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A New Way

Edward never came back. Bella dies but meets new friends in heaven. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON"T KNOW. READ TO FIND OUT!!A New Waybanner by the lovely cocoa-luvah. thanks so much

my first story comment, rate, enjoy! Please and thank you to thouse who will comment, rate,and enjoy.( comments do not have to be nice, in fact it could help me improve.)

10. Chapter 10

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Jake looked down at me. “Jacob? What happened?” I asked. Jake shook his head. “They…she came faster than we thought.” Jacob stuttered. I immediately knew who he was talking about. And so did everyone else. “Krystal, turn you and Annabel into wolves and help the pack!” I shouted.

Krystal did as I had asked. Edward grabbed my hand and we took of following Jacob, Seth, and Leah. Krystal and Annabel were flanking Jacob. I borrowed everyone who let me’s power. Cory had fire already coming from his hands. I looked at Edward.

“Everything and everyone will be okay. Right Edward?” I asked. He looked at me. “Yes love.” He said and kissed my forehead. Annabel slowed down and stood next to me and whimpered. I pat her head. “No I don’t need your help. I’ll be fine.” The large black wolf nodded and went back to stand by Krystal.

Edward, Carlisle, Esme, and I were close behind the wolves. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice were flanking Edward, Carlisle, Esme, and I. Cory was next to Annabel. Krystal and Ashley were right next to Jacob. I used my borrowed powers to see into their minds.

How many are there? Krystal asked. About 104. Including your friends and Victoria. Jacob replied.Ash, Tell the others. Krystal said. Just then Ashley’s thoughts came to everyone. There are 104 vampires waiting to kill us. I think we may need more wolves. Ashley said.

I used Ashley power to tell her to have Krystal change her. I thought about it and decided that maybe I should wolf. “Edward, should I change into a wolf? I don’t know if we should let Victoria know I’m a vampire.” I said. Edward looked at me. “If that is what you think is right then I will not be the one to stop you. Just promise me that if you do become a wolf that you will still fight next to me. I could never forgive myself if you got hurt.” Edward said.

He really is concerned about me. I smiled and said, “of course I will fight next to you. I couldn’t bear it if you or anyone else got hurt either.” Edward smiled back. I then used Krystal’s power to become a silver and black wolf with brown eyes. I stayed next to Edward though.

Then we exploded into a field filled with vampires. The rest of the pack was fighting of vampires. Sam was keeping Victoria at a safe distance from the rest of the wolves. Edward went full speed to attack Victoria. Ashley and I were keeping newborns away from Edward. Cory and Annabel were helping the wolves tear vampires apart. Ally and Jake were now helping Sam and the other wolves with newborns. Cory started a fire to burn the ones we could kill.

Then I saw three vampires who were not newborns. Krystal lost focus and was slammed into a tree by the blond male vampire. That’s them. Brian, Grace, and Molly. Krystal sent the message to me and the rest of the wolves. Ashley told Cory and the Cullens. Alice and Esme pulled the Brian off of Krystal.

Cory shot fire at Brian. Brian and Cory were now locked in fighting. Alice helped Krystal up when a newborn slammed into Krystal again. Krystal let out a yelp and this time did not get up. All of a sudden I felt like I was being slammed by a pickup truck. A newborn had got to me when I looked at Krystal.

I quickly killed the newborn and went back to guard Edward. I stole a glance at Edward and Victoria. They were doing what seemed like a dance. Victoria was missing an arm. Just then Edward attacked taking a piece of Victoria’s other arm. Victoria hollered in pain.

Krystal still did not get up. Grace and Molly were now dead and burning. Cory was still attacking Brian. Esme and Alice looked like they were having a hard time keeping the newborns off of Krystal. I put down my shield to talk to Edward. I’m going to go help Krystal. I’ll be back soon. Edward nodded and again attacked Victoria this time taking the rest of her arm.

I launched myself at a newborn that got past Alice and Esme. The girl newborn got knocked over. She then looked at me and Alice as I had her pinned down. “I give! I give! Don’t hurt me!” the girl said. I got off of her. Esme then pulled her away from the battle.

