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Chat Rooms

The Cullens (And other members of Twilight) Chat in a chat room! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I finally figured out how to make a banner!! Yay! ^^



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Lioness has logged onto chat

Edward has logged onto chat

Lioness- Hey Edward. =)

Edward- Hello, love. =)

Lioness- I love-

HotDog has logged onto chat

Edward- Way to kill a moment.

Lioness- Edward! Behave.

Edward- Fine, love.

HotDog- Wow man, she’s got you whipped!

Edward- And she doesn’t have you whipped too?

Lioness- Edward!

Edward- Sorry.

Lioness- I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.

Edward- Sorry mutt.

HotDog- *Says fake sweetly* You are forgiven.

Edward- *Halo appears over head* Thank you.

Lioness- You were already my angel. O=)

Edward- As you are to me.

Lioness- *Blushes*

HotDog- Get a room!

Edward- This IS a room. *Pulls Bella over and kisses her.*

HotDog- Ugh. Bells, PLEASE?

Lioness- *Pulls away, sighing*

Edward- *Is hurt.*

Lioness- Ed- WARD!

Edward- *Straightens up* Sorry, love.

Lioness- Much better. =)

Lioness- Now, Jacob, we need to get you a date.

HotDog- !!!

Edward- She doesn’t mean herself, mutt.

HotDog- =P I can dream. In fact, I may just do that now.

Lioness- =P …

Edward- MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Faints*

Lioness- Edward!!!! Jacob, STOP!!!!

HotDog- Stop what?

Lioness- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HotDog- *Humph.* Fine.

Edward- Thank you Bella, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Lioness- I want to go to Fazolis.

HotDog- I’ll take you, m’lady.

Lioness- Why thank you, kind sir. =)

Edward- Can I come with you?

Lioness- Of course!

HotDog- No!

Lioness- *Glares* I want Italian food, and he is coming Jacob Black whether you like it or not.

HotDog- Fine. =P

Edward- SO whipped.

Lioness- Edward!

Edward- Sorry.

Shopr has logged onto chat

Shopr- Ooooh! Fazolis? Can Jasper and I come???

Lioness- Sure! =)

HotDog- MORE leeches?? I’m bringing backup.

Edward- Chicken.

Shopr- Oooh! I used to lllloooveee chicken, or at least that’s what people said about me in articles.

Emoboy has logged onto chat

Emoboy- Hey Alice =)

Emoboy- HEY!! Who changed my name????

Shopr- *Looks guilty*

Emoboy- Alice??!!!!

Shopr- Sorry.

Emoboy- Well I guess I will just go crawl in my corner and wish the world would end.

Emoboy has logged off chat

HotDog- …. O_O

Lioness- I’m hungry. Will you come pick me up Edward? Jacob: Meet us there. Okay?

HotDog- Fine, but I’m bringing Embry and Seth too.

HotDog has logged off chat

Edward- Sure, love. I’ll be at your house soon. =)

Shopr- I’ll be there soon!!! And Bella, you’ve GOT to try on some of the clothes I bought you!!!! They will look AWESOME, my friend, AWESOME.

Lioness- *Cowers behind Edward* Edward! Code A!! Red alert!!!

Edward- *Growls*

Shopr- Code A? As in ALICE??

Edward- *Growls and resumes defensive stance*

Emoboy has logged onto chat

Emoboy- What is it Alice????? !!!!!

Edward- *Growls*

Lioness- *Faints*

Edward- *Saves Bella before she hit’s the ground, then throws her onto my back. Then, I run as fast as possible to Fazolis.*

Shopr- *Growls* She is going to try on some clothes and she will LIKE it.

Lioness- Not unless you have any mind controlling powers.

Edward- *Laughs* We will have to have a cyber war someday Alice.

Lioness- Cyber war?

Edward- You’ll see. Let’s just get you to Fazoli’s now. =)

Lioness- *Pouts* Fine.

