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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^


1. Mike's Punishment

Rating 5/5   Word Count 518   Review this Chapter

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Edward?

Edward- Yes, love. =)

Lioness- ♥ you

Edward- ♥ you too

S hopr has logged on to chat

Shopr- Hey Edward and Bella =)

Lioness- Hey Al. =)

Edward- Hello Alice.

Shopr- LOL who came up with ur name Edward?

Edward- I did. Why?

Shopr- It’s just… wow.

Lioness- “You’re not very creative.”

Edward- =P It’s my name though.

BSlvr has logged on to chat

BSlvr- Hey. Who’s on this chat?

Ewdard- Me, Newton.

Lioness- me.

Shopr- me.

BSlvr- Who are you Edward?

Edward- Your mom.

BSlvr- No, really.

Edward- Your mom.

BSlvr- Are you Edward Cullen?

Edward- No! Really?

BSlvr- Be serious please.

Edward- Oh, I am. There’s nothing remotely humorous about this.

Lioness- *Giggles and pulls out a “Go Edward” sign.*

Shopr- LOL Lioness.

BSlvr- Who the heck are you two?

Lioness- I’m Koko from Hong Kong.

Shopr- I’m Ali Gully from Hong Kong.

BSlvr- I’m Mike. Do you girls want to be E-pals?

Edward- *Growls*

BSlvr- Back off Eddie.

Edward- Hits you.

BSlvr- Eddie! Seriously.

Edward- … My name’s not Eddie.

BSlvr- Really? Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie

Edward PM to Lioness:

Edward- He has no idea how close he is to death right now.

Lioness- I know. *Laughs* Eddie is not a name that suits you.

Edward- *Growls at Newton* I know.

Lioness- Come on, let’s go protect Alice from Cyber flirting.

Edward- =) *Laughs*

Back to Regular Chat Room

BSlvr- Are you sure Ali?

Shopr- More than sure. Back off creep.

BSlvr- Just one little kiss?

Shopr has logged off of chat

Edward- *Growls*

BSlvr- I’m just flirting. What the heck is ur prob Cullen?

Lioness- I am Koko.

BSlvr- I know you are, sugar.

Lioness- *Shudders internally… sugar.*

Edward- *Growls at memory*

BSlvr- What is it with you and growling?

Edward- Shut up, Newton.

BSlvr- Make me.

Edward- You are REALLY going to wish you hadn’t said that.

BSlvr- Why? U think I’m, afraid of u?

Edward- You will be.

Doctor has logged on to chat

Doctor- Hello Edward, Bella, and Mike

BSlvr- Who the heck are you??

Doctor- Carlisle

BSlvr- Bella’s not on. Lioness is Koko. From Hong Kong. Edward is cheating on Bella.

Lioness- He is not! *Growls at you*

Edward- *Smiles*

BSlvr- well his texting language says differently.

Edward- Wow. Mike, Lioness IS Bella.

Lioness- =P

Doctor- Now, now kids. No fighting. Edward? Why are you and Bella texting if you’re in the same house…in the same room?

Edward- I don’t know. Good point.

Edward has logged off of chat

Lioness- Umm… I’ve GTG! =D

Lioness has logged off of chat

Doctor has logged off of chat

BSlvr- Wow. What the heck happened?

Shopr has logged on to chat

Jazz has logged on to chat

Shopr- Ur gonna pay Mike.

BSlvr- W-w-what

Jazz- She SAID ur gonna pay.

BSlvr- What the heck did I do?

Jazz- You flirted with my wife.

BSlvr- Oh, I’m sooo scared of a person that lives hours away.

Jazz- We know where you live.

Shopr- And we’re not far away.

BSlvr has logged off chat

Jazz- Scared him off. *Laughs*

Shopr-Do we really get to mess him up?

Jazz- Nah. BUT, if he does it again, THEN he’s gonna pay big time.

Shopr- Sounds good to me. *Smiles deviously* we still need to find a way to get him back though.