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A New Way

Edward never came back. Bella dies but meets new friends in heaven. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON"T KNOW. READ TO FIND OUT!!A New Waybanner by the lovely cocoa-luvah. thanks so much

my first story comment, rate, enjoy! Please and thank you to thouse who will comment, rate,and enjoy.( comments do not have to be nice, in fact it could help me improve.)

3. Chapter 3

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When we got to the Cullen’s I still had Annabel’s power. He was surprisingly depressed. Why would he be? I still had my shield around everyone when we got out of the car. The rest of the Cullen’s came out. My coven got out first. I was flanked by Ashley and Cory. Annabel and Krystal were lingering behind. Out of nowhere Ashley lunges herself at Emmett.

What are you doing Ashley??’

‘He was about to attack you.’

What just happened?” Cory asked. He suddenly summoned fire.

‘I just told the rest of them. Okay chill guys. OWW!’

“Ashley? Ashley are you okay?”

” Annabel get over here now,”

‘I didn’t want to tell you this but you also seem to have a healing power that came with your other powers. Use it on Ashley.’

“Okay Bella.” I heard every Cullen gasp in shock.

“Krystal turn into anything and get Emmet off Ashley.” But before Krystal could do anything Edward pulled Emmett off. Alice squealed and came over and wrapped me in a hug and telling me how much she missed me. Esme did the same. As quickly as Alice came she then asked,

“Why did your coven sister attack Emmett? Do you hate us? Bella we still love you.”

“Alice I’m not mad at anyone. Ashley can read and control minds she heard Emmett think about attacking me.”

Thankfully Ash got up with the help of Krystal becoming shorter to Ashley’s height and being used to support her. She did the same to Annabel. I hadn’t realized that the Cullen’s were keeping their distance except for Esme and Alice. Then they backed away also. Cory now had almost 6 foot size flames shooting from his hands.

A growl erupted through him.

“You hurt my sister!” He was talking to Edward. All the Cullen’s were then surrounding Edwards slumped over body.

“Cory no don’t.” Annabel left Ashley with Krystal and was immediately at his side calming him and everyone else. Slowly I walked to him and said.

“Cory calm down it’s not his fault he doesn’t love me.” I choked out. I felt a calm rush through me probably from Annabel.

Edward’s head shot up when he heard me say that he didn’t love me. He started to walk to me but before he could be at my side Cory was in front of me blocking his way.

“You will not come near my sister and hurt her again.” Cory growled. Soon Krystal was pulling Cory away and so was Annabel.

“It’s best if we let them talk it out Bro.” Krystal said.

“Fine but one false move and I’ll shoot fire, and anything else I can at that dick.”

“Cory be nice.” Annabel said. Cory grumbled.

Then Edward turned toward me and kissed me fiercely. Cory growled along with the rest of my coven except for Ashley.

“Do you really think I don’t love you?” Edward said in his perfect velvet voice. I pulled away reluctantly, and as I did Krystal was at my side.

“How dare you!” she yelled. “You leave my sister and then kiss her. You are doing more harm than good!”

‘Bella?’ I heard a weak voice say into my head.

‘Yes Ash are you okay?’ Then she screamed out loud,

“SHUT UP everyone!”

“Cory and Emmett go.”

“Damn little person is pissed.” Everyone else just went quiet besides Krystal who was laughing at Ash’s sudden outburst.

“What are you laughing at Krystal?”

“You.” She replied in between chuckles.

“Just shut up and let me talk Krystal.”

“Kay fine grumpy butt.” Krystal replied.

I hadn’t noticed Carlisle and Esmee in the back until Carlisle hushed Emmett.

“Okay then.” Ash said.

“Bella, Edward does still love you and went through hell when he left you.”

“So why didn’t he just come back?” Krystal asked.

“He was afraid that he coming back would put Bells in danger.”

“Dang little Girl has some brains.” Emmett said.

“You know what Emmett? SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!” Ashley screamed. Cory and Annabel came up next to me to flank my sides. Ashley stood in front of everyone and explained the whole situation.

‘Thanks Ashley.’ I thought to her.

‘No problem Bells but what did I do?’

‘You saved me from having to answer questions.’ She laughed and everyone one looked confused.

“It’s what Bella just said to me through telepathy.” It’s my turn to explain now.

“I can choose who can and can’t get into my head and Ashley can read and control minds that includes sending and receiving secret messages. Annabel can control emotions, make force fields, and heal someone. Cory if it wasn’t obvious can control the elements, fire mostly. Krystal’s power is that she can shape shift into anyone or anything she wants to. My power is that I can borrow any vampire’s power and use it, I also am a shield. My shield can protect anyone’s mind that I want it too.”

“Bella love?” said my favorite velvet voice. I was confused as to why he was calling me love then I remembered what Ashley had said.

“Yes Edward?” I asked sweetly.

“Could you ever forgive me? I still love you, and I miss you, and...”I silenced him with a kiss, the way the woman silences an apologizing, ranting, man in those romantic movies.

“I will always love you.” I whispered. I heard a cough and realized that I hadn’t said anything to my old family. Emmett wrapped me in a hug and picked me up. Alice was already planning to give me a total makeover later. Esme was crying tearlessly, and hugging me. Carlisle like all the others, hugged me. Rosalie and Jasper waved and told me it was good to see that I was alive, or….uh….not alive.

I rejoined Edward as soon as the greetings were over. Krystal, Ashley, and Annabel were talking to Alice, Esme, and Rosalie. Cory I think was just happy to see another guy and was talking to Emmett and Jasper. I whispered to Edward,

“At least we won’t have to worry about the families getting along.” He had his arm around my waist as our families went inside and chuckled.

“I love you,” He said “and I will never leave you again.”

“I love you too.”I replied.

We went into his room and sat on his new bed.

“You’ve never had a bed before.” I commented.

“Alice said that I should get one in case I find someone else. I refused at first but you know Alice she always gets her way. Thing is I didn’t want anyone else.” He pulled me closer to him and kissed me hungrily. He told me to wait there while he left to go get something. When he came back he had a little velvet box.

“Isabella Marie Swan will you marry me?” I wasn’t sure how to respond I didn’t want to leave my coven and join the Cullen’s again, but I loved Edward and wanted so badly reassurance that he was mine forever.

“I don’t know.” I said. Sadness went across his face. “I love you but I don’t want to leave my coven.”

“Then don’t.” he said. “I will become a part of yours.”

“You know that you couldn’t do that do Esme and the rest of your family.”

“Your right, then it seems we have a dilemma.”