Krystal still had not gotten up. Rosalie took Esme’s place in defending Krystal. I nudged Krystal and listen to her thoughts. There was none. I whimpered in her ear. Still nothing. She had to get out of her wolf form to be saved. I transformed her back into a vampire.

Krystal was still motionless. Her eyes were open and she was breathing but she just sat there and stared off into space. I looked at Alice. She and Rose were fending off more newborns. I felt a presence behind me. I turned around to see Brian standing right behind me. I growled and Brian’s gaze went from Krystal to me. He growled at me and attacked. Cory pulled him off me.

Brian then just disappeared. “What the fuck?” Cory said. “Where did he go?” How is that possible? I thought to myself. Brian saw Krystal and disappeared. I looked around and all of the newborns were burning in a fire. All that was left was Victoria and Edward. I stayed by Krystal while everyone else went to kill Victoria. Soon all of the fighting was over.

Krystal still did not move. Everyone came over to her. I turned everyone back into vampires including myself. “What’s wrong with her Carlisle?” I asked. Krystal still did not move even after I picked her up. “She’s trapped in her own mind.” Carlisle said.

“Well how the hell do we get her out of her own mind?” Cory asked. Carlisle shook his head. “First we have to figure out how she got stuck in the first place.” Carlisle said. Just then Esme came in pulling the newborn who surrendered. “Carlisle this is Kaitlin. She surrendered and would like our help to become a vegetarian vampire.” Esme said. Then Esme saw Krystal’s motionless body in my arms.

“Oh dear! What happened?” Esme said. “She’s trapped in her own mind.” Carlisle said. Just then Kaitlin looked up. “Um that would be my fault.” Kaitlin said. We all looked at her. Cory now again had flames coming from his hands again. “Fix it!” Cory yelled. Annabel once again had to calm him down.

Kaitlin now was standing in front of the extremely mad Cory. “Why the hell should I?” Kaitlin asked. Just then Cory pinned her to the ground. “Because if you don’t I will kill you!” Cory said holding a flame to her face. “Well considering if you kill me that will set your friend free and if you don’t kill me then she will stay trapped. So kill me!” Kaitlin said.

“You little bitch!” Cory yelled. “Fix her right now!” Kaitlin shook her head no. Then Cory killed her, and through her in the fire. Then Krystal moved in my arms. “Get her home.” Carlisle said. “We’ll clean it up here.” I nodded my head and Edward and I went home.

3 months later

“You look beautiful Bella!” Krystal said to me. Alice was doing her finishing touches on my hair. I was wearing a gorgeous white dress with a vial. I can’t believe it’s my wedding day. I am getting married to the love of my eternity. Ashley, Alice, and Rosalie are my bride’s maids and Krystal is my maid of honor.

Alice helped me up. “Now remember 3 seconds after Krystal starts to walk down the else you follow her.” Alice reminded me. “I know Alice.” Ever since the incident at the newborn fight there weren’t any complaints about not being the maid of honor. I walked out of the bathroom and the house was filled with flowers and decorations.

Then I heard the music. First Rose walked out, then Ashley, then Alice, and finally Krystal. I counted in my head 1...2...3 I took a deep breath as the “here comes the bride song” started playing. Then I saw Edward in a tuxedo. He looks absolutely breath taking.

When I made it to him he grabbed my hands. The preacher began. It seemed like forever when he finally asked “Edward Cullen do you take Isabella Swan to be your wife? Do you promise to take care of her for the rest of eternity?” Asked the preacher. “I do” Edward said. “And do you Isabella Swan take Edward Cullen as your husband. To take care of him for the rest of eternity?” this time it was my turn to speak. “I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride.” Edward pulled me into him as our families cheered and kissed me with so much passion. Unfortunately he had to break the kiss. Our families hugged us and now I knew Edward was mine for the rest of eternity. “I love you.” I said after our families were done embracing us. “That’s why we’re here. As I love you.” Edward said.

We honeymooned on Isle Esme. It was beautiful. Being surrounded by the ocean and many forests. I was finally at peace with the one I loved the most. I wouldn’t have to leave my coven, I will be with Edward for the rest of my eternity, and there will be no more dangers for my family.

The End