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A New Way

Edward never came back. Bella dies but meets new friends in heaven. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON"T KNOW. READ TO FIND OUT!!A New Waybanner by the lovely cocoa-luvah. thanks so much

my first story comment, rate, enjoy! Please and thank you to thouse who will comment, rate,and enjoy.( comments do not have to be nice, in fact it could help me improve.)

7. Chapter 7

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Krystal POV

I had decided to change Ash and I into wolves so we could better inform our new allies. I’m a white wolf with blue eyes and a gray streak down my back. Ashley is a light brown wolf with brown eyes and a dark brown streak down her back. We were on our way back to the Cullens house. I still can’t believe that we are going to be Cullens. Krystal lets inform them on what’s going on now. Ash thought to me. I nodded my now large head. Jacob if you be so kind as to have the rest of the pack become wolves I rather not explain it twice. Jacob rolled his eyes and let out a howl. Soon I felt more minds enter and start asking Jacob what was going on. Listen guys these two leaches have some information to tell us. I think it could explain the sudden outburst of new wolves. Jacob thought to his pack.

You know we can hear you. Ashley thought to Jacob.Then a string of questions came up as to why we can hear them and they can hear us. I was really starting to get annoyed. Everybody shut up!! I screamed into anyone who was listening heads. Soon everyone got quiet.

Look, I know this is confusing as to why we can hear each other but there is a bigger matter at hand. All of a sudden there was an annoying voice in our heads. Why should we listen to leaches epically girl leaches. Shut up Paul. If Jacob thinks we should talk to them then we should. That must be Sam.First I need to know if the whole pack is here. Jacob nodded his head to show me that indeed they were all present. Okay I can continue. The reason there has been many wolf changes is because there is going to be about 104 vampires coming. There were a strings of oh no’s and excited feel. The wolves must want a fight. Sam silenced the pack. Please continue. Why are so many vampires coming? Sam asked. Victoria, a vampire who wants revenge against the Cullens is making new vampires and three other vampires are joining her. Ashley continued. All of the wolves were now excited about the upcoming fight. They will be here in about three months.

Sam thanked us and soon the minds started to fade until it was just Jacob, Ally, Ashley, and I left. We were now at the Cullens house. Oh Jacob, tell the others in the rest of the pack that I can shape-shift into whatever I want or need to. That should be enough to answer their questions. I told Jacob before I changed Ash and I back.

Bella POV

Krystal had changed her and Ashley into wolves to explain to Jacob and the rest of the pack about the newborns. It only took Krystal and the others a few minutes after us to get back to the Cullens. Krystal turned her and Ashley back into vampires as she walked up to the door. Jacob and Ally were hesitating at the door. Edward leaned into me and whispered, “They aren’t sure if they should come in or not.” So that’s why they are hesitating. Krystal was now standing on my other side with Ashley next to her.

“The wolves want to fight. There was hardly any problem with telling them though.” Krystal explained to me. She then went and told Carlisle about what was happening. Ashley took Krystal’s place next to me. I was holding Edwards hand when I waved to the two wolves to come in. “Wait.” Ashley said putting a hand up in a stopping motion. “Can you become human before you come in? I don’t feel like cleaning giant wolf prints off the floor or being a translator and I don’t think Edward wants to either.” Ashley said. Edward nodded at her gratefully. They disappeared into the forest and came back in there human forms.

“Thank you.” Ashley said as they walked in. Esmee then walked in with food for Jacob and Ally. “Please eat it will make me feel better if you would.” Esmee said. Even though werewolves are supposed to be our enemies Esmee was still concerned. Just then Jacob’s stomach growled making everyone in the room laugh. “Don’t mind if I do.” he said taking the plate from Esmee. Ally copied.

When they finished Jacob explained about the sudden outburst of wolves. “There are now 16 in our pack including Ally and I.” Jacob said. “We are going to fight you know write Bells?” Jacob had turned to me and said. “I am to Jacob.” Edward let out a growl of frustration. “We haven’t determined that yet Bella.” Edward said. I rolled my eyes and thought to him we’re talking after they leave. Edward nodded his head in agreement. You know you’ll win. Right Bella. Ashley said into my mind. I do but Edward doesn’t.

