improve.)

1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s POV

There I was. Watching, waiting as my killer got closer and closer. I saw her, Victoria coming closer and wish that he never left. Her games were torturous. I wish I was dead.

When I woke up I was being stared at by a blond haired boy. Then I heard someone, a girl scream.

“Damn it Cory you’ll freak her out.” Then another female voice agreed.

“Look she’s awake” I heard a third female voice say.

“Hi?” I said.

The boy said hi first and introduced himself as Cory. The girl who yelled at Cory introduced herself along with the second and third girls.

“I’m Alexandra but please call me Annabell and this,” she pointed to a medium haired blond and said, “this is Krystal.” And finally she pointed to a short black haired girl and said, “This is Ashley.”

I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Bella.”

“Bella, we’re in heaven and we were sent here to wait for you to wake up.” Krystal said. The others shook their heads in agreement.

“Wow.” Was all I could breathe out.

“Apparently we were supposed to be good friends for you.” Both Cory and Annabell said at the same time. Krystal hit theme and said,

“Don’t scare her.”

“I’m fine really” I assured her.

“Whoa your freaking paler then hell.” Cory said. The others agreed.

“That’s just the way I look.” I replied.

“So Bella, how did you die?” Asked Ashley. “ I mean if you’re okay with that.”

I looked down not knowing if I still would be in danger if I told them about vampires. Probably not.

I explained to them about Victoria and pretty much everything about vampires. Surprisingly they all believed me. It was my turn to ask the questions now.

“How did you die Ashley, Cory, and Krystal?”

“I died in a car crash on my way to the mall.” Ashley said.

“Well I died doing something that I love to do. I was playing with fire ‘cause I’m one of the biggest pyro you will ever meet.” Cory said with a bunch of laughter after words. Of course we all laughed at him and he said.

“Well when I caught my hand on fire I didn’t realize that there was a leak in the gas can and …BOOM. It sounded like fun at first but it burned like HELL, and I’m kind of surprised I didn’t end up there!”

Krystal said, “Annabell and I died in the explosion that genius over there caused.” He smirked and Annabell hit him with such force that it must have hurt.

“So you three knew each other before the explosion?” I asked.

“Actually we all knew each other.” Ashley said. I must have looked confused.

“I went to the mall to get the others some better clothing when they blew up, and I died in the crash.” Ashley explained.

She reminds me of my old sister who left. Suddenly the pain was back more fierce then it has ever been.

“Is she okay?”


“Bella are you okay?”

“Like umm… dude… Bella are you ok?”

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a brightly lit room or outdoors I couldn’t tell. But it was peaceful. Then I heard the voices of my new friends and a powerful but gentle voice.

“If this is what you four believe is best, then it is ok, as soon as she awakens I will.” The voice said.

Out of pure curiosity I opened my eyes to see what most likely was God himself