Edward- *Smiles*

Edward and Lioness have logged off of chat at the same time

Shopr- So Jazzy, wanna go get a room?

Emoboy- You bet, sweets. =)

Shopr- Meet me there?

Emoboy- How about I carry you there?

Shopr- Deal. =)

Emoboy and Shopr have logged off at exactly the same time


Edward has logged onto chat

Edward- Is anyone on?

Shopr has logged onto chat

Shopr- It’s time.

Edward- ?

Shopr- For the CYBER WAR. >=D

Edward- … O_O

Shopr- Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Jazz has logged onto chat

Jazz- Why do I feel evil coming off you Doll?

Shopr- A CYBER WAR. Muahahahahaha

Edward- …

Lioness has logged onto chat

Lioness- Edward? Anyone?

Edward- Hello, love. =)

Lioness- Hi. =)

Shopr- Edward and I are about to have a *Big voice* CYBER WAR! Choose your team name Edward.

Edward- Bella. *Rolls eyes*

Lioness- *Blushes*

Shopr- Fine. Mine will be Jazz

Jazz- *Blushes*

Lioness- … O_O

Jazz- Shut up.

Edward- *Growls*

Shopr- And the war has begun.

Shopr- *Shouts at Edward to get away from Jazz.*

Edward- *Backs away to protect Bella*

Lioness- *Bites nails*

Shopr- *I run behind you and turn into diamond, inches from Bella, and snap at her.*

Lioness- *Cringes*

Edward- *Growls loudly, then grabs you, turns into diamond, then pushes you off a cliff where millions of people are watching you.*

Jazz- *Growls*

Shopr- No, Jazz. You can’t do anything. *I pull out my parachute, strap it on, and pull the cord when ready.*

Edward- *Cuts a hole in your parachute*

Jazz- *Growls menacingly.* STOP.

Shopr- *Continues to freefall until I grab onto a tree branch sticking out*

Edward- *I sit and play with Bella’s hair*

Lioness- *Blushes*

Alice- *I start to climb back up at human speed.*

Edward- *Laughs*

Shopr- You just wait Mister. *I finally make it up to the top, then I throw Bella off the cliff with no parachute.*

Lioness- *Gasps then screams… at least I have Edward to save me this time.*

Edward- *Gasps, screams, and I dive after her. When I make it to her, I cradle her in my arms, throw her on my back, then grab onto the branch you grabbed. I then start to climb… at a human pace, sadly.*

Shopr- *I cut off the branch.* Oh, and BTW, the cliff is 300 feet tall. So no good luck to you.

Edward- *I cradle Bella in my arms again, making sure she cannot feel anything if we have to crash land.*

Shopr- *I throw you off of Bella*

Lioness- “Help!!!!!”

Edward- *Growls, throws you to China, then grabs Bella again, crushes her to me, then I crash land. I then run away to a remote island.*

Shopr- *I had a tracker on you, so I follow you and gather an army. I then take Bella hostage and put her with Maria.*

Jazz- *Growls* Alice!

Edward- *I grab Maria, strangle her, kill her, burn her, then I take Bella and make sure that I have no trackers, cameras on or around us. I then run to a remote island where you cannot find me.*

Lioness- *Kisses Edward*

Edward- *Chuckles, but kisses you back*

Jazz- You know how you’re always telling Alice and I to get a room…? Because, really. The love coming off you two is immeasurable.

Edward- *Continues kissing*

Lioness- *Pulls away for air*

Edward- *Pouts*

Lioness- *Smirks* Hey, unlike SOME people, I need air. ;)

Edward- *Laughs*

Jazz- *Shudders*

Shopr- Come ON! The battle can’t be over yet!!!

Edward- Yes it can be. I have Bella, you have Jasper, and you don’t know where I’m at…

Shopr- *Pouts*

Jazz- Hey, at least now we can go get a room…? ;)

Lioness- Oh. Umm… I’ve got to go. Talk to you later!

Edward- I’m coming. O_O

Lioness- M’kay. J

Everyone has logged off chat