Ashley then let out a small giggle. Everyone looked at her kind of funny. “Nothing, I just thought of something funnier that happened earlier.” Ashley said quickly. Nice save on her part. “Then tell us what happened.” Jacob asked curiosity filling his eyes. Bella help me out here. Wait never mind I got something.

“I was just remembering how I took down both Emmett and Cory.” Ashley said a little smug. Everyone laughed besides Cory and Emmett who looked outraged. “That was an unfair fight you got me from behind.” Emmett said. “Yeah and you sent me a distracting message that Annabel was hurt.” Cory said. “Well then you two should be more on guard for the unexpected.” Ashley said before making a quick moment towards them. Both flinched and growled.

“We should get going Jake.” Ally said to Jacob. He nodded. “Bye Bells it was nice seeing you again. Call me if something comes up that the pack needs to be there for.” I nodded. Carlisle would probably do that part.

Once they were gone Edward turned to me. “Let’s head up stairs to my room to talk.” I nodded my head. I’ll keep everyone away from you two. Ashley thought to me. Thanks. As soon as we entered his room the discussion began. “I can’t bear to lose you again Bella. If something happened to you during the fight I could never forgive myself.” Edward said with a pleading look in his eyes. “Edward I don’t want to just sit there and watch. I can’t bear to lose you either. And if you die then I will too.” I replied.

“But I won’t die.”

“What if someone else does? I wouldn’t be able to leave with knowing that if I had been there I could have protected them. I need to be there to make sure our covens stay alive. My coven has never even fought other vampires before to kill them.”

The next thing I knew Edward had kissed me. More passionate and persuasive than ever before. I instantly wrapped my hands around his neck and depend the kiss. He then kissed my neck and jaw before coming back to meet my lips. Then something happened that I would have never guessed. He pressed his tong to my lips asking for entrance. I gasped and he took that chance to enter.

When we released I was dizzy and we were both breathing hard. “Bella I love you and I really don’t want to lose you. Please don’t fight.” I shook my head and said “I have too.” He sighed and I laid my head on his chest. “I guess there is no point in arguing anymore.” Edward said. “Does that me I can fight?” I asked. “Yes but you have to fight with me the whole time.” “That sounds fair enough to me.” I said and kissed him again. “I love you.” I said. “As I love you.” He replied.

Just then we heard Ashley exclaim “Oh no you did NOT just do that.” So we hurried down the stairs and into were Ashley was. Emmett and Cory laughing and Ashley was covered in water and some sort of goo was in her hair. Krystal and Annabel were scolding Emmett and Cory as they tried to get the goo out of Ashley’s hair.

I went over to help with the goo. “This isn’t working.” Ashley said. “Let’s get Alice she might know what to do.” Krystal suggested. Just then the little pixie vampire was down by Ashley. Alice gasped “Who did this to you!” Krystal, Annabel, and Ashley pointed to Cory and Emmett who were laughing even harder now. Alice glared at them and called for Rosalie. “Rose Annabel, can you to get your mates out of here before Ashley and I hurt them.” “Why would…” Rosalie stopped short as she saw the goo in Ashley’s hair.

Rosalie and Annabel dragged the pleading vampires out of the room. When they came back Rosalie had some nail polish remover. We each put some on our hands and started to remove the goo. The nail polish remover helped get most of the goo. We must have tried a hundred hair products and none hair products before we got it all out. “Thanks guys.” Ashley said. “Now I have to go and kill Emmett and Cory.” She said in a calm voice before screaming “Oh Cory, Emmett where are you?”

As Ashley ran off to find Cory and Emmett, Krystal said “I better make sure she doesn’t kill them.” Annabel nodded her head in agreement and they took off after Ashley.

Rosalie had already gone back to her room. “Bella?” I heard my pixie vampire best friend say. “Yeah Alice?” I was now holding Edwards hand again. “You haven’t been to school in a few days and you and your coven are ‘new’ kids.” I already knew what she was implying. “We all should go back to school.” I said finishing Alice’s sentence. “Remember to lay low for a while. You can sit with us but you can’t be Cullens.” I nodded my head. “I’ll tell everyone else later.” So looks like I’m going back to school.